Keratin hair masks as reducing agent


Do you know what keratin hair masks are and how they are
can be used? For damaged, fragile, dull, thinned
strands they can be a real salvation. Learn about them
efficiency and application at home. Top Rated
branded products and homemade recipes – here.


  • The magical effect of keratin on hair
  • The use of keratin masks for hair
  • Top Brands Rating
  • Keratin Homemade Mask Recipes

Recently keratin have become incredibly fashionable.
hair masks with healing properties.
They can be professional – and then on this procedure you need
sign up to the master in the salon. They may just be branded and
be sold in free access in pharmacies and boutiques – and then
it is enough to acquire and test their effect on yourself. And finally
they can be made even at home from the most ordinary
food that contains this unique substance –
keratin. This is a small protein molecule that makes real
wonders even with the most neglected and damaged hair. In what
his secret?

Regenerating keratin hair masks

The magical effect of keratin on hair

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that the keratin hair mask is not
different healing properties, as stated in many advertising
manufacturers. Keratin molecules that penetrate the hair,
so small that they cannot make a real revolution on
cellular level and cure very damaged, sore strands.
There will be a definite effect, of course, but one should not expect any
supernatural results. Everything is as usual

  • getting into the hair, keratin fills the void – strands
    become more weighted and durable;
  • the scales are soldered under its influence – the state of split ends
    tips and brittle hair improves significantly (again, this
    temporary effect that will end as soon as you cast
    make keratin masks);
  • tangled, very curly, curly curls straighten and
    no longer give the impression of a crow’s nest;
  • reduced electrical statics, which makes many women
    like a dandelion after they take off their head
    a hat;
  • hair looks more well-groomed;
  • begin to shine – for this mirror effect many and begin
    make keratin masks.

Keratin is the protein that consists of almost 97%
hair scales. Therefore, it becomes clear his restorative
act. But you need to keep in mind one very important nuance.
Although home, though professional keratin hair mask
too long and frequent use can cause them.
dropping out. This is due to excessive weighting strands under
exposure to this miraculous protein. So their use
should be as literate as possible.

Origin of name. The term “keratin”
derived from the Greek word “κέρας”, which translates as

Effects of keratin on the hair

Are you already practicing hair masks in the bath?

Honey and butter are the best ingredients for homemade hair masks:

The use of keratin masks for hair

Learn first how to use keratin hair mask,
because in its application there are several nuances that are not
other similar means. Do not forget that it is a protein –
building material, which in some cases may be too strong
weight strands and lead to their total loss. You do not
such a result is needed? So a small instruction should be in
you are always before your eyes.

  • Selection

Choosing between professional, store keratin mask and
home, weigh the pros and cons. The effect after the first will be
noticeable immediately. After the second results will have to wait long enough
long. But brand masks contain hazardous to health.
formaldehyde (most of them), and cooked by your own
hands means will be 100% natural.

  • Allergy test

By itself, keratin can not cause allergies, so he
is a building material for the skin. However masked for
hair can be formaldehyde and other chemical
substances that will affect it negatively. Therefore, any
Apply (both store and home) first in a small
the amount on the wrist, the inner fold of the elbow or the area near
earlobes. However, this kind of test can not guarantee
the fact that after several treatments you will not have an itch and

  • Contraindications

With oily hair and fresh scratches and cuts on the skin
head keratin masks are best not to use. In the first case it is
will lead to heavier strands that will look even more
untidy In the second case, infection is possible, which
subsequently have to be treated with drugs, or
suppuration of the wound. With alopecia and hair loss such means
categorically contraindicated, as these states only
will get worse. During pregnancy and lactation
keratin hair masks are not prohibited, but store products with
it is better not to use formaldehydes – limit your homework

  • Drawing

Before applying the keratin mask, wash your hair with shampoo,
let them dry slightly until wet, comb like
follows. It is not necessary to apply them to the roots and scalp, but
along the whole length of the strands, with the help of a scallop, in a uniform layer –
required Wrap the head after that does not need anything. Everything
reactions should take place outdoors.

  • Wash

Some brand keratin masks do not require rinsing,
therefore read the instructions attached to them carefully. Everything
the rest after drying can be washed off with warm water or decoction
from medicinal herbs, or lemon (acetic) solution.

  • Application course

Due to excessive weighting of hair with keratin masks is not worth it.
abuse. Use them no more than 1 time per week and no more
7-10 sessions. But as soon as you notice that the strands began to fall,
such restoration is worth stopping.

  • Additional tips

For maximum effect, experts advise before
treating hair with keratin to make treatment hot
scissors to solder split ends. There are more recommendations
along with keratin masks use the same kind of shampoos, but
it will be too much: the curls will not withstand such a load.

