Kare – a step into the past or a leap into the future?

caret with elongated front strandsHaircut car is known
mankind since the time of ancient civilizations. Back in the period
Cleopatra’s reigns this hairstyle was worn not only by women, but also
men Then for centuries this haircut
used only for children, but now in the twentieth century
firmly in vogue. Since then, there have been many variations on
This simple, at first glance, hairstyles. This and graduated
a caret, and a caret with elongated front strands, and an elongated caret, and
options with bangs. We will talk about one of these modifications.
more details.

Four of a Kare with Extended Front Strands

This hairstyle has become fashionable relatively recently, but already very
Many girls have tried on her ability to seduce. This
hairstyle allows you to add a touch of impudence and


The secret to technology cutting a bob on lengthening is
what angle of lengthening you need to choose. The greater the angle, the greater
emphasizes the graphical hairstyles. This kind of caret implies
short back and long front strands that can
end far below the shoulder. And, accordingly, the less
the angle, the more the hairstyle is close to the classic square. In that
In this case, the front strands end just below the chin line.

Considered the most acceptable angle at which the strands repeat
cheekbone line Hair at the back can be trimmed very short or
completely cover the neck.

As for the bangs, there are also options. Traditional
quads assumes bangs, but this is not mandatory


Despite the high prevalence of quads among modern
fashionistas, not every woman
Suitable car with elongated front strands. First, in greater
To the extent such a hairstyle will suit the hair straight and docile.
Secondly, you need to be ready for daily styling and care.
hair so that they look neat. And, thirdly, such
hairstyle will help to correct the shape of the face, if you, for example,
need to divert attention from the wide cheekbones. Girls with narrow
the shape of the face is worth considering that this hairstyle will visually lengthen

A haircut

caret with elongated front strandsAny professional
the hairdresser knows how to cut a bob on lengthening. For that to him
need a standard set of tools: scissors, comb
ordinary and “with a tail”, an atomizer, clips or hairpins.

The hairstyle is done on washed, slightly dried hair. For
the beginning is done the usual vertical parting, which allow
split the hair into two parts. Then comes the horizontal parting on
level of ears. Pin the hair, select the initial length and cut
strand near the neck.

Separating by centimeter strand, cut at an angle of about 15 °
in relation to the previous one. Reaching the horizontal parting, you can
go to the temples. Temporal locks cut along the length of the occipital. AT
the very end you need to trim all the tips.


Racks with elongated front strands, as a rule, always
involves styling. Only the perfect professional haircut and
very even hair can do without it. In addition, experts
do not advise to choose this hairstyle for those whose hair is different
naughty and unhealthy split ends.

For laying you need a special tool, for example,
gel, medium fixation varnish or foam. Get ready: styling,
most likely to be done every day to make your hair look
well maintained. But the square with the elongated front strands is worth it.

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