Ideas for everyday and festive hairstyles with rubber bands for girls

Daily combing and braiding hair of little princesses
becoming a big problem for many moms, a solution
which will be hairstyles with elastics. A variety of ideas will allow
choose a suitable image for any length of curls, and simplicity
The execution will save a lot of time in the morning.

Hairstyles with elastics

  • 1 hairstyles for short hair
    • 1.1 Laying with rubber bands and bows
    • 1.2 Chess hairstyle with elastics
    • 1.3 Hairstyle with two tails
  • 2 Ideas for medium length hair
    • 2.1 Simple idea with bright rubber bands
    • 2.2 Spectacular web
  • 3 For long hair
    • 3.1 Tails plus pigtails
    • 3.2 Luxurious braid with banners
    • 3.3 High asymmetric beam
    • 3.4 Hairstyle tartlet
  • 4 Tips and Tricks

Hairstyles for short hair

Spit braids on short curls will not work, but
Assemble with rubber bands is easy and convenient.

Fun little girls are great for little girls,
especially if you use colored rezinochki throughout

Hairstyle for short hair

To create a palm, you need to select a strand of hair and
Bundle it together with a rubber band. Experiment
possible with the number of tails, their location, for example,
symmetrically or in a chaotic manner. One palm tree is tied
single or multiple hairpins depending
from the length of the hair.

Important! You can not tighten tight gum to
Do not provoke a headache, especially in a small child.

Laying with rubber bands and bows

  • Hair must be carefully combed, you can sprinkle
    simple water from the spray.
  • Divide the curls on the top into 3 parts.
  • The middle strand to collect a rubber band, tail split
    in two.
  • The left strand of the temple to collect a bunch a little behind the previous one,
    attaching the left half of the central tail.
  • Repeat the same with the right strand of the temple,
    attaching the second half of the central tail.
  • Attach beautiful hairpins or bows over the gum.

Laying with rubber bands and bows

Chess hairstyle with elastics

An interesting hairstyle is done simply, from the tails with elastic bands,
weaving them together. For convenience and skill acquisition
should start with a piece of hair, braiding
remaining tail or bunch.

  • Select a rectangular section of strands from one side from
    temple until parting, the rest of the barrette.
  • Separate the first row with a horizontal parting and divide it.
    into three parts, make of each strand
  • Separate the second row, but divide it into two
    strands, attaching to each one extreme and half
    central tail from the first row.
  • The third row of the rectangle again divided into three
    parts, attaching half the upper tails.
  • The remaining hair to gather together and weave the chess piece under
    common gum.

Having trained well, you can braid in this way and all
head, change the direction of weaving from one temple to
different or diagonal.

This video shows three beautiful hairstyles with elastic bands on
medium length hair.

Hairstyle with two tails

Actual at all times, a hair with two tails will help out
in any unforeseen situation.

  • Split the hair into two halves.
  • To collect each half in a tail on a top or if it allows
    length, on the back of the head, secure with a rubber band.
  • If desired, decorate with bows or beautiful

Two tails on the head

Ideas for medium length hair

A greater variety of hairstyles from elastics for girls with
Medium length curls allows you to fashionably and securely remove hair from
persons not worrying that they will get nasty during
of the day

Simple idea with bright rubber bands.

  • The whole pile divided by horizontal parting by 4
  • Tie the first tail at the forehead.
  • Collect the second strand of hair also in the tail, attaching the free
    part of the first bundle.
  • By analogy, collect the third and fourth parts of the stacks.
  • Give a small volume, stretching the beams in

For a bright, mischievous image it is better to use
multi-colored gum.

Hair Ideas

Spectacular web

Beautiful and comfortable hairstyle will allow to remove all hair and reliably
secure them. Laying suitable for every day, and
for a solemn event with memorable photos of a little

  • Comb your hair, sprinkle with water for greater obedience.
  • Select a bunch of hair on the top center, gather in
  • Around this bundle should remain an equal number of free.
  • Start weaving spikelet, alternating strands from the tail and from the free
  • After all the curls are collected, the remaining free
    part of the braid simple oblique and hide it under the weave

This video shows how to make light and fast kids.
hairstyles in the garden.

For long hair

Tails plus pigtails

Very easy to carry out styling requires a minimum of time and
skills, but reliably removes all the dust

  • Divide the hair in a direct part into two halves.
  • Collect each in the tail.
  • Braid from loose curls simple
  • Decorate gum bows or hairpins.

A pigtail can be one, but you can also make many small
braids with colored rubber bands.

Tails with pigtails

Luxurious braid with banners

Simple, but at the same time very effective weaving from elastic bands
suitable for girls with long and bushy hair that is so
difficult to pacify. If natural hair is thin, then add volume
they can be shirred iron.

  • Hair carefully combed and collected in a high tail.
  • Select from the sides two curls, connect them small
    rubber strap before remaining loose hair.
  • Divide the remaining curls in two, bring them forward and also
    secure with a rubber band.
  • Lay in such a way I shovel the entire length.
  • Add even more volume by slightly pulling
    weaving in the parties.

Spit with banners

High asymmetric beam

  • Comb your hair, lightly sprinkle them with water.
  • Make a side parting on the side.
  • Most of the clean hairpin, so as not to be tangled.
  • The smaller part is divided into three equal strands transverse
  • Collect each strand of small rubber band in
  • The free part of each tail is divided in two, twisted from
    each half harness and twist them together across
  • Collect most of the hair in a high bun, and bundles neatly
    attach under the general gum.
  • Decorate the bun with a bow or barrette.

Asymmetric beams

Hair options with asymmetrical bundles are many, all
depends on the mother’s imagination and the perseverance of the child. For example,
You can also braid another version of hairstyle.

  • The combed curls divided into two by a horizontal parting
    half, the upper side.
  • The lower part is divided by another horizontal
    parting, divide each row into four parts.
  • From the extreme side segments to make two tails, cross
    between them and attach to the neighbors.
  • The resulting tails of the second vertical row again
    cross over and weave into the tails of the third pair.
  • Repeat the same with the remaining extreme segments.
  • The top half of the hair to collect side bunched,
    loose tails gently hide under it.

Crossed tails

Hairstyle tartlet

Execution options are also several.

1. Around the head.

  • Divide hair from center point to crown on equal
    segments to make something like a pie.
  • The first segment to collect an elastic band in the tail.
  • Braid the second adjacent tail by attaching the tip to it.
  • Collect in a similar way all the curls
  • Hide the remaining tip under the weave.

Hairstyle basket

2. Bottom with a bunch.

  • Split a pile of horizontal parting into two halves.
  • From the top, separate the third side, collect in
  • The lower part is divided into four strands parting, braid
    basket as in the previous version together with super
  • The remaining 2/3 of the upper half to collect a bundle, hiding
    under it is the rest of the basket.

This video shows how you can easily make 4 hairstyles with
elastics for girls.

Useful tips

When creating a hairstyle with elastics for girls, first
turn, you need to take into account the nature of the child. You should not take on complex
laying restless baby so as not to turn combing into
torment for both.

Important! Hair must be gently combed.
scallop with sparse teeth. If the curls immediately go awry,
pick up a baby tidying up tool.

So that the strands do not fall apart in different directions in the process of weaving,
Dampen them with water from a spray bottle. Laying tools for children
not used for everyday hairstyles because of their high
chemical aggressiveness.

Bows rezinochki

Gum should choose soft, good

Obviously, it is very simple to make a beautiful, comfortable hairstyle with
rubber bands girl of any age, changing the image of a small
women of fashion at least every day.

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