Hygiene shampoo for head lice – pros and cons, reviews and cost in pharmacies

Hygia Shampoo – an effective remedy for head lice
permethrin. It helps to get rid of pests in one
application. Low toxicity allows use
drug for both adults and children.

What is included in the shampoo, the form of release and how it works

The content of the article:

  • What is included in the shampoo, the form of release and how it works
  • How to use shampoo Hygia
  • The main contraindications to the use of the drug, measures
  • Adverse Reactions and Overdose
  • Average pharmacy price
  • Reviews
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Alternative means against lice

Shampoo is available in plastic bottles of 120 ml. AT
The kit comes with a special comb for combing pests.
The liquid itself is gel-like, has a lemon smell. Composed
the following components are present:

  1. Permethrin. 100 funds contain 1 g
    active substance. It refers to synthetic pyrethroids. With
    contact with the pest permethrin blocks the transmission of nervous
    pulses. As a result, lice paralyzes. Due to the fact that the molecules
    shampoo on contact with air begins to collapse risk
    accumulation of the active substance and intoxication of the body
  2. Glacial Acetic Acid. This substance
    breaks down the sticky substance, with which nits cling to
    hair. This acid allows you to quickly and easily
    comb pests out of hair.
  3. Disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate. This
    the component is necessary for foaming and creating a powerful effect.
    It does not irritate the scalp.

Shampoo quickly removes head and pubic
lice. When used properly, it is safe for
the human body.

How to use shampoo Hygia

The use of such a tool is practically no different from
conventional shampooing. This procedure does not deliver any
discomfort, which is very important for children.

Algorithm of use:

  1. Hair should be slightly moisturized.
  2. About 20 g of the drug is squeezed out and distributed throughout
    length of hair, rubbed into the scalp.
  3. Shampoo needs a good foam.
  4. The tool must be kept on the hair for 10-15
    minutes The exact time depends on the length of the hair and the number of lice.
  5. The shampoo is thoroughly washed off, and the hair is dried with
    hair dryer.
  6. Pests are combed with a special comb that goes to
    complete set.

During the combing may be present live, but
immobilized individuals. The effectiveness of treatment depends on thoroughness.
mechanical pest removal. Such a procedure
recommended to do over the bathroom or in front of the sheets

IMPORTANT. Shampoo helps to fight sexually mature

In a week it is necessary to re-process the hair, so
how parasites can leave their larvae. With severe infection
means is used 1 time a week. The course involves 3
processing. If after a full course of pests
left in the hair, should seek qualified
using If you skip the combing step, then after a while
Lice will begin to active again.

The main contraindications to the use of the drug, measures

Shampoo should be discarded in case of hypersensitivity to
components of the drug. Contraindications include acute
inflammatory process on the scalp.
Shampoo not used to treat children under 3.
years old.

Although permethrin is a safe substance,
Care should be taken. Recommendations:

  1. Rubber should be used when applying.
  2. The drug should not get into the eyes. For this
    the diaper should be rolled up and wound along the line below the height
  3. If the drug gets into the stomach, you should immediately call
    vomit and take the sorbent.
  4. During the procedure it is forbidden to drink or
    eat food.
  5. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them with running water.

By following simple recommendations you can avoid unpleasant

Adverse Reactions and Overdose

After application of the drug may appear easy
itchiness This is because there is a large amount of skin present on the scalp.
the number of small wounds that formed as a result of bites

REFERENCE. If burning gives a strong
discomfort, shampoo needs to be washed off.

This reaction indicates the development of allergies. In rare cases
symptoms of intoxication are observed:

  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • weakness.

Such symptoms occur if they are violated.
rules of use of the drug. To eliminate negative
manifestations should drink activated carbon, take
bath with salt and essential oils. These simple procedures
will help speed up the process of removing toxins.

IMPORTANT. If shampoo gets into the eyes
redness, itching and burning.

Symptoms should go away after rinsing eyes. If this is not
happened, then you should consult a doctor.

Hygia shampoo can injure hair, they
become dry and dull. Normal structure
recovers only after a while. If not withstand
the interval between treatments, then popped tips appear, and
hair becomes very brittle. In this case it will take quite
a lot of time and effort to fully restore the structure.

The case of overdose is not fixed.

Average pharmacy price

The average price of Hygia shampoo varies from 200 to 380 rubles.
The cost depends on the price policy of the pharmacy.

Resource data spravka.farm and eapteka.ru


Several reviews from popular resources irecommend.ru and

And a few reviews from our readers:

My daughter had pediculosis. The doctor advised to use shampoo
Hygia Conducted processing strictly according to the instructions. No side
effects were not observed. Means well washed. Lice brought out for
one treatment, the second carried out with the preventive purpose.


Half of the children in the son’s classroom were infected with lice. Initially, I
panicked, since I have two more children at home. Nurse
advised to use shampoo from Hygia nits. Procedure itself
I didn’t deliver much discomfort, but on combing out parasites I
spent quite a lot of time. The tool did well with
his task.


The eldest daughter found lice. The pharmacy advised shampoo
Hygia She has long hair, so the combing nits gone
quite a lot of time. However, most insects were alive.
We performed 3 treatments at weekly intervals, but eliminated
insects completely failed.


Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of such a drug include effective
effects on nits and lice. Included is a comb, with
whose help you can comb out paralyzed insects. Shampoo
has an affordable price. Its pretty easy to use since
the insecticide is produced in liquid form.

The main disadvantages are:

  • the presence of side effects;
  • toxicity;
  • the presence of contraindications.

If the tool has been used repeatedly, then insects can
get used to the drug. This has a negative effect on him.
efficiency. Did you review the Hygia shampoo?

Alternative means against lice

There are a large number of alternative drugs for
eliminate lice. Among the most effective analogues
applies shampoos Knicks, here and the drug D95.

Knicks shampoo lice

Remedy Nisk has a moderate level of toxicity.
The active ingredients of the shampoo block the parasite airways.
Survival rate is 3.5%. After using this shampoo
hair does not split and does not dry out. On the hair is formed
hydrophobic film, so combing lice and nits is pretty

For the treatment of advanced form of lice will require from 3
up to 8 weeks. The price varies from 237 to 450 rubles.

Nuda from lice

Means Nuda comes in several forms: spray and shampoo.
In addition to the active component – Dimethicone, as part of the spray
wax, triglycerides and fragrances are present. Such a tool is excellent
suitable for curly and long hair.

Shampoo has a completely safe composition. Before
application is necessary to study the instructions. Its value is within
500 rub.

The remedy for pediculosis d 95

Suspension D 95 is dosed in sachets of 10 ml. Total package
3 medicine bags. For the treatment of short hair will
one sachet is enough.

Can be used to treat children from 3 years.
Cost – 132 rubles.

Hygia Shampoo is an effective remedy for eliminating lice and nits.
Before use, make sure that there is no
contraindications, otherwise side effects are possible. With
if they occur, wash the shampoo and pick another

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