It is ordered to save: fight with loss hair

When the hair on the comb is much more than
before, they remain on the pillow, clothes and even in your hand when you try
smoothing your hair is a reason to worry not only about
preservation of hair, but also their own health: often excessive
hair loss is not an independent disease, but a consequence
any disruptions and problems in the body. girl and snow Adequate hair loss treatment can
be assigned only when the cause of the problem is exactly
Installed. Causes of hair loss in women and men can

Hair loss or alopecia was considered a serious problem.
in ancient times. Egyptians tried to keep their hair thick
using trigonellas ( fenugreek herb), lettuce and
almond oil, the ancient romans believed in the effectiveness of bone
the brain of a bull, and in India struggled with hair loss lapping from
camphor and coconut oil.

Forewarned – forearmed: required inspections

The content of the article:

  • Forewarned – forearmed: required inspections
  • Hormone play: treating alopecia with hypothyroidism
  • Useful harmful pill: hair loss and antibiotics
  • Only calm: alopecia and stress
  • Expert opinion on hair loss

You can understand whether it’s worth sounding the alarm about thinning hair.
and at home with a fairly simple test that
consists of two stages: counting hair that fell during the day and
rapid test.

The latter is performed this way: it is necessary to dissolve
hair, hang your head over a clean sheet of paper and several times
run a hand through the hair, imitating the movement of the comb. To do this
need in the forehead, on the crown, temples and nape.


Next, you need to collect the fallen hairs, calculate and compare
their number with variants of the norm. It should be noted that these
the norms most often depend on the pigment that determines the thickness and color
hair. You can also take the test on our website.

Table. The rate of hair loss depending on the color
The rate of loss per day Norm with rapid test The amount exceeds the norm, taking vitamins is required
(express test)
The quantity considerably exceeds the norm, consultation is required.
specialist (rapid test)
Blond 120-150 5-7 10-15 More than 15
Brunette 100-120 5-6 9-12 More than 15
Redhead 70-90 3-4 8-10 More than 10

If the amount of lost hair is much higher than normal, it is necessary
immediately contact a specialist. Only when used
necessary diagnostic methods for treating hair loss
assigned correctly.

microscope and doctor

The first specialist to be visited is a trichologist. is he
evaluates the condition of the hair and scalp using the following methods

  • Trichogram and phototrichogram – study
    skin and hair with special cameras.

  • Inspection under the lamp Wood – to identify
    possible fungal diseases.

  • Hair sampling for spectral analysis – study of the composition
    hair on the content of trace elements and harmful substances.

Depending on the result of all examinations, the trichologist may
refer patient for further diagnosis to the following
to specialists:

  • Dermatologist – to identify and treat alopecia caused by
    fungal diseases;
  • Endocrinologist – for hair loss due to disruption of work
    thyroid gland;
  • Gastroenterologist – for hair loss due to illness
    gastrointestinal and metabolic problems;
  • Neurologist – to identify depressive and stressful
  • Gynecologist – if you suspect a hormonal imbalance.

After passing all the necessary tests and complete
The survey is likely to be determined by the exact reason.
alopecia, to eliminate which competent experts will appoint
appropriate treatment.

Trichology is a relatively young area in medicine:
The first trichologists appeared in Russia after 2000.
Although in Europe and the United States the study of hair is considered a full-fledged profile
specialization, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has not yet included
her in the domestic classifier of occupations.

Hormone play: treating alopecia with hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a thyroid disease caused by a deficiency.
iodine. Hair loss is one of the hallmarks of this endocrine
Violations: the hair is thinning from the forehead to the crown or the back of the head,
hairs may fall out in bunches.


When treating hair for hypothyroidism
following activities:

  1. Reception of preparations containing L-thyroxine for recovery
    normal thyroid function;

  2. Replenishing iodine deficiency with special drugs and
    diets involving the use of seafood, meat, nuts,

  3. Reception of food additives with a complex of vitamins and minerals for
    strengthen hair;

  4. Refusal of perm and any thermal procedures on the hair. (
    Read more about hair restoration after curling)

With careful adherence to medical recommendations and regular
taking the prescribed drugs hair will begin to recover through
2-3 months.

Useful harmful pill: hair loss and antibiotics

Increased hair loss is often observed after the course.
antibacterial agents. Antibiotics do not affect hair
directly: antimicrobials cause disruption
gastrointestinal tract and liver and, as a result, a decrease

trap and pills

As a result, the hair follicles weaken and the curls experience
deficiency of nutrients. Hair treatment for hair loss after taking
antibiotics include:

  1. Acceptance of probiotics to restore intestinal microflora and
    normalization of metabolism;

  2. Reception of hepatoprotectors (Essentiale) for protection and recovery
    the liver;

  3. Reception of immunomodulators to strengthen the body;

  4. Reception of vitamin complexes. (More on the role of vitamins)

As the negative effects of antibacterial
means on an organism, density and health of a head of hair will be restored.

Only calm: alopecia and stress

Strong psychological shocks negatively affect the entire
the body as a whole, and on the health of the hair – especially. Because of the constant
muscle tension follicles unable to hold hairs
appropriately, but abandoned to support the nervous and
cardiovascular system resources of the body deprive curls
good nutrition.


With hair loss from stress treatment implies the following

  • Taking sedatives and mild antidepressants;
  • Reception of food additives with the high content of zinc, phosphorus,
    selenium and iron, especially necessary for hair;
  • The use of masks with healing herbs;
  • Scalp massage;
  • Cosmetic procedures: vacuum massage,
  • Rest, change of scenery.

Hair treatment for hair loss under stress
It is directed on the general strengthening of an organism and restoration harmonious
the work of all organs. As a rule, after eliminating the causes and
effects of stress, hair growth is normal.

Expert opinion on hair loss

The most important thing in the restoration of hair – strictly
adhere to the treatment regimen selected by the specialist. Today
developed effective methods of combating alopecia, and hair treatment
against loss is quite a feasible task. Take a free course against hair loss!Pass the
free course against hair loss!

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