Japanese keratin hair straightening – the pros and cons, procedure technology

Every girl with rebellious curls on her head at least once, but
I wanted to try on the image of a long-haired beauty with perfect
smooth hairstyle And thanks to modern cosmetics
This dream can be realized! Japanese straightening
able to pacify rebellious curls, turning them into a luxurious
mirror cloth.

What is Japanese hair straightening?

The content of the article:

  • What is Japanese hair straightening?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Kinds
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Effect after the procedure
  • How, what and how much time is Japanese
  • Reviews
  • How to make a Japanese straightening at home?
  • Facilities
  • Care after the procedure
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Japanese straightening is chemical recovery and change.
hair structure at the molecular level.

Reference! Straight hair cut – round, in
that time when curly and curly hairs are oval. Exactly
on correcting the structural shape of the hair shaft and working
Japanese straightening.

Changes from the head of the hair come at the expense of the main current
substances – cystiamine. Penetrating into the hair shaft, he changes it.
shape and contributes to the restoration by smoothing the scales and
sealing split ends.

History of creation

Japanese straightening, heat recovery or Yuko is
all names of one technology, which author is an expert on
hair Yoko Yamashita. The author received a patent for his technique in 1995
year, after which the procedure first won the Japanese
beauty industry, and then the global cosmetic market.

Indications and contraindications

Japanese straightening is an effective method of dealing with
following problems:

  • hard and thick hair of Asian type –
    due to the mild action of alkali in the composition of the drug, hair
    become softer and more pliable to laying;
  • curly, curly and just fluffy
  • tendency to cut;
  • statics.

The procedure is contraindicated for persons with the following features and

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • allergic to chemical components of the drug;
  • discoloration and staining. made less than = two weeks


Before applying the active substance to the hair, the master
carefully examines the structure of the client’s head of hair. Depending on the
her type and condition, he chooses the drug and sets the time
impact. Conventionally, the procedure of Japanese straightening can
divided into 3 types:

  • For natural and unpainted.
  • For stained.
  • For dry and damaged.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • In any weather, styling looks perfect –
    despite the humidity, snow, heat or cold hair remains
    smooth and well maintained.
  • Suitable for all types of hair – from thin and
    fluffy, to hard and small afro curls.
  • Restores and moisturizes the hair, after
    multiple stains.
  • Straightens hair for a long time – the effect is preserved
    from six months and more.


  • Stabilization of the composition on the hair takes a lot of time
    – after straightening you can not wash your hair for 3-5
  • At the time, will have to abandon the gum, studs and
  • High cost – price for one salon
    the procedure varies from 4,000 to 15,000 rubles, depending on
    length, thickness and type of hair.

Effect after the procedure

After the Japanese leveling procedure, you will experience a significant
the difference is that the hair will become smoother, softer, more docile and
shiny regardless of their type. You will forget about such
problems like fluff due to moisture, static and immunity to

How, what and how much time is Japanese

During the procedure, the master uses the following tools and

  • Japanese straightening kit;
  • hair dryer;
  • curling iron;
  • hairbrush;
  • clips or elastic bands.

Step straightening is as follows:

  1. Washing the head – to make the product smoother,
    the hairdresser washes the client’s hair with a deep-cleaning shampoo.
  2. Processing drug rectifier. Master
    applies the product to the client’s hair and waits 40 to 60 minutes (in
    depending on the situation and the manufacturer) and then washes away
    means running water and dries a hair dryer, directing strands
  3. Straightening – with the help of a curling wizard
    straightens hair, carefully and carefully working the strand behind
    strand until all the hair is perfect
  4. Neutralization – straightened hair master
    causes neutralizer, leaves time for impact (according to
    instructions) after which it washes away and processes the hair that fixes

The procedure itself takes from 1 to 3 hours, depending on
the original state of the strands. With timely correction result
persists for a year or more.

Salon prices

In salons 1 session of Japanese straightening will cost you from 3,000
up to 15 000 rubles. The price includes the materials used and work.
masters, in addition, procedures can be done with private masters.

Sources – zoon.ru and profi.ru

Note! Japanese set
hair straightening costs from 2,000 to 7,000 rubles. Usually his
enough for several home procedures, which saves a lot
funds.How much are you willing to give money for the Japanese straightening?
hair? Up to 5,000 rubles to 10,000 rubles


Sources | woman.ru and vk.com

How to make a Japanese straightening at home?

