Italian – the perfect male haircut

ItalianWell maintained
appearance is impossible without fashionable haircuts and styling. Modern
men understand this well and therefore pay tribute to their hair
Attention. As for women, for men the choice of hairstyles is also
not easy, and sometimes the path to your perfect haircut is through
many unsuccessful experiments. However, there are some hairstyles
that go to almost everyone.

And what is interesting is a lot of those that are equally good
look at both men and women. One such successful
options – haircut Italian.

In our article, we will consider who gets this haircut, is it easy?
to stack it, and also we will tell about the technique of its implementation.

Italian haircut: what is it?

Italian hairstyle was extremely popular in the 80s, then
its popularity began to fall in order to be reborn again in the last
years And for good reason, because this hairstyle has a lot of advantages. Like us
already found out, this haircut is universal – it is suitable for everyone. But
female Italian on the technique of execution is different from the male – she
usually done on long hair. Haircut italian on medium and
short hair is done more often by men.

Men’s hairstyle looks very modern, fresh and original.
Usually it is done on short and medium hair length. Hair at
this may be ultrashort, in the temples area cut under
typewriter, and may be the opposite – to be elongated in this area and
reach lengths up to 5 cm.

The advantage of this haircut lies in the fact that
most men are pretty easy to handle with her
important, because not everyone is ready to spend every day
at least half an hour in front of the mirror, making a stylish styling on the hair.
In addition, if you make a haircut for medium hair, you can
stack differently. In any case, this hairstyle will allow a man
create different images suitable for all occasions.

This hairstyle will go to almost any face shape, that too
important. After all, who likes to make a haircut that you like
that it does not fit the face? Haircut in this regard
very successful: choosing the right length of hair, the master can create
exactly the hairstyle that goes to a particular man.

Who is the Italian haircut for?

to whom the Italian haircut goesFirst of all, it fits
guys and young men who are looking for their style or want
make some changes to the image. If a man to
modern, dynamic way, he should look at this
hairstyle, because it can bring in the image of a man
originality and uniqueness.

As we said above, the hairstyle goes on almost any shape.
faces: oval, round, with clearly defined cheekbones, etc. More
Moreover, it can favorably emphasize the most successful features of the face.
men: nose, cheekbones, eyes or chin. Depending on the type
faces you will need to do a suitable styling.

So, if you have a round face, do not comb and fix
an elongated bang to the top, as this will round it up even more. AT
In this case, it is better to leave bangs on the face. If you have a narrow face,
You can try to raise the bangs. In general, the hairstyle gives
the ability to experiment with styling without any
there was a risk.

Italian looks equally good on both dark and
light hair. The structure of the hair also does not play a special role, however
It is worth noting that on the wavy hair this haircut looks
still more advantageous. Plus the fact that it is this haircut
allows owners of unruly waves and curls in the best way
put them in a stylish hairstyle. But it is known that wavy
hair worse than other types can be styled.

The ideal option for haircuts is thick hair that has
rigid structure. On such hair hairstyle looks just
flawless, and styling is practically not required. For the sake of justice
It is worth noting that if a man’s hair is light, soft and
naughty, such a haircut will require attention and daily
styling with hair dryer and styling tools. Therefore, the owners
such hair is worth considering whether they are willing to spend each
morning laying time.

When choosing a haircut, it is important to consider such factors as
temperament men. If this is a young guy, dynamic, confident
in himself, stylish, he can choose a haircut for medium and long
hair, properly profile the ends, leaving a long fringe and
whiskey. Such a haircut will give boldness and negligence to the image that
Looks great in combination with casual style.

If an older man chooses a haircut, you should stop at
more restrained version with shorter strands, especially on
temples. This hairstyle will look organic and discreet
office style, and with a relaxed Friday. Fully allowed in
In this case, elongated strands. Just need to be laid
more carefully – combing up or to the side. As a result
It turns out very concise and elegant image.

Men’s haircut Italian: execution technique

To perform such a haircut is easy, the main thing is to know and understand
technology and gradual process.

Italian is performed only on wet hair, because it
gives the chance of their best delaying. First you need to mow
parietal zone:

  • make a parietal parietal;
  • separate the main strand (about 10 mm thick);
  • comb the strand well;
  • pinch and pull;
  • shear the strand to the desired length.

Thus you need to cut the entire parietal region, strand behind
strand, constantly controlling the length of the main strand. Please note that
you need to smoothly increase the length of the hair as you will
approach the forehead area. Temporal-lateral areas need to be cut.
as well as the parietal, that is, strand by strand. But there is an important
nuance: each strand must be combed to the control parietal strand
areas. To do this, you need to delay 90 ° relative to the head and
cut flush with the control strand.

The occipital region is also worked out in the same way. AT
As a result, in these areas the hair will be shorter than on
frontal parietal. Next, comb your hair with rare
teeth and check the quality of work. If you found any
shortcomings, make the correction with scissors.

If the client has thick hair, profile the tips to
Give haircut softness and smoothness, facilitate it. On rare
hair thinning will not be superfluous either, but not the tips
hair, and basal – it will give your hair an extra

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