Ideal weight: what to strive for?

Overweight is one of the most common problems.
our time. She worries many people of different ages.
Slim body is always associated with beauty and health.
Therefore, calculating your ideal weight, both women and men
try your best to stick with it. But to that figure, we

Most often, to calculate the ideal weight, use simple and
Many well-known formula – men subtract from the height in centimeters
100, and for women – 110. The number, which is obtained and is considered
optimal weight. But such a calculation does not take into account age
man’s body type and a number of other additional
features. Therefore, this formula is not for everyone. More accurate
the result allows you to find out the calculation of body mass index (BMI).


  • Body mass index is an indicator of health
  • How to calculate the BMI
  • Dirty tricks in the results
  • Medical formulas for calculating BMI: from Quetelet to Creff

Body mass index is an indicator of health

BMI is a value that indicates how correct
the ratio of height / weight in humans. Calculations using a special formula
allow you to determine from what a person suffers: from obesity or from
dystrophy. This method is usually used by doctors when
treatment of diseases resulting from excessive or
insufficient body weight.

For the first time, the calculation formula for BMI for Brock was brought by a doctor from France to
late nineteenth century. Formula is suitable for
the average resident of the planet is growing from 1. 55 m to 2 m.
Later, Broca’s method was supplemented by Professor Kreff. In their
calculations, he began to take into account more and body type.

BMI calculations also allow a person to detect the presence of
called central obesity. The formula is as follows: waist size
divided by the volume of the hips. If the figure is higher than 0.9, it means
test problem. The fact is that fat folds in the area
belly carry health hazards. Scientists have long proven the fact
that extra centimeters at the waist take several years of life.

It should be noted that in different epochs
significantly different. The ideal BMI in our time has become significantly
less than, for example, during Soviet times, which led to an increase in
the number of overweight and obese people.

How to calculate the BMI

Sometimes the BMI calculation results are not entirely correct. This is due to
different ratio of adipose and muscle tissue in humans. So women
or girls with the same BMI may not look like
the same way.

To implement an accurate calculation of BMI, it is not taken into account
only height, but also age, gender of a person, type
his physique, which can be determined by measuring his wrist. Below
The above classification according to Solovyov will help determine the type
physique woman.

Asthenic type: less than 15 cm.

Normostenic type: 15-17cm.

Hypersthenic type: more than 17 cm.

Calculate body mass index by yourself, taking into account all
nuances quite difficult. For those who watch their weight, was
developed a special online BMI calculator. All that is needed,
to calculate the ideal weight – enter your data (height, age,
gender) in certain columns. The result will appear on the screen after
a couple of seconds.


Возраст лет Пол Рост



After the online calculator ideal weight will give
result, compare the number with the data of the BMI table presented
below. Based on the results, it is possible to judge whether
is the weight of the test. Obesity has several degrees.
This fact is also taken into account in the calculations.

Dirty tricks in the results

A normal BMI varies significantly between men and women due to
differences in the ratio of muscle tissue and fat. Sure to
take into account the age of the test. So, the ideal weight for a girl or
a guy may not be perfect for a mature person. And this is
scientific explanation.

As a result of age-related changes, an increase in fatty
interlayer, which weighs significantly less muscle tissue.
Therefore, counting your BMI, an elderly person can get
An ideal indicator, but at the same time to have excess weight. That’s why
people after 50 doctors recommend to monitor mainly
the ratio of waist and hip to avoid central

A special way of calculating the ideal weight exists for
athletes. They devote a lot of time to training, thanks to
what have developed muscles. Perfect athlete’s BMI will be
several times higher than that of an ordinary person.

Medical formulas for calculating BMI: from Quetelet to Creff

The first to calculate BMI came up with the Belgian scientist Ketle, who lived
back in the 19th century. Subsequently, the table was adjusted by many
nutritionists and anthropologists. Today there is
many formulas belonging to different scientists. In this way,
BMI can be calculated not only by Ketle, but also by Brock, by
Humvee, Kreff and Devin, etc.

