Important tips and basic care products for greasy hair

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  • Why do hair roots get greasy?
  • What to do to quickly hair is not fat? Recommendations for
    decrease the activity of the sebaceous glands
  • Oily hair wash
  • Oily hair care products
  • Recipes homemade masks for oily hair

Even the most fashionable haircut and beautiful hair color will not be
look good on dirty hair. The first rule of any hairstyle
– this is clean, fresh hair. Unfortunately, many people complain about
that hair quickly becomes untidy, greasy at the roots.
This problem, although common, but solvable. Understanding
reasons and an integrated approach will relieve hair from excessive fat and
make them more beautiful and healthier.

Oily hair care

Why do hair roots get greasy?

Generally, sebum production is absolutely normal.
physiological process. Another thing is how much this production
is active. Fatty hair at the roots not only look ugly, but
can also cause them to fall out. All due to the fact that the skin
fat clogs the pores of the scalp, preventing cell respiration
skin. As a result, microcirculation becomes difficult and nutrition deteriorates.
hair follicles. As a result, they weaken, hair becomes thinner and
fall out.

Interesting fact: the maximum
The life span of a hair is only 5 years. Therefore, the loss in
a day up to 100 hairs is not considered critical.

Strictly speaking, “greasy hair” is
incorrect wording. Oily skin can only be the scalp, and
the roots are polluted by her already. The reasons for the active development
sebum can be set. Let’s call the most

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Malnutrition
  • Wrong hair care

The solution to this problem depends on its severity. If a
your hair becomes untidy already in the middle of the day, without
expert advice is indispensable.

Interesting fact: a specialist to whom
should be treated for hair problems – it is a trichologist.

In addition to the trichologist, you should also visit an endocrinologist and

Why the hair becomes greasy

Moisturize dry hair and restore split ends of mask with
apricot oil – natural care product

And flaxseed oil will help in home care if you want to have
thick and long hair.

What to do to quickly hair is not fat? Recommendations for
decrease the activity of the sebaceous glands

First of all, it is recommended to review your
diet If among your daily food appear
fast food, sweets, fizzy drinks and plenty of
animal fats, they should be excluded. After a week of healthy
food you will notice that you wash your hair less often. A nice bonus will be
improving overall well-being.

As much as possible, give up complicated styling and
styling products. Make yourself simple
a hairstyle that does not require constant manipulation of brushes and
combs, and which do not need to fix varnish, mousse and
other means. Try to comb, starting from the tips,
and the roots do not touch the comb. The fact is that combing is
scalp massage that also stimulates sebaceous

Recommendations for the care of oily hair

Oily hair wash

Proper and careful cleansing of the scalp is essential
oily hair care. Do not use too warm for this.
or too cool water. It must be neutral so as not to
cause unnecessary sebaceous gland activity. If you use
shampoo labeled “for the whole family” or “for all hair types”, and
you don’t think at all what you wash your head, you need it
to fix. On your shelf should be shampoo for fatty

Interesting fact: shampoo is basic
hair care products in more than 95% of people surveyed.
Balsams and masks are used by just over half of the respondents.

If you are trying to fix the problem of frequent hair greasiness
by washing, in fact, you only exacerbate the situation. The fact,
that sebum in a reasonable amount of skin is necessary. It
nourishes and protects, forming a thin film. If you are permanent
washing it will wash it away, then for the glands this will be a sign for more
active work. Try to wash your hair a little less. Yes at first
it will be very uncomfortable and ugly, but after a couple of weeks you
will see that you can wash your hair less often.

If your hair is long, it is quickly salted at the roots, but when
this ends are quite dry, you need to use nutritional
balms and masks. The main rule: whatever the manufacturer wrote on
packaging, such tools can not be applied to the scalp.

Oily hair care products

Today, there are whole lines of tools that will help solve
problems of excessive oily hair. As a rule, they possess
standard set of components and active substances that
adsorb sebum and reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands.

  • Shampoo

As already mentioned, the right shampoo is first and foremost
what should be chosen correctly for such a problem as fat
hair. Typically, these shampoos include essential oils and extracts
medicinal plants – grapefruit, lemon, green tea, peppermint.
Auxiliary means may be clay, which adsorbs
excess fat; zinc, which dries and antibacterial
complexes that prevent bacteria from reproducing on unnecessarily
oily scalp.

