Invisible forces: vitamins from falling out hair

Problems with the once thick, shiny and beautiful head of hair can
alarm – which is quite natural. When excess hair loss
begins after a strong nervous shock, a serious illness
or strong hormonal shakes (as is often the case after
childbirth) – plan of action to save curls about understandable. but
it often looks different: no obvious signs of deterioration
There is no health, and a comb after bringing the head in order
makes a depressing impression.

Hair loss You should not panic in this case: rather
All in all, the hair does suffer from a shortage of nutrients and vitamins.
from hair loss will cope with enough trouble

Safe links: the importance of vitamins

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  • Safe links: the importance of vitamins
  • What is most important or what vitamins are in priority
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To imagine what the beauty of the curls depends on,
understand the principle of growth and nutrition of hair in general. Conditionally it can be
divided into two parts: a rod covered with horny scales
(actually, the hair itself), and its main part – the bulb or
follicle located under the skin.

It is here that various biochemical processes occur continuously.
processes aimed at supplying the external part with all necessary
for normal growth, nutrition and protection from harmful effects.
F ollicles-like blood vessels supply oxygen and
nutrients however for active and fruitful work
this is not quite enough – that all biochemical reactions
proceeded properly, the hair root is vital

The structure of the hair With their proper amount of hair looks
great: rods get enough material to grow and
nutrition, and, therefore, look strong and shiny. but
This requires not one, but a whole complex of vitamins, each of
which is equally important. Follicle is enough to receive less at least
one so that it immediately affected the state of the curls.
That is why it is recommended to take vitamins for nails and hair.

To find out if the follicles have enough nutrients,
trichologists use two diagnostic methods: spectral
hair study and mineralogram. During the spectral analysis
a strand from the back of the head is examined – and
content from 25 to 40 trace elements. Research results
help to choose the right vitamin and mineral complex.

What is most important or what vitamins are in priority

It is logical that for the health of the whole body and hair
accordingly, absolutely all vitamins are needed. But if the deficit
some of them will affect the condition of the hair slightly,
the lack of others can be a real disaster for curls.

Those who want to preserve the beauty of hair in the first place
should pay attention to the most important compounds for hair –
vitamins of group B. They are responsible for the effectiveness of essential
processes occurring in the follicles. We should not forget about such
assistants like vitamins C, E, F and A – without them, too
have a hard time.

Vitamins for hair The normal balance of these compounds is in
familiar surroundings can be maintained at the expense of the correct
power supply. The inclusion in the diet of vitamin-rich foods will certainly
will affect the condition of the hair – their strength, pomp and shine
sure to delight. For greater clarity, see below.
The table indicates the role of certain compounds in maintaining health.
head of hair, signs of their shortage, as well as products that
It is desirable to use in order to avoid deficiency.

Vitamin Why do you need Signs of deficiency What products contain
B2 Actively involved in metabolism, accelerates biochemical
Hair becomes greasy at the roots with increased dryness
Green vegetables, legumes, buckwheat, dairy products, egg
B3 Improves the supply of hair follicles, accelerates growth,
supports natural pigmentation
Dim color, early gray hair Red meat, liver, carrots, tomatoes, herbs
B5 Maintains healthy scalp, promotes elasticity and
curl elasticity
Increased fragility, intensive prolapse, seborrhea,
Green leafy vegetables, milk, red caviar, yeast,
B6 Ensures normal blood circulation and health.
Increased dryness, itching, dandruff Cereals, green vegetables, bananas, citrus fruits, cabbage, liver
B7 (biotin, vitamin H) Supports nutrient absorption and vital activity
hair follicles
Severe loss, volume loss, oily seborrhea Liver, tomatoes, peanuts, egg yolk, cabbage, soy
B9 (folic acid) Responsible for hair growth and thickness Hair becomes thin and brittle, strongly split, lose
Dairy products, oatmeal, pumpkin, nuts
B10 (n-aminobenzoic acid) Regulates pigmentation, supports growth Early gray hair, very slow hair growth Potatoes, brewer’s yeast, beef liver and kidneys
A (retinol) Supports and restores the hair structure, provides
keratin synthesis, normalizes the sebaceous glands
Increased dryness, brittleness, split ends, irritation
Butter, eggs, liver, carrots
WITH It promotes the active saturation of the bulbs with oxygen, protects
from the aggressive effects of diseases, prevents fungal
scalp infections
Intensive hair loss, volume loss, strong
fat content
Strawberries, black currants, citrus fruits, red meat, milk,
fish fat
E Moisturizes, stimulates the active work of follicles. Vitamin E
for hair works best with folic acid
Dim color, loss of volume and elasticity of curls Vegetable oils, legumes, milk, seeds
F Prevents increased cholesterol formation, promotes
normal capillary function
Seborrhea, increased prolapse Nuts, vegetable oils

In everyday life, get everything you need for healthy hair
just eating enough is enough. However, there are situations where
just a balanced diet is not enough. Seasonal
avitaminosis, hormonal disruptions (Read more about hair treatment after
childbirth) and adjustment, a sharp change of weather, fatigue – with
these conditions require additional hair
vitamin complexes.

Beauty ampoule: rules for taking vitamins

There are 3 ways to receive substances useful for hair. AT
the first case is enough to buy vitamins for hair in
ampoules – monocomponent preparations do not contain additional
impurities, so their purity can be no doubt. However, such
the way to feed the curls is inconvenient because
take separately and at the same time try not to confuse the per diem
dose. However, when added to firming masks, they have
amazing effect.

The second option is the purchase of inexpensive vitamin-mineral
complexes. Means such as, for example, “Shine Complivit”,
“Evalar Expert”, “Vita Sharm” and the like will not require large
financial costs, and due to the balanced content
beneficial substances will restore the beauty of the faded weakened
head of hair and protect against falling out – but only with a long regular

Vitamins for hair The third option – the use of active
drugs in situations where the hair condition causes serious
fears, and the intensity of their loss increases. In this case
often recommend drugs such as “Aleran”, “Pantovigar”,
Merz, Perfectil and others. However, they are far from harmless:
in addition to the complex of essential vitamins, they contain such
additional ingredients like silica, stearates, povidone and
other compounds that can cause unpleasant consequences.
Despite the relatively high efficiency, such drugs have
a number of serious contraindications, and take them without consultation
specialist is undesirable. There are also serious drugs for
hair restoration such as for example: Minoxidil and dimexide

Hair loss may be due to a shortage of a variety of
substances, therefore, uncontrolled intake of vitamin complexes,
especially the third group, can not only not bring the desired
result, but also harm. Ideally, the drug should be selected
only a specialist – and only after passing a number of tests!

Take care of your hair should be primarily from the inside. None
expensive shampoos, masks and salon procedures will not be able to save
beauty curls, if they do not get enough nutrition.
The correct intake of vitamins will provide the hair with internal strength and
good health.

Video The most important vitamin for hair

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