Is it possible to do dyed hair highlighting

Often, girls who want to quickly change hair, perform
highlighting already on dyed hair. Many professionals do not
welcome such experiments with appearance.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Reuse of clarifier and paint is negative
    affects the condition of the hair, resulting in damage to their
  2. Painted curls are amenable to highlighting much worse than
    natural, so it turns out not the effect on which
    counted girl.
  3. To get the desired shade sometimes you have to discolor
    curls that spoils them even more.

It is possible to minimize harm from highlighting on dyed hair,
if between these procedures the interval was at least 2
weeks. It is also worth using dyes of the same brand, only
Before this, you definitely need to test for the absence

If a girl is tired of the color of her dyed hair, and she wants it
lighten, then highlighting will achieve the desired effect.
When you need to keep the main color and only slightly
to diversify with the help of melioration, then the coloring is better suited
using several shades. Such staining will be much
more efficient.

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