Is it possible to dye hair during of pregnancy

To dye or not to dye hair is truly Hamlet
a question that pregnant women regularly face is not
wishing to give up pleasing their image in the mirror for the whole
baby waiting period. The internet is full of conflicting tips
doctors also disagree, friends and relatives
confuse everything completely, mixing folk omens, gossip and
your personal experience.

It must be said that no scientific research
proving that future mom’s hair dye harms the fetus, not
exists. However, experiments that refute this
the fact is also not carried out. Therefore, the question remains to this day.
debatable: every mom, every doctor, every hairdresser have
on this account your opinion. Let’s try to understand in detail.

What exactly are we afraid of?

The content of the article:

  • What exactly are we afraid of?
  • Features of the negative impact of paints and dyes on
    the body of a pregnant woman
  • The chemical composition of the paint and its possible impact
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the choice of ammonia-free paint
  • Can pregnant women dye their hair in the early stages?
  • When pregnant is better not to dye your hair?
  • Opinion of doctors
  • Hairdressing recommendations
  • Top 10 non-ammonia hair colors for pregnant women
  • Safe methods of hair coloring during pregnancy
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Reviews
  • Useful video – can pregnant women dye their hair, answers
    an expert
  • Poll

The main concern is the theoretical possibility of causing
harm to the future baby. Stereotypical opinion actively supported
our moms and grandmothers says: harmful substances dyes
penetrate the blood of women through the scalp and cause irreparable
harm to the fetus: from abnormalities in its development to miscarriage. Therefore it is better
refrain from painting for the entire period of pregnancy.

pregnant girl

With all due respect to the older generation, this opinion does not have
a scientific basis. Looking around, the expectant mother is surprised
will discover full instagram of beautiful, well-groomed photos
pregnant women with colored and (oh, horror!) laminated hair,
and a little later, these risky girls will lay out shots with healthy

And it may happen that the dismay of the mother from her appearance
hurt the fetus much more than short-term skin contact
heads with paint.

Features of the negative impact of paints and dyes on
the body of a pregnant woman

Let’s start with the main thing: in principle, a pregnant woman should be surrounded
less chemicals. She must not breathe wallpaper glue, making
repairs; she does not have the right to eat the conditional “rollton”; and care
must also include a maximum of natural remedies.
So, mothers and grandmothers are right – you shouldn’t paint too?

girl dyes her hair

Not really. The fact is that another 15–20 years ago the market of paints for
hair was limited to purely ammonia variants. There were henna and basma,
that are not suitable for everyone, and there was a great and terrible

Ammonia (ammonium) – the leading element of large
amounts of dyes for hair today. So this paint
expectant mother really should not use. And even here
not harmful to the fetus: you simply risk the quality of your

Pregnant hair is a separate issue. While we are waiting for babies,
hair sparkles with health: grows by leaps and bounds, becomes
smooth, thick, fluffy, shiny. However, not to relax
worth it: after giving birth this tale usually ends, and
begins fierce “hairfall.”

! Important There is a simple rule:
only one postpartum hair loss can be reduced
way – well caring for the hair during
of pregnancy.

And it is here that ammonia does a disservice: if you
abused before birth, literally say goodbye to hair after
of them.

How do ammoniac dyes?


They penetrate deep into the hair structure, as if fluffing it
from the inside.

  • Positive: hair with firm and brightly colored, gray hair
  • Negative: hair is weakened from the inside, and
    to restore it is very difficult.

In the case of pregnancy, the raging
hormones: the body of a pregnant woman completely changes hormonal
background, so the reactions of your body even to familiar things can be
absolutely new, not like you used to. Taking advantage of
ammonia dye, you can get at the exit:

  1. New allergy for you (red skin
    head, itching, peeling);
  2. Unplanned hair color (up to
    neon green);
  3. Generally unpainted hair (color can
    simply do not take).

A change in hormonal levels also weakens the body and immune system.
system (therefore, by the way, during an interesting position it is easy
any viruses are picked up), so the harm done to the hair,
can be easily multiplied by two.

It is important that is why pregnant women are better.
refrain from “intercourse” with ammonia paints: it’s not about
theoretical hazard to the fetus, and in real, practical harm
to myself.

The chemical composition of the paint and its possible impact

hair dye

Let us clarify the myth of “absorption of ammonia into the blood through the scalp.” AT
principle, this is antiscientific nonsense, however, during the painting procedure
a pregnant lady can really become ill. Why? Yes, just
because it breathes ammonia, and its smell is strong and sharp. By
in fact, this is the same passive smoking, and maybe even worse.