Brock’s formula

Ideal weight for a woman = (height in centimeters – 110) *

Example: a woman’s weight is 175 cm tall = (175 – 110) * 1.15 = 74.5

Brock’s old formula was reworked by scientists because
took into account the body type. The revised version looks much
more realistic.

Lorenz’s dream

Ideal weight of a woman = (height in centimeters – 100) – (height in
centimeters – 150) / 2.

Example: Ideal weight of a woman is 165 cm tall = (165 – 100) – (165
– 150) / 2 = 65 – 15/2 = 57.5.

Attention! The formula was developed exclusively for women and not
suitable for men.

The formula is also not suitable for women taller than 175 cm.

Egorov-Levitsky table

Here is the maximum allowable body weight, not ideal.
Medical compilers took into account all the necessary factors: gender, age,

Brock-Brugsch formula

An excellent formula for people with non-standard growth:
less than 155 cm and more than 170 cm

Less than 165 cm: ideal weight = height – 100

165-175 cm: ideal weight = height – 105

More than 175 cm: ideal weight = height – 110.

Devin’s Formula

Invented by Dr. Devin for proper dose determination
drugs, the formula later became used as
ideal weight calculator. Its only drawback is that
for women taller than 165 cm the weight is usually very

For women (height in inches):

Ideal weight = 45.5 + 2.3 * (height – 60)

Formula Humvee

Most on-line weight calculators offered in
Internet, use it.

Formula for women (height in inches):

Ideal weight = 45.5 +2.2 * (height – 60)

Kreff’s formula

Takes into account the age and body type of women.

Ideal weight = (height – 100 + (age / 10)) * 0.9 * coefficient


wrist less than 15 cm – coefficient 0.9

wrist 15-17 cm – coefficient 1

wrist more than 17 cm – a coefficient of 1.1.

Nugler’s Formula

Does not take into account the age and current weight of a woman – only height and

For women (height in inches):

Ideal weight = 45.3 + 2.27 * (height – 60)

Cooper’s formula

The ideal weight for a woman (kg): (height (cm) x 3.5: 2.54 – 108)
x 0.453.

Example: for a girl 159 cm tall, the ideal weight is 50,
32 kg

Calculate Quetelet or body mass index (BMI)

Body mass index (BMI): weight in kg / (height in m) 2

The formula evaluates the current weight, indicating the need
any changes. The result must be compared with

BMI rate Result Description
Women over 18: 16 or less

Women over 30: 17 or less

Lack of body weight
Women after 18: 16 – 19.5

Women after 30 years: 17 – 19.9

Lack of body weight
Women after 18: 19.6 – 22.9

Women after 30 years: 20.0 – 23.9

Women after 18: 23.0 – 27.5

Women after 30 years: 24.0 – 28.0

Women after 18: 27.6 – 29.9

Women after 30 years: 28.1 – 31.0

Women after 18: 30.0 – 35.0

Pathological fullness of 1st degree
Women after 30 years: 31.1 – 36.0

Women after 18 years: 35.1 – 39.9

Pathological fullness of the 2nd degree
Women after 30 years: 36.1 – 41.0

Women after 18: 40.0 or more

Women over 30: 41.1 or more

Pathological fullness of 3rd degree

Example: BMI of a woman is 175 cm tall and weighs 74 kg = 74 / 1.75 *
1.75 = 24.9. Based on these tables, you can conclude
women are overweight. And even though obesity is still not reached,
3-4 kg is better to get rid of.

And in conclusion, I would like to note that you should not sharpen your
focus on dry numbers. The most important thing is how it feels.
yourself man. If the results are far from ideal, but at the same time
a person is satisfied with his reflection, and those extra pounds are not
pose threats to health, it is better to neglect formulas and
calculations and enjoy life to the fullest.

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