Kare on lengthening – a set of options classic hairstyle

caret for lengtheningIn order to
to make a square to lengthen with a bang, you need thick straight hair,
however, owners of wavy hair can also wear such
hairstyle, just styling will take more time. Before
hair should be moistened and dried a little, and then split
their horizontal and vertical partings into 4 equal parts.
Each strand should be stabbed so that they do not interfere during the haircut.
Next, separate the hair strand from the neck and cut it smoothly to set
caret length The same actions need to be done with the rest of the strands,
but the main thing is to tighten the hair harder and cut at an angle of 15 ° along
relation to the previous one. When you get to the horizontal row,
should go to the temples.

The first strand of the temple should be delayed to the vertical parting and
cut to length occipital. To cut the temporal locks also need to
angle of 15 °. After cutting should trim the tips and
need to adjust the temporal locks.

square with bangs photo 1 square with bangs photo 2 square with bangs photo 3 square with bangs photo 4 square with bangs photo 5 square with bangs photo 6

Bob-Caret – Universal Hairstyle

Haircut bob with lengthening requires precision. To do this
haircut, wet hair should be divided into four equal parts.
Temporo-parietal and lower occipital parts separated from the middle of the auricular
shells through the occipital protuberance. Haircut should start with
back of the head. The left side needs to dissolve and highlight diagonally.
strand about 8 mm, pin the remaining hair at the ear. Strand
comb, stretch the hair and cut parallel to the parting. Also
repeat the same with the right side: this is the first control strand.
After you should dissolve the hair in the occipital region, choose
center vertical strand, delay by 90 ° and cut under
45 ° angle: this is the second control strand.

All hair in the occipital region should be cut vertical.
strands. The balance of the trimmed section can be checked with
horizontal partings.

After that you need to go to the top of the head. Central
the vertical parting should be pulled back 90 ° to the head and
cut at that angle. The control strand must be longer than the strands.
on the back of the head three times. The remaining hair must be cut, making
lengthening on the face. The strand above the ear should be the longest. On
the temporal zone is parted at the ear and sheared off
lock back.

The parietal area is processed last. She needs
split into two sections with a vertical parting and cut from short to
long so that the elongation is in the center. Strands must be drawn
perpendicular to hair growth.

After that, comb hair to grow and profile haircut.
When removing hair, you need to keep their length. Contour bangs arrange
asymmetrically, the short length should begin at the temple.

How to do styling

Times are changing, but the hairstyle of the caret is still considered fashionable.
The layout of the bob is quite simple. There are several of her

Dry and clean hair divided into parting, grease fingers
gel and in a chaotic manner, beat your hair, then fix
varnish. Another option: on wet hair, apply foam, wind
on large curlers and blow dry. After 15 minutes curlers
Remove. Laying the caret with a bang does not differ from laying without a bang, but
There are many variations. For example, it will be great
look bandage on her hair: she will be able to hide growing
roots and make bangs more docile.

Four lengthening will suit everyone!

How to cut a bob on lengthening yourself? Of course,
will need a model that needs to split the hair upright
parting and stab them. In the lower part of the head, separate the hair layer.
and cut it, thereby setting the length of the caret. Further should be separated
centimeter-wide strands and pull the hair back to 15 ° – up to
parting, then go to the temporal region. The first
the curl should be pulled to the vertical parting and cut along
lower occipital length. After it you need to make it smoother.

The remaining hair cut according to the same principle. After need
trim the tips, because the caret should be level, and check
asymmetry. Classic square without bangs performed
almost as well, except that pulling the hair off
should, and they need to cut without tilt. The elongated car has
great rear view, and with such a haircut you can think of a lot
interesting hairstyles: romantic, playful, extravagant or
elegant styles that are beyond the power of other haircuts.

Kare with bangs on the side does not differ from the classic Kare, but in
work with the parietal region are small nuances. Bang need
cut dry. Required to outline the desired length and trim hair
from top to bottom in small movements at an angle of 45 °. Bangs do
triangular. After finishing the haircut
scissors vertically, but if the hair density suits you, you can
do without it.

Caret to shoulder – great

Long square with oblique bangs is popular with women in
show business. This haircut is performed as a classic four with
the only difference is that the hair remains longer. But if needed
elongated car, hair should be pulled back and cut at an angle
at 15 °.

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