Hyperhidrosis of the face, or excessive sweating: review of the most effective methods of treatment


Recently, more and more patients go to doctors with
request to cure hyperhidrosis of the face. Despite all the difficulties, this
possibly. We will tell you about the causes of this disease,
clinical picture and diagnostic methods. Treatment is carried out
medication and folk remedies.


  • Causes of hyperhidrosis of the face
  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Diagnostic measures
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis of the face
  • Complications and consequences
  • Prevention of hyperhidrosis of the face

Everyone, without exception, is familiar with the situation when on the forehead and temples
droplets of sweat protrude. This happens after playing sports, in
heat, with heavy physical exertion or just in minutes
unrest. But some people suffer from such a nuisance.
constantly, i.e. the skin can become wet at any time without any
apparent reasons. This is a real attack that delivers
a lot of inconvenience: an unpleasant smell of sweat, makeup instability,
shyness with the subsequent development of internal complexes,
endless treatment, spending on all sorts of means, etc.
Medicine This disease is called differently:
face hyperhidrosis, sweaty face syndrome,
graniofacial hyperhidrosis. To get rid of his symptoms once
and forever, first you have to find out its causes.

Sweaty face syndrome or hyperhidrosis

Causes of hyperhidrosis of the face

Since the causes of facial hyperhidrosis can be
very different, they formed the basis for the classification of this

Primary face hyperhidrosis

It is a consequence of the following factors that provoke
malfunction of the sweat glands on the face:

  • genetic abnormalities;
  • heredity;
  • minor disruption of the nervous system.

Primary hyperhidrosis of the face is much more difficult to treat.
If the problem is in the nervous system, experts can solve it.
Another thing – genetics and heredity, the consequences of which are more often
just irreversible.

Secondary facial hyperhidrosis

Causes of secondary hyperhidrosis of the face usually lie on the surface.
and are easily determined by the carriers themselves. It can be:

  • poor health (various
  • taking some powerful drugs;
  • disruptions in the hormonal system dictated by pregnancy,
    lactation, menopause;
  • thyroid disease;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • overweight;
  • heart diseases;
  • excessive consumption of food additives;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • neurotic disorders;
  • negative skin reaction to cosmetics.

The very first cause of secondary hyperhidrosis of the face
(poor health) should be painted more
in detail. Then you will know for sure which diseases
lead to pathology of sweat glands. They can be:

  • hyperthyroidism;
  • diabetes;
  • obesity;
  • climacteric syndrome;
  • pheochromocytoma (adrenal hormonal tumor);
  • carcinoid syndrome;
  • acromegaly (dysfunction of the pituitary gland);
  • tuberculosis;
  • Brucellosis (infection of the body with microbes);
  • malaria;
  • HIV infection;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • focal brain lesions;
  • syringomyelia (chronic disease of the nervous system when in
    spinal cavities appear);
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • neurosyphilis;
  • stroke;
  • peripheral neuropathy;
  • vascular dystonia;
  • lymphogranulomatosis.

So that doctors accurately determine the reasons
why there is hyperhidrosis of the face. They may
become as internal factors lying inside the body (diseases
internal organs) and external (living conditions, climate,
habits). If you had to face this scourge, even before
visiting the doctor try to understand what is happening with your
by the body: review all of your possible diseases,
Analyze the habits and lifestyle of the last two weeks.
Surely there are factors that led to a disruption
subcutaneous glands and excessive sweating. But how to make sure
What do you have hyperhidrosis?

Origin of name. Term
“hyperhidrosis” refers to the ancient Greek words “ὑπερ”
(excessively, strongly) and “ἱδρώς” (sweat).

Why face hyperhidrosis appears

Before you treat the red spots on the face, you need to know the cause of them.
appearances. For details—

Pharmaceuticals and folk remedies, if it itchy skin

Symptoms of the disease

The clinical picture of hyperhidrosis of the face is difficult to confuse with
symptomatology of any other disease. Depending on the
the severity of symptoms and the level of neglect of pathology
secrete several stages.

  1. I (easy) degree: face sweats not too
    copiously, from the side, almost imperceptibly, although the carrier
    The disease is experiencing a lot of discomfort.
  2. II (average) degree: sweat drops on the face
    felt more often, at the most unexpected and inappropriate moments;
    others may already notice a forehead sweating for no reason; this
    becomes the cause of shyness and the beginning of the development of internal
  3. Grade III (severe): facial hyperhidrosis
    accompanied by an unpleasant sourish odor characteristic of sweat;
    occurs without cause many times a day; drops drip out of the gate, not
    give make up and make up; cause nervousness and

The main sign of hyperhidrosis of the face (sweating at different times
days) may be accompanied by additional symptoms that, in
their turn may indicate some serious
disease. So listen to your body if
faced with this scourge. This is what can happen to him:

  • the slightest stress leads to a powerful increase in hyperhidrosis:
    run from light perspiration to hail sweat – no more than a minute;
  • night sweats can be a signal of tuberculosis;
  • sourish, rather unpleasant smell;
  • if fever, swollen lymph nodes are observed in parallel,
    cough worth checking for infection;
  • severe redness of the face;
  • skin infections or fungal diseases do not manifest themselves
    only hyperhidrosis, but still itching, pain, education
  • skin is often moist, cold and unpleasant to the touch;
  • with the development of the disease, the skin of the face becomes cyanotic, very
    painful shade.

Almost all the symptoms of hyperhidrosis of the face
unpleasant. This pathology spoils the appearance, makes women forget
about its attractiveness. That is why so want to get rid of
her by any means as soon as possible. Is it possible to
this? After contacting a specialist – yes, after he
will diagnose the disease.

