How to weave African braids on your own?

African pigtails at homeThe popularity of African braids
due, firstly, their exceptional practicality. The one who
decided on this unusual hairstyle, maybe for several months
forget about combing and styling hair. Secondly, afrokos look
very original, with them it is difficult to go unnoticed. Having attached
a little patience, you can weave braids yourself, and look
they will be no worse than in the photo from the world wide web.
The hairstyle is suitable for hair of any length, even if it is
only 3-4 cm

Before weaving African braids, you need to keep in mind
that process requires a lot of time and patience. On average he can
take about 7 hours, so it’s best to bring more to this lesson
anyone as an assistant.


You will need:

  • hairbrush;
  • special Kanekalon thread;
  • small rubber bands made of silicone or a special device for
    soldering tips.

Before weaving African small pigtails, do not wash your hair
need to. To begin, carefully comb your hair, making it smooth and
neat parting Then in the back of the head, select the area
pulling out of it a strand of necessary thickness. The selected strand is good
combing, then on her, near the very root of the hair,
the kanekalon thread is attached, which should be preliminarily
whip into the pitcher. Then strand together with kanekalonom divide by 3
identical parts from which it will be necessary to weave a braid. Having reached
level of your hair, you should add another kanekalon to give
uniform thickness pigtail.

At the end of weaving a braid can be made out in different ways:
special device for sealing braids, glue, silicone
rubber bands. Now you can go to the rest of the hair, braiding them
similarly in small pigtails. Move must start
from the nape and temples. The latest
hair on top of the head, in this place should be the maximum amount
braids. The more braids will be woven, the more aesthetic and
longer hairstyle will end up.

Proper care of scythes

Due to the synthetic yarns used in weaving,
A visit to the sauna or bath is recommended, as well as intensive drying.
hair with a hair dryer. The above procedures, as well as curling and
hair straightener can damage the thread, ruining the hairstyle. what
for washing the head, it is also necessary to observe
caution. It is best to dissolve some soft shampoo in
warm water and then wash your hair and scalp with this water.

care for african pigtailsConditioner or balm for
afrokosichkah can not be used, it is not recommended to wash your hair more often
once a week. Otherwise, African braids can
lose visual appeal. Recommended Wearing Braid
– from 2.5 to 3 months. Hair can be easily dyed, it’s nice
diversifies her. At home you can not only weave
african pigtails with threads, but also remove them when the time expires
socks this hairstyle, or she just get tired.

First, you need to cut the thread at the very ends of the hair, then with
needles or sewed weaving must be disassembled. Pull on
thread at the roots of the hair so that it is disconnected. Now it only remains
straighten your tangled strands with your fingers and wash your hair. The best thing
use special regenerating shampoo, and after washing –
nourishing hair mask.

Practice a little before weaving,
attract to the aid of girlfriends. This will make the process easier and speed up.
him. Do not be afraid to experiment and change your image!

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