Pregnant nose is very sensitive to all odors: burnt porridge from
at home across the road you learn; and the body’s response to “chemical
factory on its own head is difficult and predictable. At its best
case of nausea and vomiting. In general, even fainting is possible. what
to speak there – even cases are recorded in medical practice
short-term coma: ammonia is so strong in the nose.

And then the most interesting thing: having experienced all these wonderful sensations in
painting time, the expectant mother will undoubtedly start to wind herself up and
worry about the baby. Inserts “nesting dolls” easily and quickly, and
it’s really close to the threat of miscarriage …

Despite the lack of direct harm to the fetus, pregnant
women better give up ammonia in favor
much safer ammonia free dyes.

Advantages and disadvantages of the choice of ammonia-free paint

girl curls hair on the finger

Today, the use of ammonia-free paint is
the norm is not only for pregnant women, but in general for most women,
monitor the strength and health of their hair. Ammonia paint –
it is fashionable and rational, just like sport and healthy

Advantages of using ammonia-free paint:

  • Lack of strong chemical smell;
  • A softer effect on the hair;
  • Natural shades;
  • No difference in shades when tinting only
  • Uniform and smooth flushing.

Cons of using ammonia-free paint:

  • Not so long held on the hair, as we would like;
  • Of course, there is no ammonia in such colors, but nobody canceled
    other chemicals and parabens present there in excess
    quantity (resorcinol, methyltoluene and others).

Ammonia-free paints are not suitable for a cardinal color change.
hair. Their use also involves frequent visits to salons.
beauty: to keep the shade saturated, the staining procedure
need to be repeated regularly.

Can pregnant women dye their hair in the early stages?

pregnant girl

There may be a situation in which a woman painted
hair, not yet knowing its interesting position. The best you can
do in this case – calm down and not cheat yourself.

If you know about your pregnancy and the need for
painting is available, then sit down and rationally plan the schedule
visits to the hairdresser. Try to reduce the number of stains to
the minimum necessary and be guided by the specifics of the trimesters
(see below).

In the first trimester of pregnancy?

1 term

In the first trimester, you can dye your hair, but it is highly undesirable.
And it’s not at risk for the child, and in violation of comfort
future mom. During the staining procedure for a pregnant woman
may become trite from the smell of paint. First trimester
even neutral flavors are perceived acutely, for a long time
eats into the memory and disturb the smell.

With particularly severe toxicosis, a woman can feel sick about 20
once a day, and this is for fleeting contacts with annoying
smells. Here – about thirty minutes to breathe in pretty
specific “aroma”: do not run into the ladies’ room.

In addition, the first weeks of pregnancy are fraught with
unpredictable result of staining: instead of red you can
get yellow or red; blond is able to surprise greenish

During the first trimester period, gynecologists generally exhibit
stunning conservatism, not allowing pregnant even to take
medication during illness: it is believed that the mother’s body should
be completely clean from chemistry at this stage.

Second trimester

15 week

The second trimester is the safest and most stable.
for the fetus: the baby quietly grows and develops, declares his
well-being, gently kicking mom inside. In this period
“matryoshechki” go to the dentist, begin to attend yoga or
fitness for pregnant women and more boldly engaged in their appearance
(manicures, pedicures, eyebrow make-up and so on).

This is a wonderful period for the renewal of hair color: toxicosis
left behind, and the staining procedure will not take seriously

Third trimester

3 trimester of pregnancy

The last three months of waiting – very difficult
period in terms of physiology and general well-being. Often
he is accompanied by swelling, headaches and a very sharp increase in mass
body. Therefore, to raise your spirits by going to the salon –
what the doctor ordered. It is important to remember: the good mood of the future
mothers are as important as qualified medical care and
proper nutrition.

When pregnant is better not to dye your hair?

scared girl in curlers

If we abstract from stereotypes and reinsurance, that is
only a few cases where the expectant mother should be fully
refuse to dye your hair while waiting for your baby:

  1. Severe toxicosis that does not go to the end of the first
  2. Propensity to allergic reactions;
  3. The threat of loss of the fetus;
  4. Personal prejudice pregnant. If the future mother is sincere
    believes in omens and superstitions, then so be it: you should not look
    imagine extra reasons for pens.

What paint to dye hair during pregnancy?

Summing up the intermediate conclusions, we note: to paint future mothers
hair can be, but it is advisable to choose for this natural
ammonia-free dye.

