Italian hair extensions – description, 29 photos, reviews and prices

When hair is sparse, no matter how hard you try – to make a spectacular styling
will not work. The volume is lost very quickly, curls unwind, and
thin strands begin to push at the slightest humidity. Save
the situation can Italian build!

What is Italian build?

The content of the article:

  • What is Italian build?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Effect of the procedure, photo before and after
  • How, what and how much time is Italian?
    build up?
  • How is being done at home?
  • Care after Italian hair extensions
  • Analogs
  • Reviews
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Italian extension is an extension and increase in volume
hair with hot keratin capsules.

Reference! Keratin – Natural
hair rod building material. Therefore correct
fixed capsules do not injure curls and do not hinder them
natural growth.

The size of the capsules is minimal, due to which they are absolutely not
Feel and do not interfere with doing hair. First time doing
hair extension Yes

History of creation

The authorship of the technique belongs to the hairdresser David
Golda, who previously practiced exclusively English
build up. His clients often complained that pitch
capsules are uncomfortable and donor strands are very fragile. because of
It seems that the hair is constantly falling out.

Then the master had the idea to modernize and
improve the capsules so that the extension procedure goes over
to a new level, and did not cause discomfort to clients. Habitual
resin composition was replaced by keratin, steel capsules
significantly less, and the clients at the hairdresser – disproportionately more.
Thanks to the “word of mouth” method of Italian building
began to appear more and more salons and eventually became
claimed worldwide. In Russia, the service appeared at the beginning
2000s and since then does not lose its popularity.

Indications and contraindications

Italian build-up is a great solution to the following.

  • thin and sparse hair;
  • lack of volume;
  • slow growth;
  • desire to drastically change the image.

However, the hair extension will have to be abandoned if there is
one of the following ailments:

  • dermatitis;
  • vascular dystonia;
  • sensitive scalp;
  • age under 16 and over 55;
  • antibiotics course;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Italian build has a rather impressive list.

  • Wide range of applications – strands can be
    build up even on the line of parting and bangs.
  • Large selection of capsules – the master can
    to form capsules absolutely identical to the color of the hair roots.
  • Invisible attachments even in high hair
    and tails.
  • Safety and Reliability – Keratin
    The capsules are quite strong and elastic.
  • You can make a color extension, and so
    way to achieve an ombre or highlight effect without

But there are still disadvantages too:

  • Discomfort in the first days of socks. Capsules create
    slight tension in the root area, which may be
    inconvenient to sleep or lean back.
  • Long and laborious process – quality
    build-up will directly depend on the classification and work experience
  • Capsules can be damaged by hot air or
    alcohol-based styling products, therefore
    habitual “beauty rituals” will need to be corrected.

Effect of the procedure, photo before and after

Long, thick and luxurious hair, which is nice
touch, comb and stack – this is the effect of Italian
building, for which the girls come to the salon is not alone
ten years.

It is not necessary to abandon the usual rhythm
of life. Building up does not interfere with active sports,
swimming in the pool, and with proper care keeps your salon
gloss for quite some time.

How, what and how much time is Italian?
build up?

Final quality largely depends on the quality of the chosen material.
the result of extension, so you should not save on hair or

Note! Italian
extensions have their own limitations on the length of hair – your own
the head of hair should not be shorter than 7 cm, and longer than 70 cm.

In the process, the wizard uses the following

  • comb with rare teeth;
  • comb with a narrow handle;
  • curling iron for fixing keratin capsules;
  • protectors.

Build on clean and pre-painted
(a few days before the procedure) hair.

Takes a session of 3 hours or more depending on the type and
thick hair, so pre-free yourself a day to visit

Preparing to build

The procedure does not require much preparation, however, there are several
nuances that should be considered:

  • Shampooing – of course, your hair should
    be clean and tidy. But wash them with deep clean shampoo
    just before going to the salon is still not worth it. Master himself
    wash your head immediately before the procedure.
  • Haircut and dyeing – after building
    the master conducts the filming compares the transition between the accumulated
    hair and family, simultaneously cutting off split ends. If you
    regularly dye your hair and lighten the roots, then do it for
    1-2 weeks to build.

Strand selection

The selection of donor strands is carried out in two ways:
quantity (average number from 120 to 200 strands) and their type. About the second
let’s talk a little more:

  • Asian – straight and thick hair. Most
    cheap and common option. After a while they lose their
    smoothness and gloss, which are most often artificially achieved with
    silicone care.

