Kare – stylish men’s haircut, 11 photos

male caretOne of the popular men’s haircuts is

It was worn by men in medieval Europe. But real
she caused a sensation in the 90s.

Its popularity is due to its versatility: it
suitable for men of all ages and hair any

  • 1 Features haircuts
  • 2 Options
  • 3 Who is suitable
  • 4 technology haircuts
    • 4.1 Step-by-step instructions for creating a double quads
    • 4.2 Step-by-step instructions for creating a bob car
  • 5 Care instructions
  • 6 How to grow hair

Features haircuts

  1. The main advantage of this hairstyle –
  2. Any version of this haircut allows you to create
    a variety of styling.


There are only two of them:

  • graduated – can be with parting and without.
    Suitable for owners of curly hair;
  • graduated car

  • double car choose bright charismatic
    personality. The distinctive feature of the haircut is a long parietal.
    strands (about 8 cm). The wizard creates two levels thanks to the cascade
    technology. This kind of car turns volumetric.

double caret

To suit

Male car has no restrictions on face type and structure
hair. There are nuances in the selection of varieties of this haircut, which
need to consider.

  1. Soft and fluffy hair fit haircut without
  2. Owners of long bangs and those who can do daily
    styling is recommended to choose a double caret.

Important! To make the haircut double
Kare, you need to have long enough hair.

Technology haircuts

This hairstyle is the basis of hairdressing
art. To create complex creative haircuts,
Masters must master the technology to create this hairstyle.

This video shows how to make a caret that is visually
will pull a wide male face:

Step-by-step instructions for creating a double quads

square with a beard

  1. The zigzag parting demarcates the temporal and occipital
  2. Important! Starting parting should be slightly higher.
    ear level.

  3. Next, choose a strand on the temporal part, which will
    control. The master will be guided to its length in the process.
    work with hair on the parietal area.
  4. Strands for graduation are separated by vertical partings, which
    located at a distance of 1 cm from each other. Graduation done
    in the direction from the temples to the nape.
  5. After all the strands on the back of the head are processed,
    work begins with the parietal region. Strand is separated, the rest
    twisted into a bundle. Perform a haircut clockwise.
  6. The final touch is to create a border around the perimeter using the method
    sliding cut. Start work from the middle of the forehead to the middle
    parts of the nape. Similar actions need to be performed on the other.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a bob car

One of the popular men’s haircuts is bob-caret, which
made on the basis of a graded quads.

bob To implement this decision, you must observe two
conditions: no bangs and the creation of two levels.

  1. Vertical parting divide hair into two parts.
  2. The wizard begins by defining a control strand (from its
    length depends on the entire length of the haircut).
  3. At the end of the process look symmetrical hairstyles. Comparison
    carried out under the chin or method of combing strands on the face.
    After checking carry out filing.

Care instructions

To maintain the correct shape of the square it is necessary to come to
correction master several times a month
(the number of visits to the master depends on how quickly
hair will grow).

care for male haircutThe key point is
maintaining clean hair. Because nothing is
spoils this hairstyle like greasy hair.

It is worth getting a professional shampoo and conditioner.

Care should be taken that hair is exposed.
minimum mechanical stress.

Also, the owner of the car will need funds to create
styling to make a stylish hairstyle.

How to grow hair

To create a fashionable image (especially for men
haircuts double bob) a man should have an appropriate length
strands. Therefore, tips on stimulating hair growth will be

  1. Include in the diet products containing magnesium, zinc, calcium,
    potassium and iron.
  2. When washing the head it is useful to add vitamins to the shampoo.
    hair contained in ampoules.
  3. You need to eat more dairy products, vegetables and
  4. It is necessary to give up alcohol and smoking.
  5. You need to drink as much water as possible.

On the Internet you can see a lot of photos of celebrities wearing this

Johnny Depp

Caret is a great opportunity to emphasize individuality and
sense of style, create an image of a confident man.

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