How to tune in to success in recovery damaged hair?

People with hair problems often try to find
a tool that would help to quickly deal with them, pass
special courses for the restoration of strands. But many give it up.
lesson half way, believing that did not achieve results and all
the effort was wasted. Most often this is not the case
there are just need to follow certain rules
stick to the system and then the fruits of labor will be visible.

The basic rules for the course of hair treatment:

  1. Success setting to prepare to start with
    a clean slate.

  2. Committing your achievements to see the results of your

  3. To lay the foundation for a holistic approach to growing beautiful
    updated shag.

Starting from the beginning

Before starting treatment, an important action must be taken.
To collect all the shampoos available in the house, gels, hair dyes,
sprays, rectifiers, conditioners, that is, those means that
traditionally used for hair care and are available in the arsenal
every woman. It is necessary to get rid of them, even from those dear
drugs that have been purchased in cosmetic

White trash bin What is it done for? The fact is that
purchased shampoos most often cause hair damage and
their fallout. If you look at the composition of shampoos, you can understand
what they are made of. As a rule, the first ingredient is always
water, which means that it is most contained in the tool for
hair care. On the second and third places, most likely, will be
chemical substance (surfactant), which is intended to increase
foam volume and is the main detergent.

The most commonly used surfactants are:
substances: sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate. Last
the component is more often present in all inexpensive commercially available shampoos. AT
more expensive and high-quality professional tools
instead of sodium lauryl sulfate use laureth sulfate, which is not
so aggressively act on the hair. Accordingly, they stand on
order is more expensive.

Shampoo Also in expensive shampoo is often available.
high-quality protein conditioner or even two, due to what
its high price is formed. Other components that are indicated
on the label, are preservatives, various dyes,
fragrances, fragrant substances, that is, everything that does
the product is most attractive to the consumer.

Often on the label you can see that there is honey in the composition,
herbs, aloe. They certainly benefit the hair, but in shampoos
contained in such a microscopic quantity that it is unlikely
will work. Aloe must be present as an extract, otherwise
just a marketing ploy.

If purchased shampoo is used, then under the hair cuticle
dense calcareous deposits appear. Little by little they
accumulate in large quantities and lead to the fact that the hair
just breaks down. Therefore, many people in a few months
prefer to change your shampoo.

You should immediately throw out dandruff shampoos, only if
they are not prescribed by a doctor. Most often, manufacturers enter
consumer confusion about the presence of dandruff in
hair. Peeling of the scalp is not dandruff,
Its cause is dry skin. And dandruff is a disease, and
quite rare, in which the hair appears greasy
yellow-gray flakes. They stick together, form something like small
balls, but certainly not scales.

Dandruff As soon as a person starts the program
hair recovery, peeling almost immediately disappears,
therefore, you can safely throw out dandruff shampoo. Of course without
cosmetics can not do, so you can use
recipes for natural shampoos, hair styling gels,
conditioners, conditioners of those ingredients that
can always be found in the kitchen, freely adjusting them to your type
hair and individual needs of each family member. Difficult in
there is nothing to cook them, more often you just need to heat the water and
be able to work with a spoon.

You may need to visit a supermarket or store.
healthy nutrition to make the purchase of ingredients for the course
hair treatments. At first it may seem like an expensive pleasure.
but many drugs are highly concentrated and therefore enough for them
for a long time. In the very near future it will be possible to make sure that
a self-made remedy will save the amount that
exceeds the cost of all purchased remedies for recovery

Achievement of achievements

This is a very important step. The current situation should be fixed.
affairs with hair. To do this, just take a picture. Such
action is necessary to track the outcome of the treatment,
so that you can understand whether there is progress and how things are going with
over time. The photo can not deceive and will be
impartial witness to success in dealing with the problem of hair. Her
you need to constantly keep handy, look at her. It is necessary
to keep yourself in good shape, to comply with all regulations
treatment course. You can take pictures on any camera or on
digital camera. Also need a volunteer and good
lighted room.

First you need to take a picture of the face so that
visible and shoulders. In this case, the entire scalp should be
completely in frame. Also taking pictures in profile
to the right of the entire scalp. And in the same way
photographed on the left. Then the head is photographed from behind, starting from
shoulders and up. At the end of a photograph of the crown. To do this
you need to bend and lower your chin or stand on the floor on

When taking photos, you need to fix everything clearly
Seen places thinning hair, bald patches. Otherwise there will be no point
a reference point from which you can begin to evaluate achievements. Required
fix the date of the photo. All pictures can be placed
in an album or notebook. After three months should be held
the next photo session, then after three months again, and after
the next three months is another series of photos. By
after 90 days, looking through these photos, it will be possible to notice
a striking difference.

Holistic approach to the improvement of hair

To really improve the condition of your hair you need
will radically change your lifestyle and go for 90 days
several stages. As a rule, at the initial stage
experiencing mild euphoria, he enthusiastically takes up the case. Then
there may be a stage of misunderstanding when looking at one’s reflection in
the mirror, a person may not see a significant difference and think,
that it is all in vain and can no longer continue. At such moments
you should take out the photos of your hair that were taken at first
day and see the changes. Then a man will see that he
really achieved results in a relatively short time.
It will be clear that all efforts, hard work,
assertiveness is not lost in vain and really bear fruit. AT
the next part of the course we will proceed directly to the procedures
to be performed. Good luck to you !

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