Intensive care for fine hair

how to care for thin hairMany girls complain that
that they have thin and liquid hair. They are willing to do all that
it is desirable that the hair became thicker. After all, very thin hair often
get confused, break, dry and slit, and in the process of laying they
too soft and naughty. If you are tormented by the same
problems, you should read the article to the end, and then you
learn how to care for thin hair and how to make hair

First of all, it should be noted that the whole thickness affects the hair
a number of factors. For example, you might have noticed that
residents of Russia and some European countries more often
one has to wonder how to strengthen thin hair than
residents of eastern countries. This is primarily due to
heredity and nutrition. And, despite the fact that the density of hair
fundamentally no different for europeans and women from the east, but
second hair is much stronger and thicker. Thanks to this oriental
beauties to a greater degree can boast of healthy and
well-groomed hair.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Comprehensive care for fine hair must begin with
care about your diet. There is nothing surprising in the fact that
Our appearance is directly influenced by what we eat.
Liquid hair requires the inclusion in its menu of products in which
contains vitamins (A, C, E, H and vitamins of group B) and minerals
(iron, zinc, calcium, sulfur, silicon, selenium). In addition to the correct
nutrition, care for thin hair implies the desire to avoid
stressful situations, excessive frustration and overcooling.

Also to maintain beauty and health, and not only
hair, you need to do everything to give up bad habits
(smoking, drinking, etc.). Moreover,
true beauty can give the correct mode of the day (with optimal
combination of work and rest time)
fresh air and exercise. All measures described
will help not only restore health and beauty, but also extend them
for as long as possible.

Proper wash

how to wash thin hairTo make thin hair healthier
and thicker, you should only wash them with soft water. Plain plumbing
water can only make it worse. Best used for washing
mineral well (non-carbonated) well heads,
filtered or at least boiled tap water.
Sparkling mineral water with the addition of pharmaceutical calcium
You can do rinsing, which will increase the volume of your hair
twice. For these purposes, water is perfect along with a small
amount of lemon juice.

Shampoo for liquid hair should be chosen under the type of scalp,
since the condition of the skin directly affects it to thicken
curls. Do not use ready-made air conditioners and
conditioners, as they may well glue thin
hair. It is better to choose a means, the action of which is directed
to give additional volume. Only one piece of advice: after
applying these products for liquid hair should be very
gently and carefully combed.

As a conditioner, you can use natural
products. For this you need to make a decoction of chamomile,
plantain or sage. You can also rinse with beer.
Thin and liquid curls are very transformed, becoming thicker and
stronger after applying natural masks. Just keep in mind that
maximum effect you can achieve if you do
similar procedures regularly.

Mask Recipes

The most simple mask for thin hair involves applying
just before washing the head of egg yolk, yogurt,
fat kefir, sour cream or white clay. Also thin, liquid
hair can be thickened with various natural oils
(for example, olive, flax, castor, etc.). Of all
listed ingredients can do various combined
facilities. At the same time care for thin hair requires an individual
approach and approbation of recipes. The main thing to remember is that the procedures
should be done regularly.

Make at least a little thicker quite thin curls will help
essential oils (such as lemon, orange, rosemary or
ylang-ylang) and oil solutions of vitamins (A, D, C, etc.). These
components can be added to both ready-made products and recipes,
which you can do yourself. Essential oils will give healthy and
natural shine, and vitamins will help strengthen the liquid and thin
hair.Harmy procedures

Most women have the habit of turning their heads in
towel coming out of the shower. It is worth considering that thin strands do not like
too warm and humid
time. You can only comb “dry” using a soft
natural bristles, not plastic or metal teeth.

Hair dryer should be used only in extreme cases, directing when
This warm or cold air against hair growth, from the roots. For
Laying can be applied special skins, varnishes and mousses, which
help your hair look more well-groomed and expressive.
Just need to remember that the styling tool should be
Be sure to remove from the hair at night so that they can breathe. If a
no opportunity to wash your hair before bedtime, you should comb it all
residual funds.

A very useful and rather pleasant procedure.
be lazy to do, will massage the head. It should not be repeated.
less than a couple of times a week. This will ensure blood circulation and
extra power bulbs.

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