Stubborn statistics. According to
Surveys, about 65% of people suffering from hyperhidrosis of the face, live with
this disease all my life, without turning to doctors, as we are sure
that it is an incurable feature of the body.

Symptoms of hyperhidrosis

Diagnostic measures

Professional diagnosis of hyperhidrosis of the face
includes the following activities:

  1. Visual examination of the skin of the face.
  2. Survey on hereditary predisposition. When available
    genetic analysis is assigned.
  3. Evapometry – estimation of the rate of transepidermal loss
    moisture (indicated in the analyzes as TAPV) using special
    devices. However, this diagnostic method is very costly.
  4. The Minor test is an invasive iodine-starch test.
  5. Ninhydrin test is rarely used to diagnose
    hyperhidrosis of the face, usually for palmar or plantar.
  6. Blood tests: general, biochemistry, sugar, hormonal
  7. Biopsy of the skin from the area most prone to

It remains only to find out which doctor
treat with hyperhidrosis of the face to go through all these
test and verify the correctness of the diagnosis. This problem
Therapist, neurologist, dermatologist or endocrinologist are able to decide.
So initially sign up to see them at the reception. If in progress
primary diagnostics will be associated with comorbidities
will redirect to other specialists.

Analyzes, figures — Normally TEPV should
equal to 12 g / m. If the figure reaches 40g / m, this is a symptom.
serious disturbances within the body.

Diagnosis of hyperhidrosis

Treatment of hyperhidrosis of the face

Complex treatment of hyperhidrosis of the face allows
achieve complete recovery after a few months. The main thing –
follow the advice of all the doctors and not engage


  • Formidron – antiseptic solution;
  • Formagel – disinfectant and antiseptic gel;
  • treatment of hyperhidrosis of the face with a laser;
  • anticholinergic drugs: atropine, scopolamine,
    tubocurarine, ipratropium bromide, pentamine, pirenzepine,
  • injections of botulinum toxin, dysport (you will have to pay for them from
    $ 80 to $ 350);
  • surgical intervention is also not always effective, since
    hyperhidrosis may then occur in any other place of the body
    (armpits, on the palms, feet, etc.);
  • anti-sweating drugs: Oxybutin, Benzotropin,
    Beta-blockers, – but after their use there are a lot of side effects.
  • drugs with belladonna extract (beladonna):
    Belloid, Bellaspon, Bellatamininal;
  • soothing herbs: motherwort, valerian.


  • Hypnosis;
  • yoga;
  • meditation;
  • trainings for a positive attitude;
  • Affirmations for every day.


  • Coniferous salt baths;
  • iontophoresis does not guarantee full recovery: the effect lasts
    about a month;
  • electric;
  • electrophoresis;
  • electrotherapy;
  • climatotherapy;
  • hydraulic procedures.

Folk remedies

  • Phyto baths Add broths to the bath
    medicinal herbs with soothing properties and beneficial
    for skin: bark of an oak, a camomile, a thyme, a train.
  • Tincture of herbs. Mix 10 grams dry
    crushed mint, sage, oak bark. Pour 300 ml of boiling water,
    insist about an hour. Strain, add 100 grams of vodka. Rub
    face tincture twice a day. Keep refrigerated.
  • Birch mask 50 grams of young leaves of birch
    pour 200 ml boiling water. Depress, apply green mass on face
    half an hour. To do in a day.
  • Cosmetic ice. 50 grams of young leaves
    birch pour 200 ml boiling water. Strain. Pour the infusion into the molds
    for ice, leave in the freezer. Wipe face with birch
    diced every morning.
  • Protein mask. Whipped raw protein
    mixed with 20 grams of starch, 5 ml of lemon juice. Time of action
    masks – 15 minutes.
  • Cucumber rubs. Fresh circles
    cucumber 2-3 times a day to wipe the face.
  • Silver water. In the evening put in a glass
    liter jar of water a small silver spoon. Morning wash
    such water.

Self-treatment of hyperhidrosis of the face with folk remedies
does not guarantee full recovery. Sure to
connect medication and professional methods
therapy. Only in this case positive results are possible.
In the absence of comprehensive timely treatment is not excluded.

Medical educational program. Osmidroz – just like that
called the unpleasant smell of human sweat.

Comprehensive treatment of hyperhidrosis of the face

Complications and consequences

Serious complications after face hyperhidrosis
arise with improper treatment or even his
absence of Such a behavior can lead to:

  • psychological discomfort that later
    turns into a restriction of communication with others and depression;
  • neurosis;
  • fungal infections of the epidermis;
  • skin irritation;
  • lick multicolored.

So sad consequences of hyperhidrosis of the face.
turn into serious health problems. Therefore, as
only the first signs of this disease appeared
immediately go to the hospital for help and undergo a course
treatment. And always remember about prevention.

About complications. Hyperhidrosis creates
excessive moisture on the skin, which in turn activates
yeast fungus that is the pathogen of the multicolored

Prevention of hyperhidrosis of the face

Prevention of hyperhidrosis of the face

Regular hyperhidrosis prevention
individuals can reduce the risk of disease several times. She is
involves the following rules:

  1. treat until the end of any disease;
  2. be active in sports;
  3. do not abuse smoking and alcohol;
  4. daily stay in the fresh air;
  5. eat right;
  6. regularly strengthen the immune system;
  7. drink vitamins;
  8. avoid experiences, nervous breakdowns, stressful situations.

Only a specialist can tell you for sure how to get rid.
from hyperhidrosis of the face in your case. After all, the appointment of the same
medication depends on the individual
body and health of the sick. Take some
drugs alone are strictly prohibited. remember, that
skin of the face – your business card with which you are greeted
surrounding You can not treat her lightly, as well as live with
pathology for many years, refusing professional

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