Opinion of doctors

doctors consult

In general, the opinions of doctors on this subject differ quite strongly:
just as there is no one right answer to the questions about
whether pregnant women can drink alcohol and whether they can
to take a bath. Doctors of the old school tend to ban everything.
A younger generation will loyally resolve everything – but in moderation.

It is important to remember one thing: the future mom should
coordinate with your gynecologist. He will give the only correct
advice is for her because she will be familiar with the results
analyzes and ultrasound. If everything is all right with the “pregnant woman”, the doctor is more likely
just will not mind going to the beauty salon. If there is
some nuances like increased tone or pain, advise
hold off on that.

It is very important that between a pregnant patient and her doctor
we have a warm relationship of trust: there is a long way ahead at 9
months with a lot of questions that are best not to be shy

Hairdressing recommendations

the hairdresser

Coloring masters, as a rule, do not object to
pregnant clients, recommending only to comply with a number of simple

  1. Do not change hair color dramatically. The more radical the change of image, the
    a large portion of chemicals will “fall” on the future mother’s hair in one
    sit down.
  2. Before dyeing all hair, toned selected
    one strand of paint is a very important adequacy test
    shagging reactions.

Useful tips for pregnant women regarding staining

  • Trying to do this not often;
  • Abandon ammonia dyes in favor of more natural
  • Use high-quality paint from trusted stores;
  • Refer to the services of professional hairdressers. Exactly hand
    a professional can apply paint so that her skin contact
    head almost never occur. In addition, the real master will
    monitor the reaction of your hair throughout the procedure
    staining so in case of extreme nonconformity
    results to your expectations, quick actions will be taken to
    remedy the situation;
  • Apply cotton gauze bandage to breathe
    chemicals to a minimum.

Top 10 non-ammonia hair colors for pregnant women

Below you can see some effective and safe paints.
for hair perfect for girls in position:

  1. Garnier Color Shine (Garnier Color Shine)

  • does not contain ammonia;
  • incorporates argan oil and cranberry extract;
  • as a result of the application, the hair becomes soft and
  • color lasts 6-8 weeks;
  • specially for medium thick hair from 15 cm;
  • can be applied starting from the 2nd trimester;
  • cost – from 176 Russian rubles.
  1. Estel Professional Deluxe Sense (Estelle Sens de

  • ammonia-free paint
  • It contains avocado oil, panthenol, olive extract and
    carat complex
  • nourishes hair with nutrients and restores them
  • color lasts up to 4 weeks
  • specially for medium thick hair up to 15 cm
  • can be used throughout the entire pregnancy but
    Better not before the 2nd trimester
  • cost – from 310 Russian rubles.
  1. Ammonia paint SanoTint
  • Innovative, gentle hair dye based on
    herbal ingredients – a product that is produced
    Italian-Swiss company Cosval for the Vivasan brand. paint
    gently affect hair without damaging its structure when
  • The composition contains less than 0.1% chemical dyes,
    extracts and oil of golden millet, calcium pantothenate and biotin. These
    components nourish, moisturize and protect the hair in the process
    staining. SanoTinT paint does not have resorcinol, but
    because completely hypoallergenic.
  • The price is 1070-1200 rubles.
  1. Wella color touch
  • This non-ammonia hair dye from the German company Wella
    gently cares for the strands during dyeing and gives
    multi-dimensional, deep intense brilliance. It became possible
    due to the use of the complex “Extra-gloss”.
  • The product contains natural wax and keratin, which
    protect hair, make it silky smooth and mirror
  • The cost is 480-550 p.
  1. Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse
  • Hair coloring turns into a pleasant procedure that
    in addition to the intense natural shade gives the hair shine,
    smooth and healthy, well-groomed appearance.
  • The composition of the dye is enriched with orchid extract and soy
  • Price – 450-500 p.
  1. Matrix
  • American manufacturer offers its customers a unique
    and effective paint. Careful, effective and pleasant coloring
    will give lasting results, makes hair soft, nourishes
    hair and and protect them from damage.
  • Matrix Color Sync has a special caregiver.
    complex of a complex of precious oils Cera Oil.
  • The cost varies from 450 to 550 rubles.
  1. Kapous Magic Keratin Non Ammonia
  • Ammonia-free paints from the Italian manufacturer are produced in
    Non Ammonia Series. Wide palette of shades, delicate
    coloring and rich composition make this dye beautiful
    a means that gives a unique care and a healthy look
  • The composition is enriched with argan and jojoba oils, as well as a complex
    of vitamins. Does not contain parabens, SLS.
  • The cost is an average of 300-350 rubles.
  1. Kaaral Baco Color Soft Colors
  • Innovative ammonia-free dye protects, nourishes and
    moisturizes the curls in the process of staining. Special technology
    allows you to lighten strands up to 3 levels and give a rich and
    uniform shade.
  • The paint composition is rich in pro-vitamin B5 and natural extracts:
    aloe vera, coconut oil.
  • The price is 250-320 rubles.
  1. L’Oreal CASTING Creme Gloss
  • Popular paint without ammonia from the Italian manufacturer
    will give your hair a healthy shine and shine, as well as provide
    extra care for the strands.
  • The composition contains valuable components: royal jelly and
    natural vegetable oils.
  • The price is 400-500 rubles.
  1. Schwarzkopf Essential Color
  • Paint from a famous German brand provides durable
    effect and reliable care for curls. This product combines
    best characteristics of ammonia-free paints: care, protection, pleasant
    smell during the procedure.
  • The composition of Essential Color is rich in valuable components – extracts
    lilies and white tea.
  • The price of paint varies from 400 to 500 rubles.

