Ideas to create beautiful wedding hairstyles on short hair

Wedding hairstyle for short hairShort haircuts are
fashionable, stylish and extravagant, especially when it comes to
everyday hairstyles. However, for future brides short hair
often become a real problem, significantly complicating
the choice of hairstyles for the wedding. But do not complicate things! Now
There are a lot of different ideas with which you can do
Gorgeous wedding hairstyles for short hair. And options
These hairstyles are more than enough to create a unique

Stylish styling

wedding styling for short hairMost popular
there are wedding styling for short hair, with which
You can create real masterpieces. Using various fixing
styling products, the master can put hair in different

So, due to the small volume at the roots and side parting,
a short “bob” can easily turn into a delightful wedding
hairstyle Cascade on haircuts often make laying “feathers”
giving volume to hair with a hair dryer and straightening a pair of strands with an iron. Highly
It also remains fashionable to set the type of “festive mess”, with
which hair is treated with wax and tousled hands. But
the owners of the haircut “square” is ideal for retro hairstyles with
small waves and original curls.

It should also be borne in mind that even the most stylish styling on
a short hair wedding just can’t do without
additional accessories. Use flower decorations,
tiara, veil, hoops or barrettes to look feminine,
gentle and irresistible.

Original Curls

wedding styling for short hairDo not think that
make graceful curls or elegant waves on short hair
is impossible. To experienced craftsmen everything is possible. If you want
create an original perm, you can easily implement it.
The easiest way is to curl the hair on the top of the head and,
brushing them with wax, lay neat waves on his head. AT
The completion of such a perm can be decorated with rhinestones or thin

There is also an original hairstyle for a short wedding.
hair, which can be done using a perm. For this hair
on the top you need to wind on curlers, and then all the resulting
curls to collect on the back of the head in the form of a flower, fasten stealth and
decorate with veil. If you are a fan of retro-style, then your curling
will look great if you decorate it with a hoop with a feather or
large stone Also for such a hairstyle fit satin ribbons and
short mesh veil.

Emphasis on decoration

It’s impossible to imagine short wedding hairstyles without
use of various accessories. With the help of hair clips, live
colors, shiny rhinestones, studs, ribbons, decorative combs,
exotic feathers and other decorations
transform beyond recognition. Recently also
lush bows, vintage hats and exclusive jewelry are popular

Of course, such an accessory is always beyond competition.
as a veil. For short hair, you can choose a veil of any length,
The main thing is that her style is well combined with outfit and hairstyle.
the bride. Moreover, such a traditional accessory will not only
to decorate the image, but also to create the illusion of long hair. No less
diadems are also popular with brides. Usually they
presented in the form of a decorative hoop or miniature crown,
richly decorated rhinestones or stones. It is very remarkable that
these decorations look more beautiful and elegant precisely with
short hair

To make an accessory look organic on your head, you need it.
choose the right one. And in this case, you need to be guided alone
simple rule: the brighter and more decoration, the easier it should
be a hairstyle. Conversely, if you did a lush, stylish package,
The accessory should be small, thin and hardly noticeable. The only way
you will be able to correctly place accents and achieve exceptional
harmony of all elements of the image.

Little trick – false hair

false hairEven the most
a short haircut can in a couple of minutes turn into a lush hairstyle.
How? With the help of false hair. For brides who choose to shine on
own wedding gorgeous long hair hairstyle
overhead strands, tails and braids will be a real salvation. Fastening
you can do absolutely any wedding on your hair
hairstyle: elegant curls, original weaving or styling
different styles. With fake hair, the bride will not
limit yourself in choosing hairstyles and transform into any
conceived by her images.

You can create a beautiful and stylish wedding hairstyle in any
case and a small length of your own hair is not a hindrance.
Choose, experiment and consult with your stylist in
pre-wedding preparation period and you will definitely become the most
beautiful princess on the main thing in your life holiday!

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