Keratin hair restoration: features procedures

Among the salon procedures for hair care big
damage recovery with the help of
keratin The main purpose of this care is
improving the appearance of strands, improving their
from the inside due to embedding in the structure of the main protein
(keratin). At the same time curls retain their natural structure,
become stronger and more dense.

keratin hair restoration It is important not to be confused
keratin straightened hair restoration that harms
high temperature curls and destroys the natural connections between
matrix proteins of the hair shaft.

  • 1 Features of the use of keratin for the treatment of curls
  • 2 Keratin hair restoration: the pros and cons
    • 2.1 Pros
    • 2.2 Cons of the procedure
    • 2.3 Contraindications
  • 3 Hair restoration with keratin: the essence and steps of the procedure
    • 3.1 Price for service
  • 4 What experts say
  • 5 Keratinization at home
    • 5.1 Features
    • 5.2 Hair care after restoration

Features of the use of keratin for the treatment of curls

Keratin is the main protein that forms itself
hair. Damage to curls by chemical staining or
temperature – a violation of the structure of this keratin. Therefore procedures
restoration based on it so valued by hairdressers they
affect the cause of the bad condition of the locks.

keratin for hair

But not any remedy with keratin in the composition is

  1. Only able to enter the damage area
    hydrolyzed keratin (low molecular weight). Such protein
    fragmented into constituent chains of amino acids capable
    penetrate the core of the rod.
  2. The tool must contain a large amount of keratin. If in
    the component is indicated closer to the end of the list, it will be
    not enough to restore.
  3. Properly operating funds are on the shelves.
    professional stores or beauty salons.
    Mass consumption products or folk recipes consist of
    “heavy” proteins that can only stick outside to the scales and
    soften the curls until the next shampooing.
  4. The procedure is designed to restore damaged
    structures after clarification, thermal straightening or curling.
    Normal or just dry strands are at risk of getting backwards.
    effect: become tough, heavy and naughty due to
    glut of unnecessary ingredients.

Keratin hair restoration: the pros and cons

hair straightening

Keratin as part of the care curls has its own
dignity, but also can cause unpleasant consequences.


Care with the “correct” keratin described above has the following

  • treatment of strands from the inside due to low molecular
  • preservation of the natural structure of curls
    (restoration of internal connections between proteins);
  • shine and smoothness of the hair surface due to smoothing scales
  • prevention of breaking off damaged
    tips that allows you to save the desired length
  • long-term effect;
  • the possibility of carrying out the procedure at home;
  • simple application technique;
  • ease of daily styling due to obedience curls.

Cons of the procedure

straightening procedure

The disadvantages include the following:

  • holding a beauty salon or buying the necessary tools
    professional lines require considerable material
  • the need to use sulfate-free hair shampoos
    after keratin recovery;
  • weighting the hair and reducing the volume of hair.


It is not recommended to use keratin in the following cases:

  1. Propensity to prolapse, as weighting
    curls can enhance this process.
  2. Thin hair that can start breaking off
    Coping with the weight of keratin.
  3. Dry or normal curls, for which it is better to choose others
    moisturizing or nourishing agents.
  4. Skin diseases with inflammation or damage to the head.
  5. Malignant tumors of any organ.
  6. Period of pregnancy and lactation.
  7. Allergic diseases with intolerance to the components
    reducing agent.

Keratin hair restoration: the nature and steps of the procedure

recovery procedure

If the hair is damaged, it has the surface of the open
scales sticking out in different directions. It is not visible through the eyes, but precisely
for this reason, fluffiness and obedience appear when
styling. Strands are not able to reflect light and lose their luster,
constantly confused, clinging scales for each other.

The problem appears after the styling or
staining as any protein changes its structure and
collapses at the level of internal connections under the action of high
temperature or chemicals.

Attention! Keratin recovery saturates
damaged areas of hydrolyzed protein capable of restoring
internal connections between the fibers and return the scales to the original
position. As a result, all damage is healed, and curls
get a healthy look.

This video shows how keratin is performed.
hair restoration.


