If you want to cut long hair, or how decide to change the image?

haircuts for long hairLong and well-groomed hair has always been
the object of pride and the standard of beauty at all times.
Owners of a long spit know firsthand what costs – and
financial and moral – it is such a pleasure, but decisive
time is a factor. But one fine moment
a hair that has been growing for years, suddenly I want to change it to a fashionable
haircut. Therefore, the question arises how to cut long hair in order to
length remained, and the hairstyle freshened.

The most popular way to change the image is to cut the bangs.

There is one feature that unites all girls with long
hair This is their conservatism, which, of course, is more pronounced
or to a lesser degree, but is present exactly in each. After all, the process
Growing hair requires a reserve of patience and strength to
a wonderful moment not to quit and cut your hair. Can
say that girls with long hair take less
ill-considered decisions and more often adhere to their traditions.

However, this does not mean that long-haired beauties in any way
you cannot change your style without radical measures, there is always a way out –
You can trim the bangs. Bangs – ideal for those who do not
wants to say goodbye to the length of the hair. Beautifully trimmed bangs – be
straight, asymmetric, thick or profiled – it is always
cardinal image change.

You can cut even bangs for all girls with oval and elongated
face shape, chubby beauties such an option is not suitable. For
owners of tidy cheeks are better to make slanting light bangs,
which will refresh the image and hide the flaws.

Shaved whiskey – cardinal image change

Girls with long hair look feminine and romantic, and
it does not matter if it is curly long hair or straight. Cut
hair over the entire length – does not appreciate the time and effort spent.
There is one way for those who do not want to cut length and at the same time
eager to prove their courage, originality – is to shave

The uniqueness of this method is that the length of the hair remains, and
if you wish, you can hide from all such radical changes in
the image. It is not recommended to do this procedure on your own,
it is better to contact the master who will do everything qualitatively and
smooth. You can even make a drawing on the temples, which is also very
original For those who want to add to their image of insolence,
courage and sexuality, shaved whiskey – very suitable

Cascade to give hair volume

haircut cascade for long hairLong hair is always
beautiful, especially if they are well-groomed, thick and shiny. but
There is one minus in such a hairstyle – the lack of volume at the roots. Even
the thickest hair loses its volume near the weight of its length
roots, so you have to constantly do departed bouquets

In order to maintain the freshness of the haircut and leave long
hair, you can beautifully cut your hair in a cascade. Technique cascade
Universal for all types of hair and suitable for any face shape.
Long hair can be cut in several “steps”, and
make an easy “cap”, the effect will still be noticeable. Herself
hair length will remain, and the desired volume will appear at the roots.

A little trick for those who don’t want to get a haircut at all.

Independently make a decision about changing the image easily enough
only now it is not always easy to make a choice exactly how
to do. Cut hair can and should, but if you do not want
to part with the length of the hair, you can go for some tricks.
For example, if you do not want to cut your bangs, because then for a long time
grow it, you can make it out of the ends of your hair.

To do this, it is enough to make a bun at the top, and free
secure the ends of the invisible in the form of bangs. They can be slightly screwed
and spray with lacquer to fix.

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