If the use of keratin masks for hair
will be literate, the effect will not take long. If you
feel that you can not cope with this task yourself better
seek help from professionals in the salon, where you will do everything
on the highest level. First, more accurately determine if you need
Generally such a procedure or better to try some other
means for restoring brittle and split ends. Secondly,
professional salon masks – potent formulas, after
which result will be noticeable instantly. Thirdly, with yours
locks will work professional who knows about them literally
everything. But if you decided to do it all yourself, it remains
make the right choice.

Curious fact. By its strength keratin
among biological materials, it is inferior only to chitin. Therefore, in
Masked, he gives hair this very property – they become

How to use a keratin hair mask

Top Brands Rating

To date, simple people are available even
professional keratin hair masks. Yes,
they cost a lot of money. Yes, they have a lot of contraindications.
Yes, you need to be able to handle them. But subject to all their rules
applications they are most effective in restoring
damaged strands. In stores you can buy keratin masks
mass market with low protein content, but with regular
use and they may be helpful. Small
rating will allow you to navigate to
assortment offered by modern manufacturers.

  1. Keratin Research Treatment – Argan Keratin Mask
    for straightening and restoring hair. USA. $ 114.
  2. Keratin Restore – keratin mask for hair restoration.
    Wella SP. Germany. $ 24.
  3. Keratin Masque – salt-free keratin hair mask. Spa
    Pharma. Israel. $ 23.
  4. Kera Restore Treatment – keratin nutrition and recovery
    hair. Indola. Germany. $ 16.
  5. Blondme Keratin Restore Blonde – hair mask with keratin.
    Schwarzkopf Professional. Germany. $ 13.7.
  6. Keratin Mask – keratin moisturizing mask. Inverto. China.
    $ 12.1.
  7. Light Keratin Care Mask – keratin hair mask. Hair
    Company Professional. Italy. $ 10.6.
  8. Estel Keratin – keratin hair mask. Russia. $ 9.7.
  9. Magic Keratin – keratin regenerating mask. Kapous
    Professional. Russia. $ 7.6.
  10. Keratin Perfect Mix Powder – nourishing mask with keratin and
    collagen. Lador. South Korea. $ 2.1.

These are the best keratin hair masks,
judging by the opinions of specialists and ordinary people. Premium Products
used by professionals in salons. Cheaper Formulations
attract with its accessibility for the masses. But anyway
they will all contain preservatives (for longer periods
storage), fragrances (to create a flavor) and all the same
formaldehyde. All these substances are not the best choice for
health locks and health in general. Therefore, it makes sense to contact
for help with homemade recipes.

Did you know that – keratin consists of
epidermis derivatives – not only hair, but also nails, horns (only
at rhinos), feathers of birds, etc.

The best keratin hair masks

Keratin Homemade Mask Recipes

There are products that contain keratin. If you want to
repair damaged strands, be sure to include them in your
diet. If you are not sure that the protein will reach the point
destination (up to follicles), useful home keratin mask
for the hair of these products. It can be applied to the roots, and it
requires mandatory flushing. So take note
several recipes.

  • Gelatin mask

Gelatin powder is the surest source of keratin, which
can be used to make a homemade mask. Pour gelatin
milk at room temperature in a ratio of 1 to 5. Thoroughly knead,
leave for swelling. If you get too thick mass,
dilute with more milk. Before applying, heat in the microwave.
Apply only on strands. The action time is half an hour.

  • Protein mask

Beat the egg whites in pure form to a foam condition, dilute
milk or kefir in any proportion. Keep on hair
half an hour.

  • Egg mask

Mix 2 beaten chicken eggs with 2 tablespoons of honey,
dilute to the desired consistency with milk. Action time – 15-20

  • Fruit mask

Turn into a puree one of the fruits, which is present
keratin: pears, apples or pineapples. You can connect them in equal
proportions, can be applied on the head separately. Try hard
beat the healing mass in a blender so as not to form
lumps. If they turn out too thick, dilute it
dairy products: kefir, milk, yogurt, yogurt, etc

  • Kefir mask

Any dairy products – a rich source of keratin. And kefir
the mask is good because it has practically no contraindications and
can be left on the hair even at night. You can mix it with
yogurt, milk or yogurt.

Any home keratin hair mask is
quality guarantee, 100% natural and skin-friendly
heads and for the curls themselves. Of course, it will not differ such
efficiency, as professional tools used in
stores, or brand – for sale in boutiques and
pharmacies. Nevertheless, all these products are good in their own way:
each has its advantages and disadvantages. On homemade masks,
for example, virtually no need to spend money, while store
will fly into a pretty penny, but a trip to the master can ruin it altogether.
Choose your version of keratin hair mask and start them
strengthening right from tomorrow. No – from today!

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