Kanekalon Boxing Spit – Trendy trend

Boxing braids are not a dozen years, initially this hairstyle
did the wrestlers. This type of weaving was not even worn by women,
so often men also collected hair.

braids with kanekalonom

Nowadays, hair can be seen not only on athletes,
many are so trying to stand out among the crowd. In addition to this
promotes color interlacing, which is used in the formation

  • 1 What is kanekalon
  • 2 to wear
  • 3 colors
  • 4 How much to keep boxer braids
  • 5 Types of weaving
    • 5.1 Braids with weaves
    • 5.2 Colored braids
    • 5.3 Afro-braids with cancanalone
    • 5.4 French braids braids
    • 5.5 Spikelets
    • 5.6 Ombre
    • 5.7 Braids for short hair
  • 6 Celebrities with trendy weaves
  • 7 Weave Kanekalon into a braid.
  • 8. Is it possible to braid braids with kanekalons without the help of a master?
  • 9 How to replace kanekalon?
  • 10 Care and durability hairstyles

What is kanekalon

An unusual natural or acidic shade in the hair with
braiding plaits reach through the use of kanekalon. Insert
not so long ago appeared in beauty salons and on shelves of special stores,
is a strand of artificial fibers or
seaweed stained persistent and harmless

Choosing kanekalon to create an image is to understand the difference
between artificial and natural products. natural kanekalonNatural are characterized as follows:

  • made from seaweed;
  • have a longer life;
  • perfectly woven into the hair of any length and structure;
  • the tips are soldered without problems.

Artificial fibers are different:

  • shorter terms of use;
  • worse heat treatable;
  • better cleared by permitted methods;
  • sealing the tips is carried out with special adhesives that are not
    best effect on the health of the hair.

Despite all the advantages and disadvantages, both types of kanekalons
about equally popular.

Important! According to cosmetologists and trichologists
preference is better to give products of natural origin.

To wear

Boxing braids have long been considered the hairstyle of people
involved in contact sports. But such a styling took on
armament stylists, to create a bright, unique image.

Additional use of Kanekalon makes the image created
some zest, especially if the strands of acidic colors. Many
modern sportsmen, both women and men, have not given up
from this kind of hairstyles.


In addition, photomodels, stars
movies, some socialite. Simple girl too
this type of weaving will go, it is not necessary to have dark skin or
do sport. Boxing braids are convenient:

  • do not require special care, shampooing is carried out every 10
  • there is no daily installation, when properly carried out
    procedure hair will be fine for a long period;
  • This is a rest from detergents and hair dryer.

In the absence of a strict dress code in the service they can be worn

Tip! It is necessary to pick up this type of hairstyle strictly
individually, the oval of the face, the height of the forehead and the lifestyle are taken into account.

Color spectrum

Pigtails with kanekalonom now at the peak of popularity, to create
bright images are used strands of different colors and shades. AT
Depending on the desired end result, use:

  • Pink and purple colors are considered the most trending and all of them
  • pink kanekalon

  • to create a more delicate image in the weaving used more
    muffled gray and black;
  • natural color of kanekalon

  • a great solution would be the alternation of pastel colors with bright
    color strands.

Tip! It is necessary to experiment carefully, better
to entrust such a delicate matter to the master.

A bright interweaving of Kanekalon can create a bold image.
teenage girls, pastel colors will give the image more tenderness,
but the basis of the style will be preserved.

Alternation is not suitable for everyone, with such a hairstyle will be for you
not open all the doors of institutions. Some employers enter
dress code restrictions.

How much to hold boxer braids

Regardless of whether braids were braided with Kanekalon on
short hair or long hair they wear the same time. AT
Depending on how tight the weave is, the hairstyle is not
unravel for from 1 to 6 months.

These terms are conditional, if the hair on your head began to break out, it is worth
immediately contact the master.

Types of weaving

Kanekalons woven into any type of braid, not necessarily
that it was afrokrosichki or boxing. Main criterion
– tightly braided hair.

Braids with weaves

Initially, only afrokosichki were assigned to the brades, now it is
The concept has a more extended interpretation. Braid
translated as a braid, this very concept became the basis


Now they include all tight braided braids, regardless of
size and quantity. The most popular varieties are
tight weaving in an amount of from 2 to 2000 pieces.

Colored braids

This type of weaving is obtained by dyeing natural hair.
in bright colors or interlacing bright kanekalons. In one hairstyle
there may be one color, and maybe several.

colored braids

Transitions are smooth, colors flow into each other without
sharp drops, and sometimes different.

Afro-braids with canacalon

Hairstyle really run on hair longer than 6 cm, while
pigtails with threads will look more impressive if you make them


Subsequently, thin brades can be assembled in various ways, from
they make light braids, beams, tails.