  1. First, the hair is washed with shampoo for cleansing and disclosure
    superficial scales.
  2. Strands are dried with a towel to a semi-dry state.
  3. Keratin is distributed through the hair. To cover all strands,
    you need to gently comb them with a comb. It is important to retreat from
    roots not less than 1 cm to prevent their sticking and
    dropping out.
  4. If you use shampoo, balm or mask, then you need to endure
    the time specified in the instructions and wash off the composition with warm water.
  5. After rinsing, or in the case of using indelible
    serum or lotion, hair dryer dried hair dryer.

Important! When thermo keratin is performed
hair restoration, hairdressers apply liquid keratin on dry
strands and after soaking strands straighten irons at very high

Service price

price for services

Professional products for keratin hair restoration
are expensive because they consist of keratin and nutritious

Interestingly, this protein is isolated from sheep’s wool, after which
divided into constituent molecules. Therefore biokeratin
restoration requires a lot of cost for the production of components and
can’t be cheap.

To the cost of drugs is added the payment of the work of a professional and
cabin profit. As a result, the cost varies from 3 to 15
thousand, given the prestige of the institution and the reputation of the master.

What experts say

Professionals eagerly offer to restore the healthy look of the strands.
using keratin. As a result of the work, the effect of

Important! But still in some unscrupulous
salons do not explain the difference between treatment and straightening
curls, giving them an equivalent procedure. And thermo-keratin
straightening hair has distant negative

Therefore, if the master understands the nuances and offers exactly
restore the natural structure of the hair, you can safely trust him
your hairstyle

Keratinization at home

home remedies

To restore damaged hair, you can purchase a set of
products with keratin in stores for hairdressers, and conduct a course
procedures at home. The cost is comparable to one trip to the salon. But if
there is a possibility, it is better to do the procedure first
masters and then maintain the result home


For self keratin recovery use
The following professional brands:

  1. Estel. Products are available in the form of a spray, shampoo and mask.
    Estelle Keratin.
  2. Spray refers to the indelible means and used for light
    damage and as a maintenance care. Shampoo and mask
    penetrate more deeply into the hair. Best result
    is obtained by using the entire series.

  3. Ollin Keratin Royal Treatment. The set consists
    from 4 products: shampoo, serum, balm and spray. Funds in
    complex are applied to the strands in the order listed. Their
    kept on curls for several minutes. As a result hair
    saturated with a large number of trace elements and after the course
    All series of procedures are fully restored.
  4. Indola Kera Restore Treatment. Consists of
    shampoo and masks that contain microkeratin complex. Mask
    stand on the strands for 5-10 minutes, then wash off. AT
    supplement can use indola spray as indelible
  5. Londa Professional Fiber Infusion. Londa series
    consists of a shampoo that prepares the curls to action
    active ingredients, reducing agent and spray for
    strengthen hair.
  6. Greymy keratin recovery. The brand
    Popular with Express Keratin Hair Treatment.
  7. Hair Company kit liss treatment consists of
    shampoo with argan oil, smoothing mask with Brazilian
    nut and the final mask with a caring complex.
  8. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratriplex
    Treatment restores the most damaged hair. Set
    consists of shampoo, concentrated serum in ampoules,
    intense mask and final procedure
    cream rinse.
  9. Bark. The manufacturer’s mask is
    multidisciplinary agent: moisturizing, growth, strengthening,
    recovery and volume. Ingredients supplemented with vitamins and extracts 10

This video shows the keratin recovery technique from

Hair care after restoration

Immediately after the procedure, it is not recommended to wash your hair for up to 3 days,
so that the ties inside the strands are well established. After this
period, you need to use shampoos that do not contain sulfates.
It is believed that this component damages the structure of keratin and
washes it out of the hair.

Of course, it is advisable to take care of your hair in the period
treatment and after it, in order not to injure the hair again
or staining.

No need to use after improving hair condition
styling tools unnecessarily. Healthy curls
themselves will obediently keep their hair for a long time, and
chemicals damage the structure.

the result of keratin

Some girls in the process of preparing for treatment compare
lamination or keratin recovery: which is better?
Lamination involves only the outer layer of the rod, giving
he is smooth and shiny. A keratin low molecular weight
penetrates the hair, eliminating the cause of damage.

Lamination is used to improve the appearance
normal or dry hair, or as anchoring
result after a course of rehabilitation procedures.

Repairing damage to hair with keratin –
A highly effective procedure that returns beauty, brilliance and
health hairstyle.

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