At home, the procedure is carried out in the same
the sequence as in the cabin, however, has its own

  1. Do not save on funds – do not buy
    products from unknown cosmetic brands. At best you
    do not get any result, at worst – you dry out the hair
    and get irritated on the skin.
  2. Observe the temperature regime – the thinner
    hair, the lower the temperature should be put on curling iron, the
    the thicker the higher.
  3. Do not act alone if you have no experience.
    work with hair. Get help from the side – so you
    you can be sure that your hair is evenly straightened
    all sides.



The manufacturer guarantees the effect of perfect smoothness on any
hair. There are 3 compositions to choose from:

  1. For stiff and curly healthy hair.
  2. For curly and naughty with weak or
    average degree of damage.
  3. For thin and badly damaged hair.

The therapeutic effect is achieved by extracts
medicinal plants:

  • chamomile;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • Japanese linden;
  • knapweed.

Among other things, the composition is rich in the following natural

  • Wheat protein – moisturizes, stimulates
    regenerative processes, protects against negative effects
    the environment.
  • Liquid collagens – replenish structural
    emptiness, making hair smoother and softer.
  • Glutamic acid – saturates curls with moisture
    and prevents its evaporation.

The effect of the procedure on average lasts for half a year, again
straightening is done only on regrown roots.


For more than 20 years of its existence, label products have already
I had time to recommend myself to prof. cosmetic market segment.
Cream for Japanese straightening Plia relaxer makes hair perfect
straight, shiny and smooth thanks to the list of active
components comprising:

  • amino acids;
  • soy proteins;
  • urea;
  • glycerol;
  • Castor oil.

Honma tokyo

Honma Tokyo enters the line of Japanese straightening products 7
sets for hair of the most different types and structures. Thanks to him
every girl will be able to choose something suitable for themselves and
perform the procedure at home without fear

  1. Coffee Premium All Liss. Straightens curly and
    unruly hair eliminating the consequences of improper care and
    aggressive staining. Makes strands smooth and silky on
    term of six months and more.
  2. Plastica capilar
    Pitanga and acai
    for owners of thin and light hair. Eliminates down and
    statics. Contains cherry seed extract.
  3. Plastica capilar
    Maracuja – straightens thick and hard curls,
    softening them and saturating moisture. Thanks to the extract of the passion fruit has
    pleasant exotic aroma.
  4. Plastica capilar
    Menta – for wavy and porous hair.
    Smoothes scales, facilitates combing. Auxiliary
    substance – menthol extract.
  5. Escova De Melaleuca. For hair with the first
    signs of age-related changes (thinning, dryness,
    coarsening). Rehabilitates and deeply restructures hair
    thanks to extracts of aloe, banana, black currant and tea
  6. H-Brush Capilar – able to
    restore the hair after perm, bleaching,
    staining. Neutralizes yellowness, helping to maintain results.
    coloring in blond.
  7. Biyouh Liss – the composition is designed to eliminate
    light gun, statics and split ends. Has the most
    short-lived effect (from 2 to 6 weeks) however, due to
    harmless composition, the procedure can be repeated as
    of necessity.

Care after the procedure

Basic rules for hair care straightened in Japanese
methodology as follows:

  • Replace the usual shampoo without sulfate
    or enriched with keratin.
  • The first 3 to 5 days refrain from washing your head,
    socks gum pins and hats.

Analogs and similar procedures

By their action, Japanese straightening is similar to the following
beauty treatments:

  • brazilian straightening;
  • keratin straightening;
  • happiness for hair or happy hair;
  • botox;
  • lamination;
  • biolamination.

Frequently asked Questions

Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

How often do you need to do the procedure and how much is held

The effect of Japanese straightening lasts half a year or more.
You can repeat the procedure as the roots grow, causing the composition
exclusively on the root zone.

Can I do the procedure during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are listed.
contraindications to the procedure. This is due to
hormonal instability of a woman during this period.

Brazilian or Japanese hair straightening, what

Brazilian straightening has a similar operating principle, but
The result of the procedure is 2-3 times less on the hair,
than from Japanese (2 to 4 months). It is better to use in those
cases where it is necessary to prevent possible curling of hair due to
high humidity or dryness of the air, and not to fight with
existing curls.

Japanese or keratin hair straightening – what
it is better?

Keratin straightening is cheaper, but has a wider
list of contraindications. Moreover, the effect of keratin
straightening is gradually washed out with shampoo, which cannot be said about


Japanese hair straightening is a great way to make hair
smoother and softer for a period of 6 months to a year. It means,
that you will be able to forget about curling, bracing and styling for a long time
means with a high degree of fixation. The main thing is to find a good one.
a specialist who can make your dream of turning
lush curls in perfectly straight curls.

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