Reference! Quality hair for
extensions should be a straight cut, i.e. – all
hair scales should look down how this happens if
cut braid or tail. Asian hair is folded chaotically, so
pretty quickly come into disrepair.

  • European – have a natural shine
    softness and compliance to laying. The cut is smooth, due to which
    material will be able to serve 2-3 corrections.
  • South Russian – at a cost significantly
    Surpass their predecessors, as they are quite rare in the market.
    They have a wide palette of shades from light blond to dark blond.
    With proper care maintain 2-3 correction.
  • Slavic – top quality hair with
    corresponding price tag. Undergo a thorough selection before
    get into the market. They have a perfectly even cut hair rods
    smooth, soft and docile. Sustains 4 or more

Wearing time

The first correction needs to be done after 2 – 4
month, depending on the length of natural hair. If a
strands are not worn out, then the remnants of keratin capsules are cut off
and the wizard does a retouch. If donor strands are noticeable
differ from natural (become more fluffy, tough and
naughty) – will have to replace them with new ones.

Phased instruction

  1. Training. The master washes the client’s head to
    wash off residues of styling products, dust and sebum, after which
    he dries his hair with a hair dryer and straightens it with a curling iron.
  2. Branch of the extension area. With a comb
    with a thin handle, a barber separates the upper back of the hair
    and fixes them with a hairpin, so as not to interfere during work.
  3. Building up Master separates the first strand on
    Edge hairline. Its thickness is very important – the thinner
    there will be a strand, the smaller will be the keratin capsule, and
    Respectively, more comfortable to wear. The volume of strands of natural hair
    should be two times less artificial. Then, he puts on
    a strand stop that prevents skin burns
    heads and attaches the strand with a special hot curling.
    This step is repeated until all strands are fixed.
    on the head.
  4. Laying. Hairdresser smooths the transition from
    natural hair to be enhanced with thinning and desired
    customer styling.

Price in the cabin

The amount is formed depending on the type of material being expanded.
the number of strands, their length, the qualifications of the master and reputation
beauty salon. The average price tag for the most common type
extensions (45 cm, South Russian hair, cascade) starts from 13
500 rubles.


How is being done at home?

Italian build-up is one of the most difficult and labor-intensive.
its specificity and therefore carry it out at home
conditions, and even more so to do it yourself is not recommended.
However, if you can enlist the help of a professional or yourself
If you are a master in hairdressing, this is a guide to
action will help you navigate.

Tools and Instruments

  • thermostatic forceps for fastening capsules;
  • keratin;
  • strands for building;
  • skin protectors;
  • mirrors:
  • remuver.

The instructions are the same as for the salon styling. Because
probability of getting burned when building up yourself
increases – do not neglect the use of safety

Reference! To simplify the process
self build make mirror corridor. Put the
one mirror behind you and the other in front of you. So you can
monitor the build-up process at the nape.

Care after Italian hair extensions

Basic rules for hair care after hot buildup

  • Do not warm up the capsules during installation –
    hot air will melt the keratin and this will lead to the formation of
    uncollectible tangles at the root.
  • Dye and tint your hair before or after building
    removal – since hydrogen peroxide can partially
    destroy the integrity of the capsule. If hair needs to be dyed
    when the capsules are already secured, then try to use
    sparing dyes with an ammonia content of not more than 6%.
  • Wash your head with a sulphate-free shampoo and
    silicones – so your hair will look natural
    and alive, without weighting.
  • Apply mask and balms only for length,
    retreating from the roots of 5-10 cm


By analogs of the Italian method include the following types
hot build:

  • English
  • microcapsule.

If for some reason none of the hot techniques
Fits, try cold ways to lengthen your hair:

  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • tape;
  • African;
  • laser.


Reviews from the popular resource

Frequently asked Questions

Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

How much is building up and how often do you need to do

In most cases, the correction should be done every 2-3 months.
The better the hair, the longer you can wear extended
strands. On average, this period varies from 4 to 8 months.

Can I do the procedure during pregnancy?

The hormonal background of a pregnant woman is unstable, so any
stress on the hair follicle can lead to hair loss.
Doing hot buildup during this period is contraindicated.

Is it possible to remove hair extensions?

You can remove the building with the help of special tongs and
remuver. This can be done both in the cabin and at home, with
provided, if you have all the necessary tools.


Italian hair extensions – very common
a procedure whose positive aspects confirm
numerous reviews of girls. Long hair is what can
Significantly raise self-esteem and improve mood. So why
do not try?

Will you go do Italian build? Yes

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