How to weave french braids?

French braidContent:

  • The principle of weaving standard French braids
  • Features of weaving men’s French braids
  • Features of weaving double French braid

French braids – actual hairstyle that allows you to look
stylish and elegant regardless of age and lifestyle. AT
Recently, this installation has been widely popular not only
among the fair sex, but also among men. Men’s
French braids can be considered undoubted trend of the current
of the season. However, so that this hairstyle emphasizes the unique
style and looked neat, you need to learn how to properly

The principle of weaving standard French braids

weaving schemeDespite its
outward simplicity, the French braids have many nuances
which must be considered during weaving. Do right
Few people manage this installation from the first time. However after
multiple workout problems during weaving no longer arise
will be.

Before you start creating hair, hair must be carefully
to comb. This is required to make the strands easier to weave.
However, if the mistress of the future styling wants her hair
looked lush, professional stylists recommend doing
lightweight bouffant in the root area.

For the manufacture of styling will need:

  • comb with a fine tooth;
  • elastic hair bands;
  • lacquer medium fixation.

Then you can proceed directly to the weaving.

The scheme for creating the French braid is as follows:

  1. From the roots of the hair, you must take a wide strand and divide it
    for 3 smaller ones. The longer it is planned to get a braid, the wider
    must be strands.
  2. Begin to weave a regular braid.
  3. After completing the two weaves, start alternately adding
    in the main braid strands that are on the sides.
  4. When weaving reaches the neck level, you can either fix
    hairstyle with hairpins, or add additional hair to
    the end.
  5. For greater reliability, fix the resulting pigtail varnish
    for hair.

After work, you can decorate the resulting
hairstyle accessories. Braids for girls trudging
by the same principle. However, during the creation of this hairstyle
must be very careful not to injure the delicate skin
heads and baby hair is not yet enough.

Features of weaving men’s French braids

men's French braidThere is a perception in society that haircuts
men should be necessarily short and
nothing to stand out. However, the ever-changing fashion for men’s
hairstyles proves the opposite. French braids got their
popularity among men due to
famous footballer David Beckham. After a similar “premiere”
This hairstyle has become an integral attribute of bright and confident in
imagine men.

In order to braid men’s French braids,
will need:

  • comb with a rare clove;
  • braids or kanekolons (you can take the threads to match
    hair or kanekolony of contrasting colors);
  • small silicone gum;
  • fixing hair glue or mousse.

The algorithm of how to weave a French braid for men,

  1. Carefully comb the hair over the entire length and make a neat
  2. Take a small strand and gently tie it closer to the roots.
  3. Begin to weave a tight braid until weaving
    will reach the level of your own hair. After that in a hairstyle
    it is recommended to add some more kanekolona.
  4. Fix the tips of the styling using
  5. Braid like braids over the entire area of ​​the head.
  6. The resulting hairstyle is recommended to lubricate fixing mousse,
    in order to smooth the fine hairs and give the pigtails
    neat look. For better fixation, you can use
    hair glue or light mousse.

In order to facilitate the process of creating hairstyles, hairdressers
I recommend not to wash your hair before weaving french
braids, for 2 – 3 days.

After 3 months it is recommended to refresh your hair by repeating
submitted procedure.

Features of weaving double French braid

double French braid

Features of weaving double French braid

double French braidUndoubted leader among the evening
hairstyles is a styling that includes two french
pigtails. Making a hair like this takes relatively little
time, and the end result will exceed all expectations.

For the manufacture of styling will need:

  • comb with rare teeth;
  • silicone gum;
  • thin studs for fixation;
  • fixing hairspray.

The scheme of how to weave a double French braid, such:

  1. In order that hair was convenient for braiding, it is necessary them
    Comb thoroughly and brush with a light mousse or foam.
  2. The top of the hair must be gently combed in
    direction to which the future braid will be directed.
  3. Begin to braid a regular braid with a sequential addition.
    strands from the side of the piling.
  4. When the total length of the side braid reaches ear level,
    secure it with a rubber band.
  5. We begin to weave a big braid. Weaving principle we keep
    the former, however, the main braid must be consistently
    add curls from the main parting and from the bottom of the hair
    at the same time.
  6. After weaving reaches the middle of the head, start
    gradually include a small side pigtail.
  7. Dock the braid to the end and fix the result
    rubber band. Spray your hair with lacquer. Beautify the braid with accessories for

In order to make the hair look bigger, you need
fluff up the main braid by slightly stretching the strands from it and securing them
so that during fixing with varnish they are correct

After some time, hairpins can be removed.

French braid – this is exactly the hairstyle that never
will lose its relevance and will improve absolutely any
form. Optionally, the standard scheme can be supplemented with new ones.
transitions and weaving methods. Also the French braid will be able
become a great base for other hairstyles that will make
any fair sex center universal

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