Is it worth eating fruit after dinner?

There are pros and cons of eating fruit after dinner or
at night. Some people say that fruit is not a dessert,
others find it better to eat them before dinner, and, of course, many
people think that eating apples, pears or bananas after dinner
can be a simple and sweet pleasure.

In today’s article we will clarify this secret. Read on!


  • Eating fruits before dinner
  • Advantages and disadvantages of consuming fruit at night
  • When is the best time to eat fruit?

Eating fruits before dinner

You, probably, have got used to eat something tasty and sweet as
Last meal before bed. But some people think that in order
to avoid problems with digestion, it is better to eat sweet fruits
before dinner.

Is it worth eating fruit after dinner

Why? Because it will bring you a feeling of fullness. it
fine, if you’re on a diet and do not want to add a kilogram to
waist before you go to bed. Some people eat a lot on
dinner, and it is bad for health in general.

On the other hand, if you eat fruit after dinner, you
add the calories contained in these fruits to help you
maintain and lose weight. In terms of nutrition, consumption
fruit at night will not help you with weight loss as much as
helps during the day.

This is because fruits help speed up metabolism, but it’s
only happens when you are active. If you are lying on the couch
or sleep in bed, your metabolism will always be slow.

Fruits provide:

  • calcium
  • phosphorus
  • iron
  • antioxidants
  • sugar
  • fats (in small quantities)
  • carbohydrates
  • vitamins

In most cases, people eat only one fruit after dinner.
like dessert. But this is the worst time.

Most of the nutrients listed above are lost.
during digestion through the fermentation of sugar content. Here is
why many people feel bad when they eat fruit.

Do not eat them when you want during the day, because they
contain a substance known as fructose, which the body
turns into glucose and energy. If you don’t use her, she
deposited in the body in the form of fat.

Advantages and disadvantages of consuming fruit at night

Let’s start with why fruits can be a great option for

  • This is a healthy and hearty snack, if you do not consume them in
  • They are full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals in which
    needs the body.
  • They help reduce the risk of serious illness.
  • They help maintain a healthy weight.
  • This is the best alternative to desserts, full of processed sugar,
    and other sweets.
  • They can help satisfy your appetite, so you will
    eat less at night.

And now the cons:

  • Because most fruits contain sugar, they are not recommended.
    patients with diabetes.
  • They can interfere with weight loss, if you replace any other food
    fruit product.

When is the best time to eat fruit?

Thanks to the above information, we have only one
question: when can I eat fruit? As everyone knows, they are useful for
health, but a theory about what not to eat them on
The dessert is somewhat confusing.

Here is the answer: in the morning. Of course, we will give you a lot of information in
support of this statement.

Eating fruit for breakfast is a great way to start.
a day with a healthy dose of natural energy. Your metabolism
works faster before noon because it’s usually time
when you are most active during the day.

If you have an apple, orange, strawberry or pear for breakfast
(along with other healthy foods, you’ll burn more
calories than if you drank a cup of coffee. Remember that fruit
have a low fat content, so do not limit yourself
exclusively by them in the morning hours. Your body also requires
carbohydrates, and especially fiber.

In addition to eating fruit, you can have a snack in the morning.
them in the south. They are perfect when your “low charge” and you
still need to do a lot of things, especially if you have a gym after
work, evening classes, or your family is waiting for you at home.

Fruits are an important component of the diet if you eat them
right. It all depends on the personal type of the organism and how much you

If you want to eat some grapes after dinner – this is
fine, but avoid something heavier, for example

Many healthy and natural options are always available.
snacking when you do not have enough energy. Remember these key

  • Eat fruit before dinner
  • Eat fruit for breakfast
  • Eat fruit in the afternoon
  • And add one more: eat the fruit by themselves

This is how you can get the best nutritional benefits.
substances that contain these delicious natural products. You
avoid such disorders as:

  • dyspepsia
  • heaviness in the stomach
  • weight gain
  • acidity
  • stomachache
  • nutritional deficiencies

And now the last tip: do not mix different types of fruits,
for example, sour and sweet. Try to stick to one type.
And always eat fresh fruit, avoid canned,
processed, frozen, and store juices. At any
buy organic fruit

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