  • Oils

Oily hair will help cosmetic and essential oils.
Cosmetic should be used immediately before washing.
Peach and grape oil is suitable for oily scalp
seed, almond, argan, sesame. They should be applied on
scalp massaging movements and leave for up to 10
minutes These oils are well washed out and help reduce
secretion of the sebaceous glands. In addition, after such a procedure, the hair
the entire length will become more smooth and shiny. Essential oils are
salvation from many cosmetic problems. To solve the problem
oily scalp, they should be enriched with shampoos before
by application. To do this, squeeze the required amount of shampoo on
palm and here add 1-2 drops of essential oil. For fatty
hair use cedar, sage, cypress, lemon oil,
grapefruit Besides the beneficial effects on the scalp, you
get a pleasant aromatherapy session.

  • Balms

Balsams, masks and conditioners are the means to care for
hair As we have already found out, the hair itself is not fat, but on
oily scalp listed funds are not applied. Why? They
designed to facilitate combing, make hair smooth and
shiny. In most cases, for this purpose the composition
put silicones and their derivatives. These funds are capable
to form a hard-to-remove film on the surface of the scalp,
which makes it harder for cell respiration and generally aggravates
the problem. If the manufacturer claims that its balsam
used exactly on the scalp, better re-read
composition, not to make yourself worse.

  • Folk remedies

The wisdom of the people knows no bounds. Almost any solution
medical or cosmetic problems can be found in use
folk remedies. Oily scalp is no exception. Most
A popular and simple recipe against this problem is rinsing.
hair after washing with vinegar. For this, 1 tablespoon of apple or
Wine vinegar is diluted in a liter of water. The resulting solution
thoroughly washed hair from the roots. Vinegar can be replaced with lemon
juice Folk recipes offer many effective masks,
which will reduce the oily hair with regular use.

Oily hair care products

Recipes homemade masks for oily hair

The use of masks will help to influence the source
oily hair. After them you will notice that you can wash your hair
less often.

  • Mask with cosmetic clay


Clay is a wonderful natural adsorbent. No shampoo so
does not cleanse hair and skin from secretions secreted excessively, as
clay. In addition, it acts sparingly – does not overdry
hair nor skin.


2 tablespoons of blue or green cosmetic clay need
Mix with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.


The resulting mixture should be distributed over the scalp and leave on
half an hour. After that, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed. Such
The procedure must be done twice a week for 4 weeks.

  • Kefir and protein mask


Low-fat kefir, due to the presence of acid, is capable of drying
scalp and eliminate excess fat. Egg white is known for its
the ability to tighten pores, to tighten them. As a result of using
This mask oily scalp significantly reduced.


Beat 1 egg white until liquid foam and add 3 tablespoons


The mask goes quite liquid. For ease of application you can
place it in a tube with a narrow spout and apply on partings. how
An alternative is to use a sponge. After application you need
Wait 20 minutes and rinse the mask off.

  • Bread mask


This is a traditional means of Russian beauties with long braids.
It will not only adjust the sebaceous glands, but also give
hair intense shine.


Crumb rye bread pour hot water and leave for 20
minutes After that, squeeze out excess water, and the resulting gruel
use as a mask.


Apply a mask abundantly on the scalp and along the entire length of hair.
Wrap your head, the agent works well in warmth. Time of action
– the bigger, the better. Well, if you soak for about an hour.

  • Mask of honey and aloe


Aloe acts on the scalp as a soothing, moisturizing and
disinfectant. Honey is also a natural
antiseptic, adsorbent and real vitamin bomb.
The result will be light, crumbly hair without excess skin.


Take a large sheet of aloe, peel and squeeze the juice. Add to
him a tablespoon of honey and mix everything until smooth.


Carefully and evenly spread the mixture over the scalp. Wash off
after half an hour.

  • Apple and Yolk Mask


There are fruit acids in the apple that have a regulating effect.
action on the scalp. The yolk is a source of nutrition, moisture
and nutrients. Together, these ingredients effectively cleanse the skin.
heads make hair fluffy and shiny.


Grate the apple on a fine grater, squeeze juice out of it through cheesecloth.
Add the yolk of one egg and mix well until mass becomes


The mask is used on shampooed hair. Distribute
her scalp and mid-length hair. Wrap your head and
walk like this 1 hour. Rinse hair with warm water.

Remember that oily hair is solvable
problem. According to trichologists, excessively dry skin
delivers much more inconvenience. Go to the situation in a complex,
and you will see how quickly and successfully it can be fixed. Let be
Your hair will be your main decoration!

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