Keratin hair restoration: the pros and cons, subtleties of the procedure.

Taking care of your hair look takes a long time
so when modern technologies offer efficient,
safe, and, most importantly, a quick way to recovery, then why
nor try? Now keratinization is gaining popularity. what
is keratin hair restoration and what are its features?

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Keratin hair restoration is the enrichment of the structure
curls vital to their proper growth and healthy
states of substances and trace elements. Also optional
The bonus is the long lasting effect! Effect of
keratin hair restoration is presented in the photo:

The composition of the funds for the procedure keratin
hair restoration and straightening includes the following main

Substance Act
Keratin Curing, filling voids and smoothing scales
Squirrels Direct keratin inside the hair
Trace elements Nutrition and support
Formaldehyde Its presence guarantees the disclosure of keratin molecules, as well as
facilitates the rectification procedure. It is important that its concentration is not
exceeded 2%.

Important! Formaldehyde is a substance that causes
irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, larynx, and skin.
Excessive values ​​may lead to cancer

Means for keratin hair restoration

The content of the article:

  • Means for keratin hair restoration
  • Pros and cons of keratin hair restoration
  • Keratin hair restoration – what is this process?
  • Behavior after keratinization
  • The cost of keratin hair restoration.
  • Reviews of experts on keratin hair restoration.
  • Is it possible to do keratin treatment at home?

Many leading cosmetic companies produce lines
special means, as well as preparations for the further care of
hair For example, the Schwarzkopf Keratin Recovery series
hair includes safe formulations that guarantee
lasting effect up to 4 months. Distinctive feature
of these drugs is their mild action and minimal
formalin content!

Schwarzkopf Keratin Hair Restoration Among
Professional compositions can be distinguished Brazilian and Italian
brands. The variety and vastness of the series means different
Constant Delight for keratin hair restoration, among
which are delicate elixirs, biomuss, gels and more.

Constant Delight

From domestic means good enough reviews
enjoys a hair straightener Belarusian company Viteks, from
reviews should be that after washing the hair effect may disappear, but in
Overall there are pleasant impressions.

Brazilian keratin straightening

Pros and cons of keratin hair restoration

In favor of the procedure speak positive

However, with all the advantages of treatment, there is a downside.

  • There is a high risk of hair loss if the roots are weak.
  • Keratinization makes the curls heavier, so they do not have
  • Requires the use of specialized care products, not
    containing sulfates.

Due to the presence of deficiencies, many prefer more
sparing, but less effective procedures, for example, lamination.
What to choose, you decide – lamination hair or keratin
hair restoration – but perhaps worth it in advance
consult a trichologist.

Keratin hair restoration – what is this process?

The procedure for effective healing curls is to
phased implementation of several actions:

  1. Cleansing. | In the salon, before performing keratinization, hair
    thoroughly laundered and cleaned of dirt, care and masonry,
    sebum and dust.
  2. Treatment. | Medical keratin is applied to clean hair
    composition. After processing, they are dried by a hair dryer in a delicate
  3. Anchoring. | This stage is the longest and
    tedious. Each strand is processed by the iron warmed to
    230 degrees. Thus, the tool is literally soldered into the hair.
    and covers it evenly over the entire length. Depending on the density
    and the length of the hair can take 2-6 hours.

Knowing how keratin hair restoration is done, many
decided to do it yourself at home. it
Perhaps, especially since manufacturers offer a huge
assortment of household goods, not professional
destination. However, there is a danger that:

  • Application technology will be broken;
  • The concentration of the agent has been exceeded or is insufficient for
    high-quality keratinization;
  • There is a risk to burn hair with household irons and curling.

Important! If you want to really improve your hair,
trust the experts – choose a proven salon,
using high-quality professional tools!
(More on professional tools)

Behavior after keratinization

To maintain the duration of the effect and to make the whole process go
The following recommendations should be clearly followed:

  • Depending on the type of product used, do not wash
    and drench your head for 8 to 72 hours. It is necessary that
    keratin was able to gain a foothold inside;
  • Hair must be in a free state for the first 3 days.
    Give up hoops, elastics and pins for a while, do not refuel
    strand over the ears. Compliance with this rule will prevent education.
    creases and deformations of the ideal surface;
  • Refrain from staining for 2 weeks;
  • Do not use fixings for stacking. Keratin gives
    hair plasticity and obedience, so mousses, varnishes
    and foams are superfluous.

And most importantly, use sulfate-free shampoos for washing and
air conditioners! Conventional care products will quickly destroy the protective
film and wash the keratin from the hair. Application specialized
drugs significantly prolongs the effect of wellness

The cost of keratin hair restoration.

Salon keratinization is quite expensive, but it gives
guaranteed result for several months. In many ways the price
depends on the components used, the length and thickness of the hair,
prestige salon and demand of the master. Usually,
the cost of the service ranges from 5,000-18,000 rubles. Accurate
information on how much keratin hair restoration costs,
You can find in your chosen beauty salon. (Here you will learn
about the variety of salon procedures)

spa hair care

Reviews of experts on keratin hair restoration.

Experts do not express an unequivocal opinion about the harm or
the benefits of this procedure. Keratinization is indicated after chemical
curling or bleaching, it allows hair to return past
brilliance and strength.

doctors However, the regular use of keratin in this format
can weaken hair follicles and lose them
due to the constant weighting of the cover due to the
composition. It is recommended to consult with a salon before visiting
qualified trichologist. (Useful information about keratinization

Is it possible to do keratin treatment at home?

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