Is fashionable highlighting in 2019? 39 photos and prices, major trends and modern technology!

Highlighting remains one of the most popular ways
hair coloring in the fair sex of all
ages. What techniques of highlighting will be especially
in demand in 2019, and what shades are worth paying particular
Attention? Read on. Where do you want to highlight?

Is fashionable highlighting in 2019?

The content of the article:

  • Is fashionable highlighting in 2019?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of highlighting
  • To whom
  • The most fashionable types of highlighting in 2019
  • Fashion trends depending on the hair color
  • Popular shades of 2019
  • Popular hairstyles for 2019 for bleached hair
  • How to do at home
  • Hair care after the procedure

Stylists argue that highlighting is already more than ten years
does not lose its position on demand. 2019 will not be
exception – the trend will be as classic technology with
using paints of a natural palette, and bright options with
extravagant colors.

Advantages and disadvantages of highlighting

Advantages of technology:

  • gives extra volume to thin and rare hair;
  • does not require frequent correction and coloring of the roots;
  • makes curls less greasy due to easy drying;
  • does not injure the bulk of the hair because it is processed
    only individual strands.


Cons of technology:

  • hair weakens, becomes brittle and dull;
  • bad on curled and completely painted (especially henna)
  • improperly selected dye can leave yellow on

To whom

Highlights suitable:

  • blondes and blonde – perfectly set off by natural light
  • with early minor gray hair – masks gray
  • owners of fine hair – makes hair visually
  • owners of long hair – allows you to implement complex

pretty haircut

Tip! Provided the right choice of dye
according to the female color type, the coloring is suitable for any type

The most fashionable types of highlighting in 2019

Among the fashionable types of highlighting suitable option for yourself
find owners of any type, length and source color


Ombre – two- or three-tone staining with the creation of stretch marks
colors from dark roots to light tips. Transition make smooth,
but noticeable, often using contrast tones. Ombre

Price – from 2200 for short hair to 4700 per
very long.

Session duration – from 1 to 3 hours per
depending on the density and length.

If a paint was chosen for the roots,
close to natural color, ombra will not require adjustment
up to three months. If the colors are contrasting, update the image.
will have in 8-10 weeks.

California highlighting

This is the most gentle type of staining with darkening basal
zone. The rest of the hair is processed in several tones.
light palette to create the effect of sun-bleached strands.

Price – from 3000 to 4200 rubles, depending on
length hairstyles.

The duration of the session – 2-4 hours (the more
shades, the longer).

The effect lasts at least 2 months.


American technology is recommended for brown-haired women and brunettes, and
also autumn and spring color types. And all because for
The procedure uses several colors of red, red and brown
gamma. American

Price – from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles, depending on
length hairstyles.

The duration of the session is 2-3 hours.

Correction will be required not earlier than 3 months after

Reference! Prices are given for beauty salons g.
Moscow and do not take into account the cost of consumables.


Open mode highlighting with staining strands in a chaotic
okay in light colors. Creates the impression of sunburned
hair without a clear gradient. Excellent masks
slight gray hair and growing colored roots. Shatush

Price – from 3700 rubles for short

Session time is 1-1.5 hours.

Correction will be required after 3-4 months.


Brondirovaniye – difficult multi-color coloring with
using dyes chocolate, brown, coffee, light brown and
golden beige scale with light blond elements.
The effects are varied: smooth transitions, glare,
burnout, deepening of color, soft framing of the face. Booking

The average price is 3300 rubles. (short hair),
4000 rub. (average), 4700 rubles. (long).

Session time – from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours.

On hair keeps 1,5-2 months.


Each strand selected for highlighting is jetted.
air so that only the longest hairs remain. Then on
they put paint, carefully shading with a dry brush border
transition between the “native” and the new color. AirTouch

Price – from 7 to 10 thousand rubles.

Duration of the procedure – from 4 to 5

Correction is required after 2 months. Extend the effect can be
the help of tonics.

Veil technique

In this technique, hair should be brightened along its entire length,
selected by very small, thin strands that literally
shine on hand. Only the top layer of hair is colored,
the lower ones remain intact. Technique veil

The price in the cabin – 3-8 thousand rubles.

The effect lasts no longer than 1.5 months after
what color update toning or basal


Curls stained bezammiachnoy cream paint on a wax basis,
which does not injure the cuticle. Shades choose from
nutty, golden and pearl range, allowing hair to become
more voluminous and radiant. Mazhimesh

Reference! Mazhimesh is not suitable for highlighting
dark hair, because it does not lighten, but only slightly modifies
natural tone.

The cost of highlighting – from 1800 to 3100

The session duration is about 2 hours.

Color update will not take about 3 months.


Highlighting for owners of dark hair, allowing you to create
bright contrast between light and dark shades. Strands are dyed
in the vertical direction – the image is bold, and the shades –
juicy and deep. Majorcontrast

The price of equipment is 2000-4000 rubles.

The duration of the procedure is 2-3 hours.

The effect lasts from 1 to 2 months – it all depends
from the saturation and contrast of the selected hue.

Color highlighting

During the session, it is not the entire volume of hair that is colored, but individual
strands with the creation of a certain accent. Colors applied
diverse – from very bright extravagant to muted
natural. Color highlighting

The cost of staining – from 1.5 to 2.6 thousand

The duration of the session – from 2 to 3 hours.

Monthly color correction is required.

Contrast highlighting

This technique uses the most extravagant colors,
different from the original by more than 3 tones. Competent
the combination of dyes and zoning allow you to create an emphasis on
haircut geometry, make it asymmetric, highlight the bangs or
the tips. Contrast highlighting

Price highlighting in contrast style – from 2 thousand

Execution time – 1.5-3 hours depending on
original hair type and selected palette.

