How to use hydrogen peroxide from acne?

The struggle for clear skin is an endless process in which
various methods are applied. Hydrogen peroxide acne is one of
the most popular means that everyone knows for certain
holders of problem skin. But few know that
non-compliance with safety measures can aggravate existing ones
problems and acquire new ones. What effect does peroxide have?
hydrogen to the skin and how to safely use it in the fight against


  • Hydrogen peroxide as a way to combat skin rash
  • Safe use rules
  • Cleaning Mask Recipes

Hydrogen peroxide as a way to combat skin rash

In its chemical composition, hydrogen peroxide is
is a very strong oxidizing agent. In contact with skin
the substance is decomposed into water and atomic oxygen. Last not
can be in a free state for a long time and connects with
particles of dirt and pus. Thus, peroxide pulls all
pollution from the cells, dries acne and acne, reduces
inflammation and reduces the appearance of age spots.

Hydrogen peroxide from acne activates skin immunity, but
healthy areas of the skin may suffer from oxidative
exposure to the substance. If concentrated solution
gets on the skin, it can cause burns. Affected tissue
for a very long time they are restored, and sometimes they simply die. Exactly
Therefore, experts advise to observe extreme caution when
using peroxide.

Safe use rules

Use of this tool should be carefully considered. AT
In this case, it will only have a positive effect.

Safe use rules:

  1. Peroxide (3%) should be applied point, strictly on the affected
    plots. It is best to do it with a cotton swab, neatly
    touching the inflamed area. In no case can not peroxide
    wipe the skin or make lotion out of it. Such use threatens
    chemical burn.
  2. It is not recommended to use a remedy for deep acne,
    which are under the skin. In this case, the skin
    will suffer from peroxide, and the pimple will remain intact.
  3. A solution with a concentration of more than 3% is prohibited to use for
    acne treatments.
  4. Peroxide cannot be used on a permanent basis. If inflammation
    not passed after several treatments, it needs to be treated by others
    in a way.

If these rules are not followed, as well as individual
intolerance to substances are possible such side effects:

  • itching, tingling, redness of the skin;
  • overdrying of the skin;
  • allergic reactions.

If one of these manifestations is detected, immediately
stop using the product for a few days. To
determine the presence of an allergic reaction, apply a little
mortar on the bend of the elbow and leave for 1 hour. If no visible
skin changes do not occur, the tool can be used.

The solution will bring the most tangible benefits when applied to greasy and
problematic skin. If skin is sensitive or dry, better.
use masks, which, in addition to peroxide, will
enter the moisturizing ingredient.

Cleaning Mask Recipes

For application to dry or sensitive skin.
special peroxide masks.

If the skin has small red eruptions, it is very
tonic with the addition of hydrogen peroxide will be an effective tool
(5 drops of oxidant per 50 ml of tonic). In this case, the concentration
peroxide will not be too big, so this mixture can
apply to the entire skin with a cotton pad. Doing so
need no more than 2 times a week.

A good remedy for acne is honey mask. For her
cooking needs:

  1. Stir 1 tbsp. thick honey and 1 tbsp. aloe juice
  2. Drip 2 drops of peroxide and iodine.
  3. Mix the mixture a second time until smooth.
  4. Apply with a cotton swab on the inflamed areas of the skin.
  5. 15 minutes after application, rinse with warm running water.

Another way to get rid of acne – yeast mask. To her
cook, you need to mix 2 tbsp. yeast with several
drops of peroxide to get sour cream. Yeast
Mask can be treated with 2 methods:

  1. Apply 1 layer of the mask and wait for it to dry. Part of the mask
    You can shake, and part of the leave for the night. After sleeping carefully
    wash your face.
  2. Apply a dotted mask on each eel in 3 layers at intervals
    in 5 min. After drying the last wash face.

To eliminate pigment spots, you can use cottage cheese
mask Fat cottage cheese is pounded with yolk and 5 drops of peroxide.
The mixture is applied for 10 minutes, then rinsed with water.

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