Braids braids

This type of weaving is ideal for people with active
way of life. Hairstyle will be a decoration for any girl
on the head of the French braid there may be two, three and
more, while they can be placed in different ways:

  • straight French braids with interweaving are usually placed along
  • a larger number is usually laid in a circle.

The latter type is quite laborious and long, its creation
better to trust a specialist.

French braids


Spikelet has many varieties to refresh a little
The stylists make a boring image of Kanekalons in the weaving. They are spectacular
decorate, make spikelet festive and unusual. Trendy
Such spikelets are considered:

  • “fish tail” ;
  • рыбий хвост

  • French;
  • French

  • with kanekalonom on the side;
  • double;
  • double spikelet

  • zigzag;
  • around the head.

Such a variety allows you to experiment, every time
creating a new image.


The technique involves intertwining not only colored monophonic
strands, but also painted in the style of ombre. Hairstyle will look
unusual and effective, the main thing is to choose the right
shade. Harmonious and natural interweaving will help
find professionals.


Short hair braids

Boxing pigtails on short hair look at least
effectively than on medium and long, with the help of Kanekalon
can artificially increase the length. Weave with
colored inserts give short hair unusual.

short hair braids

4 more options for short hair from kanekalon
demonstrated in this video:

Celebrities with trendy weaves

Spectacular image came to taste by famous people around the world,
some have been boxing for a long time
pigtails with colored weaves, periodically changing the color of the strands or
their shape.

Elena Temnikova decided to demonstrate such weaving not
only at fashion shows, but also in everyday life:

Katty Perry with Danish braids has a very feminine and also
time bold look. Effectively laid weaving emphasizes all its

Ketty Perry

Kylie Janet and Kim Kardashian prefer spikelets or
French braids, rarely use interweaving color strands.

Kylie Janet

Weave Kanekalon in a braid

You can make this hairstyle yourself, it’s not necessary to go to
to the master. Let’s take a closer look at the boxing braids, how to weave, scheme and
mount color insert.

Two French braids with kanekalonami trudge like this:

  1. Hair parted. One part is fixed so as not to
    interfered with.
  2. The second part is combed and smoothed.
  3. Kanekalon is fixed around the first strand by a knot and additionally
    fix the hairpin. If the colored strand is still knocked out, you can
    just weave it a little lower, without fixing.
  4. Further, a tight French braid with a canekalon is woven, while
    strictly ensure that the color insert lay on top of natural
  5. The finished weaving is fixed with a transparent rubber band; a small one is taken.
    strand and swathe around.
  6. It is advisable to fasten such a winding with a strong lacquer.

Tip! So as not to get out the fluff and hair lay down
When weaving smoothly, use matte clay or paste.

In the same way they braid the second braid, everything is like on this

The French volume braid on rezinochkah trudges differently:

  • At the very beginning it is necessary to fix the color insert with any
    in ways.
  • They begin to weave tightly, make sure that Kanekalon lies flat and
    strictly on top of natural hair.
  • From time to time we delay a little the upper strands of weaving,
    leaving the bottom taut.
  • Dock braid is fixed with a rubber band.

This video shows how to do it:

Tip! For decorative hairpins are inserted into the braid
with rhinestones and artificial flowers, they will not only serve
additional decoration, but they will also keep the color
an insert.

Can I braid braids with kanekalons without the help of a master

Studying the instructions for weaving it becomes clear that the hair
can be done independently, without recourse to the master. First time
it is advisable to visit a beauty salon and see how they do it
specialists. Before carrying out the procedure yourself
practice and then try to recreate a masterpiece
on their own.

The main rules when weaving are:

  • high-quality fixation of Kanekalon;
  • tight weaving, otherwise the braid will not hold;
  • the use of special tools that will make the hair more

The rest depends on the skill and development of fine motor skills

What can replace kanekalon?

What to do if you want to make a highlight in a regular braid, and
Kanekalon not? How to diversify weaving? How to make a color
insert yourself? It is completely replaceable, the most common
substitutes are:

  • colored threads;
  • braids with threads

  • colorful ribbons;
  • braids with ribbons

  • decorative laces.

Pigtails with threads look very impressive than with purchased

Care and durability hairstyles

Depending on the number of braids and how tight they are
braided, this hairstyle can be worn from 7 days to 6 months.
Color-accented Afro-braids can look great on
half a year, and then it is necessary to stitch them.

Caring for a haircut is not difficult, the main thing is correct and
timely clean the scalp. Wash it like this:

  • Spit soak under running water.
  • In a small container, shampoo is diluted slightly with water, well.
  • With the help of a sponge applied to the weave, leave for 5-7
  • Wash off under running water.
  • Excess moisture is wetted with a towel.
  • Dry naturally.

That’s all the care, combing and styling hair no
of necessity.

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