If tartar appears, how to get rid of him at home?

Most people face dental health problems:
caries, bloom, stones. Therefore, if tartar has appeared,
how to get rid of this ailment at home, should know

The main causes of tartar formation are
improper oral care and metabolic disorders. To
to avoid their appearance, you must visit the dentist for at least 2
once a year, brush your teeth regularly and thoroughly and stick
proper nutrition. It is important to note that the occurrence of dental
stone is possible even on crowns and dentures! Therefore, the question is how
remove tartar, bothering almost everyone.

removal of tartar

Causes of tartar formation can be as
irregular and irregular cleaning as well as individual factors
such as saliva feature and genetic

There are many methods by which a dentist
quickly and easily save you from this disease. This and
ultrasonic removal of tartar, and laser, and mechanical.
But many do not hurry and refuse to go to the dentist, believing that
until the teeth are sore, it makes no sense to go and start therapy. AND
do not even suggest that late treatment can lead to
serious diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis. Exactly
therefore, dentists strongly recommend removing them approximately
1-2 times a year.

Dental stones: types, symptoms and causes

There are 2 types of tartar – this is supragingival, or there are more
called visible and subgingival (invisible). The first is soft
the structure is yellow or yellow-brown in color, it is not difficult
detect and delete yourself, which cannot be said about the second,
which is characterized by a solid dark brown structure.
Removal of tartar at home of this type is
impossible. This should only be done by a dentist! After all
This type of stone is often the cause of such diseases
like periodontitis and gingivitis.

There are many factors for the appearance of tartar and they
quite diverse. So, there are the following main reasons:

  • incorrect oral care (irregular and abnormal
    brushing teeth, neglecting mouth rinsing after meals);
  • the use of low-quality soft toothbrush;
  • lack of preventive visits to the dentist;
  • undertreated gum disease;
  • crooked teeth;
  • regular consumption of only soft foods;
  • chewing on one side;
  • the use of a large number of sweets and soda;
  • the abuse of coffee, strong tea (as a result,
    plaque on tooth enamel);
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • smoking;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • increased salivation.

As you can see, there are a large number of various factors
contributing to the appearance of tartar. Therefore, even if
you regularly and carefully monitor the hygiene of your mouth, it is completely
does not mean that you will never come across the question of how to clean

The formation of tartar

Dental calculus is a very dense formation on the wall
and the tooth stalk, which is formed from the under-cleaned plaque, which
accumulates on the teeth after eating, as well as from viscous saliva,
dead epithelial cells, bacteria and various
trace elements.

So, how can you understand in time that this
ill-fated stone, and how to get rid of it: at the dentist or
at home alone?

The main symptoms should be considered:

  1. The formation of dense plaque, with the purification of which is not
    copes hygienic toothbrush and paste.
  2. Occurrence of persistent bad breath.
  3. Inflammation and redness of the gums (at this stage it is necessary
    urgently contact your dentist, otherwise you will not avoid the following
  4. Shakiness of teeth and loss.

If these symptoms occur, be sure to ask for
consultation to the dentist in order to avoid complications.

How to get rid of tartar?

Of course, it is better to remove tartar in the clinic, but many do not
consider this disease serious and get rid of stones
on their own.

Basically, if you have a supragingus stone and is not in
it can be removed at

how to remove tartar at home

For these purposes, you can use the following effective
means of removing tartar at home:

  1. The simplest and most effective tool is to brush your teeth.
    using soda. For this you need to prepare such a solution: 1
    hl soda and 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide must be carefully
    Mix with 3 drops of lemon juice. The resulting mixture is necessary
    put on the site with the most pronounced bloom. Leave the mask on
    2-3 minutes, then rinse your mouth with warm water. This way
    cleaning can be used a maximum of 1 time per week. Pay
    Caution: This method is prohibited to use during stomatitis.
  2. To apply the following method will require bee honey.
    Dissolve 1 tbsp. l honey in 1 cup of warm water. This solution
    Every day before bed, you must rinse your mouth. Such a way
    is lengthy, but each procedure will have to be done
    day for several months.
  3. Brocade based celandine also helps to get rid of this
    Problems. 1/2 Art. l celandine need to fill with hot water, then
    give 30-40 minutes to brew him. The resulting solution is necessary
    Rinse your mouth 2 times a day for best results.
    Note that celandine is toxic and use
    need it with great care.
  4. Remove tartar with black radish. This way
    is elementary. Radish you just need to eat, if you taste
    do not like it, then chew it and spit it out. Due to the fact that black
    radish is solid, it can be used to get rid of dental
    stones in the initial stages.

If popular recipes did not give a significant effect, then for
removing tartar must still be addressed in
dental clinic.

As you can see, there are quite a few folk ways.
remove tartar at home. But do not forget
that, in addition to their use, you need to regularly and carefully monitor
for oral hygiene, eat right and do not forget about
preventive visits to the doctor. Only if all rules are followed.
Your teeth will be healthy!

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