How to transform the appearance and hide the flaws: hair contouring

In the world of fashion is rapidly broke a new trend in
coloring – contouring hair.

The technique was borrowed from a popular reception.
make-up artists that allows you to emphasize
Bronzer and highlighter.

  • 1 Hair contouring – what is it?
  • 2 Hair coloring technique by contouring
  • 3 pros
  • 4 Cons
  • 5 face type correction
    • 5.1 Round and square
    • 5.2 Oval and elongated
    • 5.3 For triangular and trapezoidal
  • 6 Contouring hair color
    • 6.1 For brunettes and brown-haired women
    • 6.2 For blonde and blondes
  • 7 Ways to dye hair with contouring
    • 7.1 Compound Coloring
    • 7.2 Flash of light (flash effect)
    • 7.3 Underlighting
    • 7.4 Strobing
    • 7.5 Melting dyeing technique

Hair contouring – what is it?

Professional stylists use to create volume
and visual correction hairstyles following techniques

  • shatush;
  • balayazh;
  • ombre

Contouring is characterized by a set of actions aimed at
visual adjustment of the shape of the face.

Important! Contouring combines staining
different shades of the necessary areas of the face, as well as haircut and styling,
who are able to hide flaws.

To get to the desired color and shape of hair is only possible
highly skilled stylist. He can pick up
the desired image and accurately reproduce it. And examples
Works will help the visitor to verify the experience of the master.

Girl in the cabin

In addition to the shape of the face, other parameters should be taken into account:

  • skin color type, as selection of color depends on it
    gamut staining;
  • type of shape to choose the length of the hair;
  • hair density and initial length to resolve questions about
    staining method, capacity;
  • general lifestyle, dress code at work or his
    the absence of.

Hair coloring technique by contouring

When dyeing hair contouring technique used
transitions between dark and light shades of the same color
gamma. Competent placement of shadow accents (dark tone) and
light (light tone) and the corresponding shape of the face styling
change visual proportions.

Face change after contouring

Especially profitable to do such staining
owners of the pronounced shape of the face of one form or another. Because
disadvantages of such a person are easily hidden by dark shades, and
merits stand out bright highlights.

Important! The most harmonious face shape is considered
oval. The basic principle of contouring is to maximize
possible approximation to this form.

And to avoid sharp accents between skin and hair color, color
paint should be in harmony with the natural shade
curls. It is also important that the color of the stain matches the
color type of appearance (warm or cold).

This video shows complex hair dyeing by blowing and
performing contouring.


The coloring technique contouring has advantageous advantages:

  • more gentle for hair technique than total
    staining. Does not use the entire mass of hair, but allows
    select only individual curls;
  • if several shades are applied to the roots, then the growth
    will not be very noticeable. And the correction will have to be done less often than when
    monophonic coloring;
  • implies a natural image;
  • allows you to hide the flaws of appearance, focusing on


The disadvantages of contouring:

  • requires careful hair care after dyeing.
    You should buy a special shampoo that will prevent
    leaching of color. Help in choosing will be a stylist.
    Mandatory restoring masks and balms.
  • Need to regularly maintain color. With the contrast in the root
    zone with natural hair color, at least 1 time per month will be required
    coloring of the roots. Every 1.5 months you need a color correction throughout
    the length of the strands.
  • the high cost of the procedure, given the complex
    approach (haircut + dyeing + styling) and the need
    contact an experienced stylist.

Face type correction

Face type contouring

Often the reason to make contouring hair
It becomes necessary to correct the facial contours. If makeup is
need to do every day and have good skills in this technique, then
Turning to a professional, you can hide the shortcomings with
using hairstyles and coloring.

There are no clear rules in contouring, since everything depends on
individual type of appearance of each woman. There is only
the basic principles of work on the correction of facial features.

Round and square

The round face has approximately the same height and width along the line.
cheekbones This form requires stretching to get closer to
perfect oval face. Suitable for this purpose
hairstyles have a length from the shoulders and below.

Attention! Here is the final decision.
depends on the physique: long hair go slim girls, and
with a tendency to corpulence, it is better to limit the length to the shoulder blades.

The color gamut is chosen according to the color type, and its light shades
stained above the forehead and on the tips. It contributes
visual pull in the oval. Dark tones are needed in
zone below the ears and behind them. This will reduce roundness.

Contouring for a round face

The styling completes the entire image. She lays down on
face smoothly without sharp lines. Light waves are suitable,
well matched with a round face shape.

