Is it possible to change the natural length of the legs

Today’s standards of beauty and long-leg flickering on the catwalk
models bring a lot of frustration to the average girls and
women dissatisfied with their appearance or proportions. They
try at all costs to resemble ready-made standards
beauty. To be perfect, go for any operations and risks.
Today, many girls are concerned about the seemingly insoluble task of
changing the natural length of the legs. Advise the poor girls to go to bed
under the surgeon’s knife somehow I don’t feel like it at all. Maybe this task
can be solved less bloody? How to extend legs without
operations at home?

how to lengthen the legs

It is possible to extend legs not only with the help


  • Ways to lengthen the legs at home
  • Leg lengthening with exercise
  • Exercises on the gymnastic wall
  • How to lengthen legs using stretch (twine)
  • Special exercises to change the length of the legs
        • Exercise on the chair
        • Exercises on inversion table
  • Contraindications to special exercises
  • On the results of lengthening the legs at home
  • Secrets of visual lengthening of the legs

Ways to lengthen the legs at home

In most cases, women’s dreams about plastic surgery
unfounded: beauty is not a standard norm, and we are beautiful
precisely its difference. And the beauty of the body is not the size of the waist.
or leg length.

The beauty of the body is in the right proportions.

This truth was known even to ancient sculptors who proved
that a small, plump woman may be no less beautiful,
than leggy hunter Diana. Therefore, before you decide
lengthen your legs, take a close look at yourself in the mirror: maybe
despite your small stature, your legs are actually long (in
according to your proportions)?

However, to the point. A woman still can not be persuaded: if she decided
lengthen the legs, then do it at any cost.

Leg lengthening with exercise

Soothe the fashionistas: “build up” some legs at home and
really possible. However, no “folk methods” in the form of herbs,
rubbing, eating grated carrots, conspiracies are not here
will fit.

The easiest way to lengthen legs is to load yourself.
daily physical activities. No, bodybuilding is here.
definitely not suitable. The problem is solved much easier by
exercises for stretching the femoral and gastrocnemius muscles.

lengthen legs exercises

Daily jogging is great for
leg lengthening

Examples of simple exercises

  • Jogging, but, of course, not on heels, and also not
    slippers or slaps:

    • Shoes should be normal sports, without frills: you can
      use ordinary sneakers, but more comfortable and healthy for the feet –
  • Walking on socks is simple enough, but effective
    exercise, in that case:

    • if you walk on your toes every day would be 15 to 20 minutes;
    • the rise of the foot must be maximum, the sock itself must be extended,
      back – straight as a string:
    • hands when walking are located on the side, shoulders free
  • Rising on socks with lowering on heels, performed 20 – 30
    times several times a day, also contributes to the stretching of the gastrocnemius
    muscle and leg elongation.
  • Front kick leg:
    • Stretch your hands in front of you parallel to the floor or a couple
      centimeters higher.
    • Alternately, try to get straightened, with a long toe,
      foot opposite hand.
  • Rear swing:
    • Holding the back of a chair or a gymnastic crossbar
      the stairs slowly move the leg back and as far as possible up.
    • We fix this position for a few seconds and just as slowly
      lower the leg.
    • The longer the posture is held with the leg extended, the slower
      the exercise is done, the better the effect.
  • Side swing:
    • The initial position is the same as in the previous exercise.
    • We withdraw the right leg to the right and up to the maximum possible
    • Lowering it, repeat the exercise with the other limb in
      the opposite side.
  • Mach karateka:
    • Your task with a sharp movement to stretch the leg as high as possible,
      at the same time making a jogging movement, imitating a kick.
    • You can train on a suspended punching bag, beating her
      feet, either hang a pillow from the top bar or
      some other soft object.

Exercises on the gymnastic wall

  • Hinges on the crossbar:
    • Holding the crossbar, hang on it. Legs stretched out and not
      must touch the floor. We hang, how many forces allow, every day
      slightly increasing the hang time.
  • Foot restraints:
    • We get the left foot for a crossbeam and, holding thus,
      bend over to the toe of the other leg, without bending it at the knee.
    • Exercise should start with the lower bars, gradually
      moving on to higher ones.

How to lengthen legs using stretch (twine)

This is the most difficult exercise, crowning the full range of training.
for lengthening the legs.

stretching for legs

In order to fully sit on the splits, we need
long workouts

Before you perform it, read the warning:

  • Do not try to do a full stretch immediately in the first classes.
    – it’s traumatic!
  • Twine is not performed also on cold muscles – proceed to
    him after a preliminary warm up.
  • Exercise also can not be done with serious orthopedic
    problems and injuries.

Stretching technology – in the video below:

Video: Stretching at home

Special exercises to change the length of the legs

Women often ask if lengthening legs help to
horizontal bar. The particular difference between hanging on the gymnastic ladder and
hangs performed on the bar, no.

