Innovative pedicure

A well-groomed and healthy body is one of the main pledges of beauty.
and attractiveness. What are the types of pedicure? Need to be able to
properly care for your feet. Well-groomed legs – this is important,
especially in the warm season, when heels and marigolds see everything.
Shellac pedicure will help in this.

Pedicure is a special care for keeping and
maintaining healthy feet. European pedicure support
beauty and health of any legs. The primary source of such a service
is a classic edging pedicure. Actually from him and
The development of professional foot care activities began.
To care for the skin of the feet can be a variety of ways and means.
There are the following types of pedicure to help effectively care
behind the feet: spa, acid, not cut, european, classic,
Japanese, Brazilian, French pedicure and others.

High heels, uncomfortable shoes, regular
Exercise adversely affects the condition of the feet.
There may be problems with the legs: sweating, natoptysh,
cracks, corns. These problems encountered almost
each. Only professional care will help to cope with this.
European pedicure. Proper care actions
feet will help to preserve health and beauty for a long time. Spa pedicure and
other types are not only a decorative coating on
nails, but also a full foot care course with special
oils, scrubs.

The purpose of the procedure is to soften and remove hardened
skin areas, treatment of corns and cuticles, prevention of fungal
diseases, foot massage.


  • Acid pedicure – an innovative method
  • Shellac pedicure – perfect cover
  • Spa pedicure: technology and disadvantages
  • No injuries and cuts – French pedicure
  • Brazilian pedicure is a new innovative service
  • European pedicure: advantages and disadvantages
  • Japanese pedicure is better than usual
  • Mixed and hardware procedure
  • Classic foot cleaning

Acid pedicure – an innovative method

The latest method of foot skin care, which has a rather
strange name – acid pedicure. Method fundamentally
differs from all traditional procedures for the care of hardened
skinned and incredibly easy to use. Acid pedicure
helps to gently get rid of hardened skin and calluses.
It is difficult to treat rough skin on the feet, but just
lubricate keratinous areas of cream, which includes
acid. Acid pedicure is an innovative system
compared with cream or unedged pedicure, so it can
do even at home. Acid pedicure is a kind
foot skin treatment which is considered the safest and
painless, as the feet are moistened with a special tool.
After a certain time, the cream is removed along with horny

vidi pedikiura

The disadvantages of the method include an increased probability
appearance of an allergic reaction. Acid pedicure does not work
people with hypersensitive skin of the legs. Advantage
method is a quick disposal of calluses, cracks, rough
skin. There is no possibility of infection with various sores or
fungus. Acid pedicure is contraindicated for inflammations, open
wounds and fungal infections of the foot, so before proceeding
to the procedure, consult with the master.

Shellac pedicure – perfect cover

The usual procedure for the treatment and cleaning of the skin of the feet, but with
slight change and extraordinary coverage is a pedicure

Shellac is a type of varnish that has the properties of a gel.
The material is so high quality that when applying a shellac coating
no discomfort is observed. French pedicure is also possible
do with shellac. Coating is easy, different
from a varnish with a bright and resistant luster, which is not afraid of any
impacts. Shellac does not produce sharp and unpleasant odors and
has a rich color palette.

Before applying shellac we do the usual caring procedure,
but without zapilivaniya nail plate. For better grip
we carry out on a marigold the sparing nail file. Polish your nails while covering
shellac is impossible. Pedicure shellac is not afraid of salt water, closed
shoes. The coating dries very quickly, forming a beautiful,
spectacular glossy finish. Pedicure with rhinestones effectively
It looks on the nails, so many people recommend it
together with gel polish. Just before applying single or
in a rhinestone pattern, think over all the details of the pattern in advance. After all, gel
varnish is much more difficult to remove than the usual coating.

Spa pedicure: technology and disadvantages

Variety of classic or European pedicure with
using various care products, as a result of which
the integrity of the skin is broken – this is a spa pedicure. The essence
method is that during the procedure, not only can
achieve perfectly smooth and well-groomed feet, but also get
relaxing effect. Spa pedicure gives a longer
effect than ordinary foot cleaning. The process involves many
useful manipulations that not only take care of the feet, but also
promote complete relaxation.