A square face is angular and often resembles
manly traits:

  • wide chin;
  • protruding cheekbones;
  • low forehead

Dramatically change the image before and after the bright
shades next to protruding zones: chin and
cheekbones. This technique visually smoothes the corners, and softens
transitions between parts of the face.

On a note! It is important that the staining be done
narrow strands not exceeding 1 cm, otherwise the end result will give
the opposite effect.

When laying you need to strive for the volume on the top for visual
extruding the shape of the skull and smoothly falling strands on the cheekbones

Oval and elongated

Oval face

For an oval face, almost no shape adjustment is required,
you only need to correctly choose the color of staining.

With the elongated shape of his face you need to visually
expand by making a dark tone at the roots and tips of the back
curls, and light – in the area framing the face of the hair. Accents
placed around the entire circumference of the hair in the face area, and attention
at the ends decreases.

Important! To oblong face does not look
sad, resort to the effect of flashes of light along the entire length of the hair.

Laying is needed with moderate volume so as not to pull out yet.
more contour up. The maximum amount should
concentrate on the sides to expand the middle zone

For triangular and trapezoidal

The triangular face is also called heart-shaped: with a broad line of the forehead
and tapering chin. This form needs narrowing.
upper half of the face and volume – in the lower. A haircut,
corresponding to such parameters, has a simple form without sharp

Heart-shaped face

It is better to choose a longer option, as short haircuts
just concentrate the entire volume in the upper part of the face.

The principle of coloring is to apply dark tones to
radical zone and a smooth transition to a light color on
the ends.

Important! This principle is most consistent with
an ombra staining technique with a chin transition zone or
ears, or classic highlighting with lightening tips.

In contouring, the most appropriate method will be
melting staining. Make extra tips volumetric
help curls or curvy waves.

Hair color contouring

To create a soft look, the color scheme of the coloring should
Best fit to natural hair color. With
a dramatic change in shade the growing roots will be sharp
spoil all the work and require correction almost every 2
of the week.

Contouring the hair color

For brunettes and brown-haired

Dark colors for brunettes can be saturated colors of chocolate,
chestnut, red wine, dark wood. Light shades should not
differ from natural color by more than 2
tones. For example, when the color of the dark zone of dark chocolate
light shade can be coffee with milk, and the natural color
remains transitive between them.

For blond and blondes

Sandy colors and honey will be suitable for light hair.
shades. For the brightness of the image, copper
and gold accents. Especially in this
If necessary, take into account the color of the skin so that the yellow shades do not
gave the face despondency and soreness.

How to dye hair with contouring

Besides the fact that contouring is a fairly new way
staining, it already has several techniques that allow
achieve the desired result.

Compound Colors

Compound Colors

The name of the contouring method speaks for itself – choose 2
as much as possible similar colors in which use on 1
soft shade. Naturalness is emphasized
muted colors that are not fanciful separately, but together
give the image individuality.

If you want bright colors or a stylist to offer
experiment with color, then with this technique shades
choose powdery. This allows you to smooth the flashy color and
avoid sharp contrasts with natural tone.

Flash of light (flash effect)

Flash Light

The secret of this method is to select several strands of
the whole length in a contrasting light tone, especially on
framing face curls. Is created
the effect of sun glare in hair that falls on beneficial to
appearance of the zone. Most successfully, this technique emphasizes
contouring dark hair.

The method is also borrowed from make-up, where using a highlighter
the necessary areas of the face are highlighted.

Many Hollywood actresses have made a choice in
favor of this staining technique. On curls celebrities in any
The situation seems to be shining camera flashes for a photo.


Hair contouring

With this technique, the shape of the face is adjusted by the hairdo, and
only the lower part of the hair is dyed. Colors are chosen
vivid and unusual that creates extravagant

Often underwriting can be seen in hairstyles of young girls,
who seek to stand out from the crowd.

This type of staining is suitable even for office workers, from
which requires strict style. Bright colors easy
hide in the collected hairstyle. And free from work
time the image will play with new colors and attract
attention of others.


Strobing Hair

The coloring technique combines the ways of flash light and
compound colors. First, the entire mass of hair is painted in
basic muted colors. After the finished coloring
place light accents with bright colors.

Harmoniously looks like this method in one color, from
which use 4–5 combined

This video shows dyeing using the trend collection technique.
“Strobing Hair”.

Melting dyeing technique

Reminds ombre with the transition from dark roots to light
tips But it is even more smooth,
color stretching. This method is suitable for coloring long

Contouring is becoming a universal way of changing looks.
which is able to radically transform any
woman, thanks to the creation of an individual
form as proportional and beautiful features.

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