Kefir hair mask: what effect?

kefir for hair mask photoModern women have no problems with
hair care – shampoos and balms are on the market,
masks and mousses, you only need to choose. Still, many women
prefer not the latest developments of the chemical industry, but
ancient grandmothers recipes.

Properties of kefir hair mask

Among them, an important place is occupied by a mask for kefir hair –
The traditional Russian means for nutrition and healthy hair. Than
good kefir? It has two extremely beneficial hair and scalp.
properties: first, this dairy product forms on the hair
protective film that protects them from negative external
influences, and secondly, due to the fact that its bacterial
composition is similar to the microflora of the human body, it is able
beneficial effect on the health of hair and scalp, nourishing and
strengthening them.

Therefore, kefir is often used for hair growth or as a means
from their loss. Of course, only kefir can not significantly
accelerate the growth process, however kefir mask for hair growth in
combined with taking appropriate vitamins and other means
able to give an excellent effect. This is the main reason for this.
the prevalence of kefir masks.

Many girls generally prefer to refuse shampoo,
using kefir as a cleanser. To some extent this
justified – if after the kefir mask does not apply any
cosmetics, the therapeutic effect will be maximized. However people
Kefir for hair – reviews of this method of care are not
always leave positive.

Do not use shampoo can be mainly for people with dry,
weakened hair that can take away excess fat. If
your hair is greasy, then you probably won’t do without shampoo –
otherwise the hair may hang unkempt icicles due to too
large fat content. However, even in this case, kefir mask will
useful – it will weaken the effect of aggressive detergents from
shampoo, and kefir protection is not completely washed off.

Another great property of kefir is its ability.
wash the pigment out of the hair. This opens up two ladies
Possibilities – first, you can partially wash the paint from the hair
kefir, secondly, they can lighten hair. True, not worth it
hope that kefir mask will give you a dazzling blond
– but the hair after it will look much more
healthy than after peroxide or other methods
aggressive chemical clarification.

Kefir hair lightening

Lightening hair with kefir is very simple. In suitable
utensils need to mix the components of the mask – two tablespoons of strong
alcohol (cognac, vodka), one egg, about 50 grams of yogurt, juice
half a lemon and a teaspoon of shampoo (number of ingredients
based on average hair length)

Mass should be applied to the hair, evenly distributed along the length,
then put on a plastic cap and insulate your head
a towel. You need to hold the mask for a long time – the longer, the
brightening will be more significant. How effective kefir mask
for hair – there are different reviews, but in most cases all the same
speaks of a significant effect.

Approximately also it is possible to delete the bored paint – and natural
pigment, and paint particles are washed out about the same. Kefir
Mask for lightening hair is especially popular among young
girls, because it allows you to change the color of your hair without damaging
their structure, which means – to preserve health and beauty. Moreover,
after such a gentle lightening hair just puff health and
force, decorating their mistress and attracting the attention of people around them to
her persona.

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