How to treat acne on the back?

Pimples on the back are the result of exposure to the same factors
which contribute to the appearance of acne in the face. If any
acne on the back, causes may be associated with excessive secretion
sebum. Bacteria and parasites affect the formation of rashes,
present on the skin.


  • Causes of acne on the back
  • Acne and genes
  • Back acne treatment
  • Prevention is the best way to get rid of acne.
  • Acne scars

Causes of acne on the back

Many people suffer from acne on the back, although more often a person has
dealing with acne that appears on the face. Acne arising on
back, much more difficult to cure. Often rashes cause strong
itching, irritation and, what is the most terrible, unsightly appearance and
discomfort because of this. The process of the appearance of acne looks simplistic
as follows: during hyperkeratosis of the skin, blockage occurs
the mouths of the sebaceous glands, which leads to the accumulation of mucus and
bacterial colonization in the pores, as a result, acne
on the back or face.

Bacteria are not a direct cause of inflammation and
purulent changes on the skin. There are many contributing factors.
the occurrence of acne. These include: malnutrition,
intense exercise, stress, excessive amount
vitamin B12, menstruation and puberty
use of birth control pills, as well as
use of other drugs such as corticosteroids and
antiepileptic drugs. Improper treatment of lesions
skin, without consulting a dermatologist, can lead to
deterioration of the epidermis.

Acne and genes

Undoubtedly, acne is a chronic skin disease that
can pass from generation to generation. Main role in this
process is played by genes. Your genes can affect your
hormones that can cause excessive secretion

If the parent had problems with acne during his youth,
it is very likely that changes will occur at this age and
his child.

Hormones play an important role in the pathogenesis of acne. Production
sebum is activated through androgens – the so-called
“Male” hormones. That is why acne on the back and shoulders
manifest, usually in puberty, because
then the level of hormones in the body is growing rapidly.

Back acne treatment

Treat acne on the back is much more difficult than acne on the face. Leather
on the back is much thicker, the sebaceous glands are much larger, which causes
the attraction of bacteria and the release of large amounts of sebum.
Acne that occurs on the back, chest or buttocks most often affects
men. However, it happens that acne appears on the back of a woman.
Pimples on the back most often appear during puberty and
arise due to hormonal imbalance. Rash
also increased in girls with menstrual disorders.

Treatment of acne on the back is a long process that is often
requires the assistance of a specialist.

If untreated, cysts and disease can form.
takes the form of eczema (acne causes severe itching and rash).
A cosmetologist or dermatologist will suggest ways to treat acne.
on the back, and skin care cosmetics. Do not forget about personal
hygiene and gentle cosmetic cleansers.

It is important for people with acne to consult with
dermatologist. The specialist will select the appropriate for the patient.
treatment method and remedy for acne on the back.

Acne on the back is a dermatological problem. Purpose of treatment
there should be mainly the elimination of pathogenic bacteria,
skin recovery and the prevention of further development of acne on
back. But finding an effective method of how to get rid of acne
on the back is not always an easy task for the patient.

Used drugs for acne:

  • effectively reduce the amount of sebum;
  • narrow pores;
  • block the formation of inflammatory changes;
  • accelerate the healing process;
  • reduce the risk of scarring and age spots;
  • smooth skin.

All this allows to improve the condition of the skin, provides it
good and healthy look, improves well-being and

You need to know how to get rid of acne on your back. Acne usually
disappear spontaneously, but sometimes getting rid of them requires applying
specialized therapy. In the fight against acne are used, in
particular, gels containing natural derivatives of vitamin A. They
have anti-inflammatory effect, reduce secretion
sebum and clean the clogged pores. At the same time
prevent the formation of new comedones and facilitate the penetration
other active substances.

For severe forms of acne, antibacterial therapy is used.
This is primarily the use of antibiotics (erythromycin,
clindamycin or tetracyclines), both in oral form and with
using topical preparations which
available by prescription only. These substances slow down or completely
stop the development of acne-causing bacteria, reduce
inflammation. In some situations, you may also need
hormonal treatment (antiandrogens).

Oral products are available on the market.
drugs for local use. Choosing the right drug
depends on the type and intensity of acne on the back. Without
doubt faster results can be achieved by applying
combination oral medications. Worth knowing
although oral tablets give good results in
treating acne, they can cause more
side effects.

Doctors know how to cure acne on the back. When applied
appropriate treatment is important is the correct behavior in
during each day. Doctors recommend people suffering from acne on
back, avoid wearing tight clothes. In particular, in the summer
period. It is best to dress in a light, cotton

It is very important that the patient take a shower every day.
both in the morning and in the evening. Specialized may be useful.
shower gels that contain a number of substances that soften
acne symptoms

You should avoid wearing a heavy backpack on your back. That kind of weight
may cause edema in the affected areas and
spreading acne to other areas of the body.

Prevention is the best way to get rid of acne.

For skin problems, it is important to follow a proper diet, avoid
stress and take care of personal hygiene.

For acne on the back should be used.
at least once a week peeling, which cleanses the skin and
pores. Acne in this place is very sensitive and often exposed.
external irritation.

When bathing, do not forget about gentle cleansers, warm water
(not hot) and use a soft washcloth (not
hard sponges and back brushes).

Do not use heavily perfumed products from female
cosmetics! After washing, gently rub the skin with a towel, avoiding
excessive scraping that increases inflammation. Clothes
should be washed with the addition of soft powders for washing.

Avoid tight clothing that has regular contact with
skin irritation. If you wear
backpack, hold it in your hand or change it to a bag.

Acne scars

Due to the fact that many of the patients suffering from acne,
too late decide to go to a dermatologist, on the back can
to form acne scars. Remember if you noticed
alarming symptoms, consult a specialist as soon as possible. Than
The faster you do it, the more chances you will have for
prevent unsightly scars!

Pimples on the back are much more vulnerable to scarring than
acne, located on the face. Never alone
try to squeeze acne, because you are thus even stronger
irritate the skin and spread bacteria! Currently
beauty salons and dermatology rooms offer
a wide range of procedures that are aimed at smoothing scars and
significant reduction in their number.

Remember, you are not the only person in the world who suffers from
acne. Very few people have flawless skin, up to 90%
The world’s population suffers from various types of acne.
By adhering to the above tips, step by step you will come to
healthy and beautiful skin appearance.

Acne on the back is an increasingly common skin disorder in
men and women. Following the above tips and recommendations
doctor, you can find a method to remove acne and prevent
development of unpleasant changes in the future.

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