Important: pregnant women should pay attention to
dyes created on the oil and vegetable base – it is on
100% will save from intoxication of an organism, and also will save health
future mother and baby.

Safe methods of hair coloring during pregnancy

girls with beautiful hairstyles

Since non-ammonia paints still remain paints with a full
a set of parabens in its composition, during pregnancy can
resort to completely safe hair coloring options.
Here is a list of the most popular tools:

Tint balm

tint balm concept tonic balm loreal

Tint balms have a wide range of natural
shades. They will help to slightly adjust the existing shade.
hair: remove the yellowness from the blond, return redness to the redness and so on.
The staining procedure will need to be repeated after each wash.
head, but for the hair is completely harmless.

Minus: the scalp can also be painted over.

Henna and Basma

Henna and Basma are all-natural dyes,
known to our great-grandmothers. Henna use red, and Basma –
brunettes. This is the case when the dyes are not just harmless, but
also useful – strengthen the hair structure, make it more
smooth. The tips of the hair after these dyes do not split, hair growth
does not stop.

Minus: henna and basma, unfortunately, fit
far from everyone. Some hairs simply “push” them away.

henna and basma henna and basma

Folk remedies

Hair, if desired, can be painted even so unexpected
in ways like:

  • Chamomile flowers (golden);
  • Walnut decoction (golden-copper);
  • Onion Husk (Copper Red).

Such experiments can be turned fearlessly even at home, and
again – with the health benefits and quality of the hair.

Minus: limited palette of shades.

grass on the head

Frequently asked Questions

To conclude this article, we will also respond to several
popular questions regarding coloring and shearing
pregnant women.

frequently asked Questions

Is it possible for pregnant women to dye their hair with tonic or coloring

Yes, and these methods are suitable for future mothers.

All the above means are good for their harmlessness in terms of
allergenicity, however, is bad for the fragility of the result. Besides
In addition, henna and basma, tint balsam and onion peels can simply
Do not “take” your hair: here as lucky.

Is it possible to cut bangs for future mothers?

The answer is yes. The principle of “not suffering – not the mother!” generally not better
enter into your life, and life with a long bang, climbing into the eyes and
annoying exorbitant length – this is exactly following such

Folk signs about the “shortening of the century” baby are
anti-scientific delusions and related to the fact that for many centuries
practiced the privacy of a pregnant woman in which
pregnancy was hidden until the last, and when to hide the tummy
it was no longer possible, the woman ceased to appear in society,
to avoid the evil eye and things like that.

A few tips on hair cutting during
of pregnancy

You can get a haircut too!

It is only necessary to remember that:

  1. Haircut is better to choose universal: pregnancy is a little
    changes the shape of the face, but after giving birth it will become the same again.
  2. The desire to change the image can be dramatically dictated
    rampant hormones, so before such a step is better
    consult with your master or even with a friend.

How to care for hair during pregnancy?

As we wrote above, the condition of the hair after childbirth is completely
depends on how they were cared for during pregnancy.
Therefore, the following two points are very important:

  1. Proper nutrition: fresh fruits and vegetables, cottage cheese and fish.
    No fast food, no food hastily. Proper food – a pledge
    beauty and health from the inside!
  2. Hair masks: take care of your hair and outside. In the Internet
    full of masks recipes from natural materials (kefir, onion,
    beer, egg masks, etc.) You need to choose a couple for yourself
    recipes and use them throughout pregnancy.

Most importantly, remember: a pregnant woman is already beautiful,
because it glows from the inside! But do not be afraid to do yourself more
more beautiful, because it brings us happiness. And mother’s happiness is
happiness of her baby!


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