Ideas fashion manicure in the spring

Every self-respecting fashionista is caring not only for her
face, but also nails, following the new trends of the season. Spring
manicure is completely different from last year’s options
nail art. Beautiful spring manicure today presented
several trends that allows you to choose the ideal
option for every taste and color. Updated design and notes of freshness,
so in demand in the spring, perfectly fit into the new

Fashionable spring-summer manicure partially supports classic
nail designs, but at the same time offered the most
various trends. The new design will concern not only
the appearance of the nails, but also their length and shape. Worth reading
with the main trends of spring, to know what to stick with,
to show yourself to be a real fashionista who is up to date
new nail fashion because any spring manicure in spring
this year is a real work that deserves a separate

Spring Manicure


  • What is spring trend manicure?
  • The basic rules of a beautiful manicure
  • Trendy manicure with shellac
  • French does not lose relevance

What is spring trend manicure?

First we say that now is not a trend. So popular
direction, like nail art, nail art, floral design,
active drawings, rhinestones and applications – under the ban!
Demonstratively extended and too long nails – also not in
trend. Coating gel varnish, unfortunately, also lost its
relevance, like mother of pearl. The colorful design is waning,
ate this option very much, then a compromise solution
there will be a combination of soft colors, but not contrasting ones.

Fashionable spring manicure is presented in pastel tones,
natural, moderate, light, but bright image.
Now the trend colors are bright, represented by a wide
gamut of shades of red, as well as short natural
nails Spring manicure is quite complex ideas that
require a healthy appearance of nails, because only so bright colors
red gamut will look organically.

It is necessary to choose “your personal” shade of this color, based on
own skin tone. And will choose from what, because any
red in fashion – from cherry tones to coral. However, ideas
Manicure with a perfect scarlet color is worth trying every fashionista.
Spring manicure is light and elegant, deliberately designed in
translucent pastel colors combining all shades of luxurious
beige, first spring flowers, azure sky. And the presence is bright
red stripes on the tips will add some piquancy.

The basic rules of a beautiful manicure

Spring 2016 itself brings new ideas of the nail image, dictates
own color scale, therefore dark and bright tones –
purple, black, blue, metallic and turquoise await the season
next fall and winter. Updated spring design is excellent
supports light shades of azure, lemon and mint tones.
To be in trend is enough to remember 3 simple rules.
Beautiful manicure this season:

  1. Long nails – urgently shorten! Short nails will be in fashion,
    the best option for lovers of length is the average value,
    not exceeding 0.5 cm. All that is longer – moveton. That is why
    Increasing the length of the gel varnish will lose its relevance.
  2. No – sharp and square edges, yes – smooth lines. So
    round, oval and almond shapes are welcome. Beveled
    long nails in spring – moveton, like any other radical
  3. Trendy colors – shades of red: from the delicate color of tea
    roses to bright fuchsia. This gamma perfectly supports
    refinement and femininity. No – contrasts and dark

Adhering to these rules, it is easy to recreate the image of “fashionable
Manicure Spring “and be on top!

Fashion Manicure

Trendy manicure with shellac

This direction is actively replacing the nail gel varnish.
And this season shellac is still relevant and in demand,
because unlike conventional varnishes, shellac coating does not lose
gloss and gloss for 2-3 weeks. Choosing this option in
As a coating, you need to select shades from the fashionable range:
pastel colors, azure, whitened citrus shades, delicate
pistachio, menthol, or bright red colors.

The ideas proposed this season open up space for flight.
fantasy of any stylish woman, supporting graceful drawings in the form of
patterns and curls, and in no case contrasting combinations. Design
nails this spring allows for subtle vignettes on one of
fingers in a combination of purple and beige or pink and orange.
This trend is reborn, and its fresh stylistic solutions
require special attention.

The most fashionable spring manicure of the year in pastel colors will have
influence not only on the shape of nails, but also on the design of jewelry. On
against the trendy manicure look great expensive bracelets from
precious metals and rings with precious stones. Nails
covered with shellac shade of the color of the sun, great
support any wardrobe ideas in the new season.

Manicure in spring with shellac

French does not lose relevance

French manicure in the spring appears in the new incarnation, and
becomes relevant in any incarnation – from aristocratic to
avant-garde coverage. Allowed to use not only
classic options of light beige or white “smile”, but also
bright acidic colors, but with drawing appropriate

White “smile” – a classic version of the French manicure
in the form of a small strip of white on the tips of the nails.

In the trend is the design of the jacket a thin strip, but
drawing all the free cut lost a few
relevance. On top of a thin strip of jacket is allowed
additional drawing pattern in the form of a delicate pattern, bow or
curl, just in line “smile.” Similar design looks
very fresh and stylish, despite the classic technique
french manicure. Some designers offer this season.
continue the popular combination of french and moon manicure.

Fashion nails 2016

A combination of green and brown, mint and white will be fashionable,
beige and pink, shades of lavender, mint, roses, ecru, bleached
blue and green. Refined drawings to be applied
on top of a thin strip of jacket, sustained in these colors.
This design fully meets the mood of this season,
which is built on a combination of complex stylistic decisions and

This is the trend of spring manicure!

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