Spa pedicure is a procedure based on
use of various scrubs, peels, nourishing masks and
creams. As a result, spa pedicure has a full range
services from which any will be delighted. Care procedure
legs, that is, spa pedicure, does not injure the skin. Soft occurs
cleansing of the skin due to various professional
means. The master can do a pedicure with rhinestones, which
will add an image, will add a highlight and will refresh decorative

No injuries and cuts – French pedicure

French, that is, a smile on the nails, will never cease to be
fashionable and relevant. Will approach to all dresses the French pedicure.
It is relevant at any age, but you only need to attract attention.
when the nails and legs look perfect. French pedicure
– this is the procedure by which the legs are put in order without
cuts and injuries, with the application of decorative varnish. Is different
French pedicure from the usual process of courting the feet so that
scissors and tweezers are not used during its operation, since
The main tool is a wooden stick. French
The pedicure is completely dry. Nail area
It is treated with a means for softening and dissolving the cuticle.
French pedicure make a special nail file, which
treats the nail. To soften the skin of the foot is used
emollient creams that are rubbed with a light massage, then skin
processed by pumice stone. French pedicure ends
relaxing foot massage with nourishing creams and
oils. Safety, non-invasiveness – this is a French pedicure
affordable prices that can emphasize elegance and
femininity of any legs.

Brazilian pedicure is a new innovative service

Relatively young complex skin care event
foot is called the Brazilian pedicure. The way of care is to
using an innovative product – special socks.
Socks have an antiseptic and soothing effect on the skin.
Substances that are part of the active ingredients do not have
only a soothing effect, but also quickly soften the cuticle,
corns and calluses. After exposure to socks, the skin becomes
gentle, and nails well-groomed. Brazilian recommended
pedicure several times a week. The advantage of the method is that
that fungal infections are completely destroyed, restored
nails, irritation goes away, horny skin softens.
Brazilian pedicure is a unique way to care for your feet, so
As suitable for all skin types. It is worth noting that for those who
wants to achieve the desired result quickly, it is recommended to apply
socks for 3 days, but you can also make European
pedicure. To quickly enhance the active components of the socks can
a little warm.

European pedicure: advantages and disadvantages

A type of edged, i.e. classical caregiver
complex behind the feet – this is a European pedicure. The essence of the method
is to treat the cuticle with chemicals
the newest generation that do not cause an allergic reaction.
European pedicure is different from the usual pedicure method
cuticle treatment. The cuticle is treated with a special compound
then she moves with a wooden stick. European
manicure is considered the safest because it is not damaged
cuticle. This means that there is no possibility for infection.
get into the body. Professional products for softening and
cuticle removal with regular use slows down significantly
growth, resulting in a thin skin. European
a manicure can be done once a week, but if the skin of the cuticle is stiff,
it can be done more often.

Beautiful well-groomed heels and nails covered with shellac are
a pledge of beauty and self-confidence.

Japanese pedicure is better than usual

The treatment process of the skin of the legs, which has a healing effect,
restoration of damaged or weakened nail plate,
microcrack healing, mitigation of natoptysh – and this is all about
Japanese pedicure. It includes several types of procedures:
treatment of the skin of the feet with certain cosmetics,
the use of special socks for chemical peeling. Japanese
pedicure is nutrition, rejuvenation and deep moisturizing of the skin of the feet.
Caring socks are polyethylene shoe covers that have been treated from the inside.
special composition of natural ingredients. They are put on 2
hours, then take off and wash the feet with soap. Exfoliate dead
Tissue occurs over 5 days. The procedure in the cabin includes
in itself certain actions. Master handles feet
antiseptic, then forms the line of the cuticle and gives shape to the nail.
Next, the nail plate and skin are treated with various
oils and extracts. In order to slow down the growth of the cuticle,
Lotus oil is applied. For stop use tangerine oil and scrub
with lemon oil. The final stage will be a mask with the eastern

Mixed and hardware procedure

Apparatus and Brazilian pedicure are methods for cleansing the skin of the feet.
without water.

Before the procedure, the master puts a special on the skin of the feet
medical disinfector. Then he puts a special
cream softener, which affects only dead horny
cells This removes only dead tissue, healthy
The skin is not injured as with the classic skin treatment. Skin legs
it is processed by the device with various nozzles, having various
diameter. When using the device, the possibility of injury and
cuts. Spa pedicure also eliminates injury and discomfort. If the foot
legs are in a neglected state, the procedure will be necessary
perform more often than ordinary cleaning. Mixed processing
Rough skin includes 2 types of processes: system
classical cleaning and polishing of heels with the apparatus. Worth noting
that overpay for this type of service is not worth it. Master can
suggest to make a pedicure gel varnish.

Classic foot cleaning

The essence of the process is to soak the feet in the oil-salt
solution. Master gives the shape of the nails, cut the cuticle on the edge
nail polishes heels. During the procedure, the whole is removed
coarsened dermal layer together with corns and thickenings of the dermal
cover. Next, a specialist may suggest to make a pedicure.
shellac. In case of careless work of the master there may be cuts that
can lead to a possible infection with the hepatitis virus or AIDS.
Therefore, it is recommended to do an acid pedicure. Disadvantages
procedures include the possibility of infection with fungal
diseases, so many experts recommend doing
Japanese pedicure.

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