Is it possible to make ball hairstyles personally?

hairstyles for ballroom dancingEvery mother knows that
Hairstyles for girls – this is important! In this article, we offer you
learn hairstyles for dancing, watch a master class on their
creation, as well as some tips, instructions and suggestions. AND
the main thing is that everything is completely free and at home

As a rule, 7 out of 10 moms dream to be visited by their children
dance section, mainly ballroom. And this is not surprising, because
when doing this kind of sport in both girls and boys
an excellent shape, plastic and posture is formed. But clearly
performed movements and beautiful outfit is not all that is needed for
complete performance. Ballroom hairstyles, accessories and makeup –
very important attributes included in the concept of “sports suit”.
Therefore, the question of their creation must be approached very responsibly.

There are girlish hairstyles for ballroom dancing, which
are prohibited. These include the following:

  1. tall, bulky and complex hairstyles;
  2. overhead strands and hairpieces;
  3. in the category of “juvenile” categorically unacceptable jewelry for
    hair. As for the category of “juniors”, you can use jewelry,
    but only those that do not have flickering effects;
  4. highlighting;
  5. hair spray with glitter or “wet effect”.

Hairstyles for ballroom dancing can be of varying complexity, and in
depending on this, on beauty guidance on the head can
take from half an hour to a half to two hours. So that
make the usual gulka, enough for 30 minutes, but to create
hairstyles for ballroom dancing with a lot of braids laid around
“gulki” will take about 2 hours. Temporary space, of course, not

It is indicated with a margin, because each person has one and
the same thing can take a different amount of time. Sure
the ideal option would be to watch a master class on hairstyles,
but only after that they do, it will allow to achieve the best
result. Fortunately, such videos on the Internet are very

What you need to create hairstyles?

And now we want to tell you about what should be under
hand to create a hairstyle for ballroom dancing, beauty is not
behind the hairstyles of real ladies. So, we need:

  1. means for styling curls (mousse, gel, foam – depending
    what kind of hair a child has). In any case, it is better to give
    preference professional means. The choice of means for
    super strong or strong styling will be optimal;
  2. hairspray (superstrong or strong fixation);
  3. a pair of elastics for hair;
  4. hairpins It is advisable to choose studs with small
    decorative beads in the color of the girl’s costume;
  5. clamps and stealth. It will take about ten
  6. mesh for curls, similar in color to hair color;
  7. double-sided comb, round comb and
  8. various hair ornaments that, as mentioned earlier,
    you can only use the category “juniors”;
  9. hair dryer, iron and curling tongs.

Preparation for the process

Comb your hair thoroughly and sprinkle it with the remover.
antistatic voltage (since strands can electrify,
coming into contact with the costume of the dancer). After that divide
hair on the strands, each of which it is desirable to process wax
or gel to give them obedience, smoothness and lightness in
styling. If you are going to use a curling iron, hair dryer or iron
for hair, for thermal protection is better to put on the hair
special spray.

Practical part

options for hairstyles for ballroom dancingNow talk
How to make hairstyles for ballroom dancing at home with your own hands.
It is clear that the hairdresser has a hairdresser, but perform
a couple of straightforward movements comb will not make much
labor. If every day you gently style your child’s hair,
collecting it in school or kindergarten, make pretty gulki or
beautiful pigtails, for you it definitely will not be a problem!

In principle, everything is not as difficult as it may seem at first.
It is clear that not every hairstyle can be repeated personally, but
it is quite realistic to master their large share, especially many options
create a “maraffeta on the head” if the girl has long hair. Well
Here, perhaps, everything that we wanted to tell you in our article.
Do not be afraid to try and experiment, and you must have everything
work out! And to help you – workshops on the Internet and our
article, dare!

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