Ideas for manicure shellac

When it is necessary to issue nails with varnish, which
last as long as possible, then a shellac manicure in such a situation
is the best solution of all existing. BUT
Moon manicure so popular right now, with shellac,
will delight all modern fashionistas. Not so long ago to perform
procedure durable French manicure shellac could
only in the beauty salon. Now the technique of covering nails with shellac
at home has become much more accessible. It requires
purchase a shellac set that includes three types of coating: the main
base and color varnish. And also need a UV lamp. If decided
learn how to do a beautiful manicure yourself, then the question
saving becomes secondary. Nobody forbids at home to embody
your ideas, creating a new and unique design every time
nails. So why not try?


  • A few words about the Shellac technique itself.
  • Materials and accessories for the performance of technology
  • Instructions for creating shellac design on short nails
  • Removing shellac manicure

A few words about the Shellac technique itself.

The procedure consists of three successive stages of applying
coatings, and with the subsequent drying of each layer under a UV lamp.
However, do not think that the standard gel coating and Shellac –
same. The technology of their implementation is similar, but there is

Beautiful shellac coated nails will delight them
the owner is no less than two weeks. Whereas in
compared with the stability of ordinary varnish, this period is not
small Is not it? After this period, has served its
the shellac layer is removed. And in its place is applied a new one. After two
Seasons wearing such a manicure provide an opportunity for about a week
nails recover. And while they are resting, they are strengthened. For
what is rubbed every day a variety of nourishing oils. Good
suitable for these purposes citrus juice, which is added to
bath. Hold hands in it.

Such a manicure is easy to do at home itself. Important him
the peculiarity is that the hardening of the varnish occurs only under
the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Until the coating has been exposed
impact, you can fix on the manicure any defect.

The original coating does not have the slightest harm to the nails and
even helps to strengthen them. It does not contain toxic
substances (toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, etc.), because
considered hypoallergenic. They can be safely used without any
because of the fear, because the tool does not even smell. The only
the condition that the Shellac technique may not be suitable is
individual sensitivity to the components of the coatings, which
can be expressed through delamination and thinning of the nail

On the development of technology is required to allocate about one hour. AT
the subsequent application of shellac to short nails will be possible for
half an hour.

Materials and accessories for the performance of technology

To learn how to do the same French manicure in the technique
shellac, you will need to stock up on the following set:

  • nail degreasing agent;
  • 36 W UV lamp;
  • base (base coat);
  • top coating;
  • orange stick;
  • nail file and buff;
  • lint-free napkins;
  • liquid (based on acetone) to remove layers of shellac.

Well, if all three coatings will be the same brand. Degreaser
the tool is usually sold together with a set of Shellac. If its not
manages to get, then at home you can use medical

Cotton pads come in handy to remove the sticky layer on the last

Instructions for creating shellac design on short nails

Adhering to the sequence in the instructions below,
it will be possible to avoid mistakes and alterations during the initial acquaintance with
this technique:

1. Preparation.

The preparatory stage is to bring nails in order.
To do this, handle the cuticle in one of the ways make out
nail file the base of the free edge of the nail. In a situation with thin
nails it is better to choose the option with short ends to exclude
the formation of cracks and chips on the coating.

Then, using a buff, lightly polish the nails, then,
to remove all possible microcracks that might
be present on the plate.

Degreasing plates carried out immediately before
applying the first coating.

2. Overlay the base layer.

The main thing in this step is to learn how to apply liquid, but rather
sticky coating in a thin uniform layer with a mandatory
sealing the tip. At the end of the procedure, the fingers are placed
under the UV device for 10 seconds.

3. Overlay colored shellac.

Lacquer begin to be applied closer to the cuticle so that the design
looked more accurate. At the end of the lacquer application, fingers
placed under UV device for 2 minutes. If you intend to get
bright and rich design, then you should apply a second layer of varnish,
which is also dried under the lamp for 2 minutes.

4. The final step.

Apply top coat to nails. Fingers have under
UV lamp for the polymerization of the composition for 2 minutes.

To remove the sticky layer, just wipe the surface.
nail plates with a lint-free napkin previously soaked in
alcohol liquid.

In this technique, you can create any winter manicure, beautiful
addition to which will be sparkles and rhinestones.

Removing shellac manicure

Two weeks after the creation of Shellac-design with regrown
nail comes time to remove the coating. How is it right
to do?

Make it easy if you have everything you need at your fingertips.
You will need a tool to remove shellac (based on acetone),
a little foil, a cotton pad.

Fingers treated like this: put soaked in the tool
Disc to nail and wrap with foil. Wait 10 minutes, after which
the coating is peeled with an orange stick.

[attention type = green] Since shellac coated manicure
considered sustainable, it is important to think of a design that is not
get bored and be able to please for a long time. [/ attention]

And what will it be (classic jacket or moon manicure
shellac) is a matter of personal taste.

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