How to use sea salt from acne for face and body

What to use to treat skin rashes? Most affordable
The remedy is sea salt for acne.


  • What makes use of
  • How to use
  • Making masks
  • Take baths

What makes use of

Salt is perhaps the most affordable and common
means that is used in cosmetology. For
cosmetic purposes apply sea and cooking.

It is used in the compositions of masks for face, body and body care.
hair On the basis of salt make scrubs, lotions, tonics. Sea
Salt perfectly tightens, tones and rejuvenates. Saline
cosmetic products are available, effective and they have
practically no contraindications.

The benefit lies in the trace elements of which the product consists.
Magnesium and potassium contribute to the rejuvenation of cells and the elimination of toxins.
Sulfur and bromine calm. Salt regulates fat balance, bright
antimicrobial properties are expressed. It acts like a mild scrub,
gently cleans pores and prevents acne.

How to use

There are several different ways. You can make a solution for
lotions and washing. Lotions are used for inflamed areas.
The solution is prepared at the rate of 1 tsp. on 1 glass of water. Can
add a drop of tea tree oil. Cotton pads moisten
with a solution of salt and apply, hold for half an hour. When there is no time
on gadgets, you can just wash. Too good

If there is a rash on the body, it is good to take salt baths.

In the evening, before bedtime, pour 1 kg of salt into warm, not hot water.
and take a bath. A bath will help you relax and relieve tension
which accumulated throughout the day. To enhance the effect, you can
supplement the procedure with a salt scrub.

To salt did not hurt and benefit the body, you need
follow a few rules:

  1. Use in reasonable quantities. Otherwise, the skin will begin
    irritation and dermatitis may occur.
  2. The use of masks is prohibited if there are scratches or
    open wounds. This will complicate the situation, redness and irritation.
    will increase.
  3. For cooking scrubs fit only chopped salt.
    Larger crystals will scratch and damage the skin.

Making masks

Salt masks made at home are well suited to care.
face and body.

Sea salt acne works better if it is matched
other ingredients. If the skin needs to be moisturized, the mask is added.
honey, kefir. For skin elasticity, you can add olive oil.
Masks with sea salt for an inflamed face with acne occupy
first place. Their advantage is that they create the so-called
the effect of drainage, restore the work of sebaceous – the cause of all
inflammations on the face.

  1. Honey mask. Fine salt with honey mix, apply, withstand
    20 minutes. The procedure will thoroughly cleanse and narrow pores, dry
  2. Coffee scrub. Salt mix with lightly used coffee grounds.
    apply in circular motions on face. Use once a week for
    prevention of acne.
  3. Protein mask. Freshly whipped egg whites mixed with
    salt, soak on the face for about 15 minutes and rinse. Shoots well
    inflammation and pores.
  4. Scrub for acne. Salt, soda in equal proportions, a couple of drops
    lemon juice, mineral water. Mix dry ingredients, add
    water to the consistency of thick cream. Light massage movements
    apply on skin, leave for 3 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Take baths

Acne on the back and shoulders often bother young people
adolescence. Hormonal adjustments begin
the body, the sebaceous glands in large numbers begin
make a secret.

What to do if acne appears on the body:

  1. Do not squeeze. Infection can spread and aggravate
    the situation.
  2. To observe hygiene: take a shower more often, change linen.
  3. Wear clothes from natural fabrics.
  4. Monitor nutrition.
  5. Take more soothing skin baths.

In order to reduce the number of acne on the skin or completely
get rid of them, salt baths – the best way. But there is
several mandatory rules:

  1. Water should be clean, warm (not hot).
  2. Its amount should be about a third of the volume.
  3. The procedure should not exceed 15 minutes.

For acne bath, you will need 300 g of product. Take every
day. The skin will become clean and smooth.

If you add decoctions of herbs or essential oils of juniper,
lavender, geranium, the result of bathing will increase by 2 times.

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