Is it possible to kill a nits with a hair iron? destroy parasites with a curling iron and a hairdryer, other popular ways

Pediculosis – a disease that anyone can face, outside
depending on cleanliness and social rank. However –
many are embarrassed to visit the hospital and prefer to solve the problem
independently, with the help of improvised means. In this article we
consider the most popular methods of getting rid of parasites, and
also we will analyze which of them are effective and which are not
get rid of the disease? Particular attention will be paid to the frequent question of our
Readers “is it possible to kill lice and nits with an iron for hair”. But as
do you think?

Is it possible to kill lice and nits with an iron for hair?

At what temperature do lice and nits die?

The content of the article:

  • At what temperature do lice and nits die?
  • Can I kill lice and nits with an iron for hair?
  • Reviews about the effectiveness of ironing hair against
  • Is it possible to get rid of lice and nits with curling iron?
  • Can a hair dryer to kill lice and nits?
  • How to remove from the head of dead parasites?
  • Alternative methods for the destruction of parasites
  • Conclusion

The hairy part of the human scalp is optimal
temperature for development and reproduction of lice. Break their life
cycle capable temperature fluctuations. This concerns as negative,
and positive temperature.

Parasites respond to negative thermometer readings.
in the following way:

  • At -5 °, adults cease to multiply.
    The development of nits significantly slowed down.
  • At -15 °, adults begin to die.
    The vital activity of the larvae slows down, but does not stop.
  • At -20 ° regardless of the stage of development
    lice die

Reference! 45 minutes at 20 degrees of frost is enough for
to kill all the parasites.

If lice are protected from cold by the natural warmth of human
body and hair, then from the heat they can not save anything:

  • At + 40 ° females cease to postpone
    the eggs.
  • At + 45 ° adult parasites begin to die,
    nits development process slows down, but does not stop.
  • At + 60 ° and above, all lice die, outside
    depending on the stage of development.

Can I kill lice and nits with an iron for hair?

If lice die at high temperatures, does that mean that their
can be eliminated with a hair straightener? Answer
unambiguous – yes! Iron, thanks to its thermal
impact, destroys not only the protective capsule of the larvae, but also
dissolves the adhesive components with which it rests on
hair shaft.

Note! Straightening hair can make it easier for you
combing dead parasites if your hair is naturally
porous and wavy.

At the same time, one should not forget about elementary measures.
precautions: use thermal protection and do not hold the tool
in one place longer than two seconds. Long heating contact
device with the surface of the hair shaft can destroy it

Reviews about the effectiveness of ironing hair against

Photo reviews from popular resources and

Is it possible to get rid of lice and nits with curling iron?

Curling can also be used to eliminate pediculosis,
but it should be understood that curling hair, you complicate your task when
combing and washing out lice. Therefore it is better to work as a tool.
as an ironing – pulling movements from top to bottom, starting from
the back of the head, and moving to the temples.

Can a hair dryer to kill lice and nits?

A hairdryer can also help combat pediculosis, but jets of hot
air does not destroy the lice, but only temporarily weaken their grip with
the surface of the hair. To completely get rid of parasites only
using a hair dryer and a subsequent combing, you will need not
less than ten days. In addition, there is a special hairdryer,
designed for this purpose only.

How to remove from the head of dead parasites?

The process of combing nits is no less responsible than
antiparasitic treatment. From the purity of the result will depend
the likelihood of re-infection with pediculosis. To this process
passed for you as comfortably as possible, cover your shoulders with a negligee dress and
lay a newspaper on the floor. Protect your hands with disposable gloves.
Prepare a comb with frequent teeth and alcohol in advance.
solution to periodically wipe the working tool.

Reference! Spend the procedure during the day at the window or when
good artificial lighting – it will be easier to see

When everything you need is ready, proceed to liquidation.
mortified parasites. This will help you next

  1. Using a normal comb, divide the hair into several
    sectors and secure with rubber bands. You can collect one high tail and
    pull one by one.
  2. Start combing parasites, moving from one ear to
    another, and only then proceed to the back of the head. If you have
    trimmed fringe – leave it for last.
  3. Scratch the curl from both sides. After each strand wipe
    tool antiseptic solution.

At the completion of the procedure, spend at home a general
cleaning Wash clothes and bedding in hot clothes.

Alternative methods for the destruction of parasites

There are many recipes and methods for getting rid of
from parasites. We analyze the most interesting of them – ranging from
innovative and ending with the usual “classic”.

Hair dye

Can hair dye help eliminate pediculosis?
– Yes, but only on condition that it includes
highly concentrated ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. These substances
able to dissolve the protective shell of the louse, thereby stopping it
livelihoods. The problem is that such coloring compositions
harm not only to parasites, but also to hair rods and skin

Reference! Trichologists believe that staining is the worst
way to combat parasites.


Practice shows that kerosene is capable of short
deadlines destroy adult lice, which is not the case
the larvae. The fact is that nit is in much less need
in oxygen, rather than an adult. Accordingly, she will not feel
on the destructive effects of kerosene treatment.

Destroy nits kerosene can, but for this
highly concentrated should be left on the head
several hours. And this can lead to extremely unpleasant
consequences, including:

  • scalp burn;
  • weakening and loss of follicles;
  • hair tangling.

It is necessary to apply means with big

Dustov soap

Until the pharmacy counters appeared
numerous insecticides – Dustov soap was almost
The only salvation from lice. And it really worked – just
one head wash is enough to completely
get rid of traces of pediculosis.

Note! Currently, Dustov soap
prohibited for sale in many countries. The reason is extensive
list of side effects and contraindications.

By its very nature, it is a simple laundry soap with
addition of insecticide DDT (in common – dust). Thanks
to this it received such a name.


Table, apple, wine – any vinegar, the concentration of which
does not exceed 9%, suitable for anti-parasitic skin treatment
heads. However, you should not rely on the 100% result:
vinegar facilitates the removal of nits, as it dissolves the adhesive base. But
again, it does not kill the parasites, but only slows them down.

Tar soap

Antiparasitic properties of tar soap due to the presence of
various alkalis in its composition. Doctors believe that it can
serve as a good and natural addition to the main treatment, but
not an independent means. However, the concentration of active
substances too small to eliminate pediculosis. But it is worth saying and
about the pros – the tar in the composition of the soap can speed up the processes
regeneration, which means that wounds after bites will heal in
several times faster.


Lice have been familiar to mankind at all times, and in every segment
time, people found new, universal methods of dealing with
pests. XXI century in this regard is no exception. But whatever
however, this or that method was popular the best solution would still be
medical consultation and selection of proven drugs.

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