Holds the result of 6 weeks and longer.


Gentle staining suitable for damaged, thin and
weakened hair. Ammonia-free lungs are used during the session.
dyes that change the original shade of just 2 tones.

The price in the salons starts from 1500 rubles.

The procedure will take no more than 1.5-2 hours, and the effect will be
stay at least 2 months.

Partial highlighting

Involves dyeing selected strands in the form of
emphasis on hair or pigment treatment of certain areas. Such
technique can be distinguished bangs, asymmetrical squares, strands on the face, not
resorting to a radical change in the image. Partial highlighting

The price of partial highlighting is 1500 rubles.

Session duration – 2 hours.

Correction will be required in 8-10 weeks, depending on
contrast pigment.


Classic is considered highlighting with staining of individual
strands throughout the mass of hair in a light shade. Each strand
processed along the entire length in one color, with the width and
the frequency of selection of the beams is selected individually.

Tip! To create the most natural
The effect of the thickness of the strands should not exceed 0.7 mm.

Service cost – from 2500 rubles, from
toning – from 3000 rubles.

The procedure will take at least 2 hours. Dark haired
correction will be needed after 1.5 months, blond and blonde
You can update the color after 2 months.

Highlights for short hair

For short haircuts to perform a pronounced graduation
colors will not work. Therefore, it is necessary to limit
classic highlighting technique. Contrast is also suitable.
diagonal, California highlighting. Highlights for short hair

Prices for highlighting short haircuts start at 1.5
thousand rubles, but the procedure goes faster – from 1
hours Growing roots on short hair become noticeable
faster, so color updates may be needed after

For medium length hair

The list of techniques for highlighting is much wider here – the veil,
balayazh, shatush, ombre, booking, American, mazhish,
contrast For medium length hair

When planning highlighting on the hair shoulder length is
count on the price of 2.5 thousand rubles for simple technology.
Complex multi-color staining will cost from 5 thousand. The process will take
about 2 hours, and the effect will be different, it all depends on
techniques and palette of colors.

Long hair

On long strands, you can implement the most complex options.
streaking – any multicolor and gradient coloring.
But you need to be prepared for the procedure to take place.
long (from 2.5 hours) and will cost more than others (from 5 thousand for
simple highlighting in monochrome style). For long hair

Fashion trends depending on the hair color

Next, we consider the techniques that will be most advantageous.
look on the hair of various original shades.


Emphasizes the expressiveness and beauty of brunettes American
highlighting, majicontrast techniques, brond and crazy strands.


On blond curls look great technology using
light shades – classic, california, shatush, balayazh, AirTouch,
veil Blonde

Dark brown

Classical frequent, zonal, Californian, reservation,
gentle, color – these techniques are recommended for fair-haired and
brown-haired Dark brown

Important! A series of highlighting techniques for dark hair
requires pre-bleaching strands.


Suitable techniques – classic highlighting, reservation,
Ombre, balayazh, shatush, california. Light


Successfully will look American, California, small
classical, red and dark types of highlighting. Redhead


Disguise gray hair will help any technology that uses
light shades of a cold palette – classics, shatush, “salt and pepper”,
as well as complex multicolor staining options with almost
the whole mass of hair. Gray


Brown-haired women should look at the American, California,
contrast and color highlighting. Chestnut

Popular shades of 2019

In the trend of 2019 will be not only natural, but also
extraordinary colors recommended for brave personalities.


Pearl ash, smoky ash, ash-purple,
ash-sand, dark ash – these noble shades
suitable for light highlighting. Ash


From the red palette will be relevant mahogany, ripe
cherry, pomegranate, ruby, dark red, burgundy, burgundy.


Lovers of extraordinary shades can be recommended
pastel pink, pearl pink, rose quartz, pink
gold, pink and smoky. Pink


Color highlighting will look impressive in combinations
purple with black, chocolate, brown, chestnut. Interesting
looks like a gradient from black and eggplant to lavender and
pale violet. Violet


For a trendy red palette are shades of copper, rusty,
flame-brown, carrot, paprika and apricot colors.

Popular hairstyles for 2019 for bleached hair

Highlighting long hair is a win-win option. And for
short haircuts can pick up techniques for highlighting, which will be
Look elegant and trendy.


Owners of cars can try on technology
classical, contrast, diagonal, highlight highlighting,
and also mazhimesh and bright strands. Caret

Bob car

Geometry hairstyles bob underlined diagonal, partial,
contrasting highlighting option, balazhig, ombre and veil techniques.
Bob car


Spectacular modulations on cascading haircuts will create coloring in
AirTouch, veil, ombre, armoring, shatush and other techniques
multitonal options. Cascade


The ultrashort haircut looks great with bright strands,
partial and color highlighting. pixie

How to do at home

At home, the most successful is the classic
highlighting performed by such techniques:

  • with foil – each separated strand
    treated with dye and wrapped in foil in the form of an envelope;
  • with a special “perforated” cap – in
    the holes thread the hairs and smear them
    tool right on top of the cap.

More complex multi-color techniques require special knowledge and
skills, in particular, on the selection of color palette and lightening

Hair care after the procedure

Restore curls after staining will help:

  • rulers for melirovannyh hair, consisting of
    shampoo, conditioner and balm;
  • masks with nourishing and moisturizing
    components, complexes of ceramides and keratins;
  • oil products that seal the ends of the hair and
    struggling with nibble.

Once every 4 weeks highlighting can be updated at home
conditions with washable tonics. About suitable
the palette is worth asking the master who performed
staining. Toning agents maintain the depth of shade and
allow you to extend the time between sessions of highlighting.

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