Any hanging, with a load or not, lengthens not only the legs, but also
trunk, but in general, the proportions of the whole body do not change.

If a woman is determined to extend only the legs, leaving
the length of the body is the same, it is better to hang on the crossbar or
replace the horizontal bar exercises on the chair with weighting or
inversion table.

Exercise on the chair

For this exercise, a chair with a high seat is suitable.
which legs will not touch the floor

  • The effect is achieved with the help of special weighting
    worn on the legs for 10 – 15 minutes per day, resulting in
    elongation of not only the gastrocnemius muscle, but also the inter-articular
    gap in the knee joint.
    ankle weights

    Weights should be matched to the leg, and
    cargo should be increased gradually

  • The weight of weighting is gradually increasing from class to class.
  • Weights need to pick up the volume of calves, to avoid
    circulatory disorders due to too close leg circumference.
  • After removing the weights, relax the legs, shaking them or
    making pushing movements.
  • Exercise can be performed three times a week.

Warning: Use of weights for rheumatoid arthritis
or deforming arthrosis of the knee joint can be dangerous.
Be sure to consult your doctor if these are available.

Exercises on inversion table

This is also a hang, but upside down while holding it down – in
this position, stretching of the bones and joints of the legs occurs
thanks to gravity.

inversion table for lengthening the legs

On the inversion table, leg exercises are performed down.

  • In the absence of an inversion table, you can use either
    a horizontal bar, or Evminov’s preventative.
  • All exercises upside down on the horizontal bar should be performed in
    inversion boots.

Contraindications to special exercises

These simulators cannot be exercised upside down when

  • glaucoma
  • hypertension second stage
  • ventral hernia,
  • cardiac arrhythmias,
  • coronary heart disease
  • prosthetic joints
  • cerebral aneurysms of the brain,
  • cerebral and mental disorders
  • of pregnancy.

On the results of lengthening the legs at home

Many women lack patience in classes and very often they

– Oh my God! I already suffer so much, but not a centimeter
grew up and nothing lengthened!

But when a girl is asked how much is “so much”, then
it turns out that she practiced, oh horror, for two weeks.

results of lengthening the legs

Daily measurements of the feet – in vain

So, beauties, the first result after daily training
will appear after two or three months, and more tangible – in six months. AND
then measuring your feet daily with a centimeter is a simple matter. Best
analyzer – a mirror. Rate yourself:

If you yourself become slimmer and fitter, then your legs
visually look longer.

Some make another kind of mistake:

Exercise with weighting loads are advised to perform 10 –
15 minutes a day, and they work half an hour, hoping that
the higher the load, the sooner and the longer it will be possible to lengthen the legs. BUT
the result is bursting blood vessels in the legs, pain in the bones and
muscles, general fatigue, killing further desire
to do

Storming and rushing here can not in any way.

Secrets of visual lengthening of the legs

Very lazy, you can tell the secrets of picking items
toilets and clothing that visually lengthen the legs:

visual lengthening of the legs

Legs can be lengthened by careful selection
items of your wardrobe

  • Watch your posture and gait:
    • Even naturally long legs lose a few centimeters when
      walking on bent.
    • It is necessary to go having turned the shoulder blades and shoulders back, straightening up, proudly
      raising his head.
    • The foot should spring back and the leg should be straightened in
  • High-heeled shoes make your legs slimmer and longer:
    • However, heel height for orthopedic reasons should not
      be too big not to provoke arthrosis of the foot or
      cause varicose veins. The optimal height is 7 cm.
  • If you are not high, do not wear boots-boots, but rather give
    Preference for boots with a tops of medium length.
  • The length of the skirts is medium or short. Maxi-skirts for small
    growth does not look very nice.
  • For short legs, never wear a low-pitched dress.
    waist, skirts and pants at the hips.
  • Pants prefer with a belt at the waist in different styles, except

    • straight classic with a black arrow;
    • flared slightly from the knee;
    • tight-fitting;
    • with stripes or thin vertical stripes.
  • Dresses are worn without square cuts, tight-fitting silhouette (if
    allows the figure), and only with high-heeled shoes.
  • Exclude from the wardrobe wide belts.
  • Color preferences:
    • Avoid contrasting colors in clothing, large alypistyh
      drawings, rhinestones and any sparkles.
    • Horizontal stripes, large cells also need
      to exclude.
    • Clothing and top and bottom should be matched to the tone.
    • Pantyhose and socks pick up the tone to the shoes.
  • Summer shoes prefer light colors, open type, without
    any straps and strings on the ankles.

You see, with the help of some very simple tricks, you can
any surgery visually lengthen your legs.

Video: Leg extension with exercise (part

Video: Leg extension with exercise (part

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