Keratin hair straightening at home conditions: “for” and “against”

keratin hair straightening

So women are arranged: owners of straight hair constantly
strive to make curls, twist them, curl, give volume, and
girls with curly hair gently envy the owners
even hair, spending a lot of money on all sorts of conditioners and
ironing If “curly sue” want straight hair, but do not want
suffer with a flat iron every day, Brazilian keratin straightening
hair at home to help them! What is it and is it possible
do it yourself, narrated in this article.

What is keratin straightening?

Before you expect from the procedure of magic, you must
figure out how it works. Keratin hair straightening
It is not only a “long-lasting iron”. First of all it
deep care for damaged curls. Our hair is 80%
from a protein called keratin. But he is no worse than others.
useful substances, therefore, has the property of leaching. Usually reason
this is a mechanical or chemical effect, that is, constant
drying by hair dryer, straightening ironing, painting, bleaching, curling
and so on. But even if you have never resorted to this
(I wonder if there are any?), the chlorinated water will gradually wash it.
The result is dry, dull and lifeless hair.

The composition of the means for the Brazilian straightening is almost
pure keratin. Imagine that this is a liquid form of hair in
a jar. Getting on the hair, he penetrates deep into the cuticle and
subcortical layer, and sealed inward under high temperature.
For this hairdressers use two types of irons. The first –
special, which straighten the root part of the hair. Highly
It is important that the undercoat (up to 1 cm long) is also “sealed.”
The second iron is normal, they straighten their hair along the entire length.
Straightening temperature should be no more and no less than 230ºС,
otherwise the keratin will not be fixed and you can
to count.

Hair care after straightening should be thorough. Not
it is recommended to pin them up or tie them up with a rubber band, however all
depends on the tools you used. Carefully
read the instructions and reviews, but it is best to consult
with a specialist. Wash your hair preferably only after 3-4 days. If a
care of the strands after the procedure will be quality, Brazilian
Keratin straightening lasts up to 4 months, and only then the hair
gradually acquires its original form.

Home or salon: where is the best procedure to do?

Knowing all the details of the procedure, many girls are wondering:
Is it possible to make straightening with keratin at home? By
Largely can be. However, should we then expect a result like
in the cabin, a controversial question. Reviews of professionals about
Self-administration of keratin is not very positive.

Galina Schneider, hairdresser-designer of the beauty salon “Emmebi”:

“Those who wish to do this procedure at home should understand
that it is so complex in performance technology that it can
perform only professional. At home at best
the effect of Brazilian straightening you can reduce to zero, at worst –
hurt yourself. ”

The first reason why girls want to do this
at home, it’s her cost. In the cabin, this service is expensive, and it
can be explained by the fact that the cost of the product is quite high.
It is mined in New Zealand, and its processing is also worth a lot
of money. You can buy a set of necessary tools in a specialized
the store, but do not expect that you give less for it,
rather than for the procedure itself in the cabin. Savings are different here:
The product you purchased will be enough for several applications.

If you still decide to do yourself
Keratin straightening, then look for someone who will help you with this.
If you wash your hair and apply the remedy, you will easily succeed without
third-party assistance, then carefully straighten the hair is not exactly
it will work out. You can also do with one ironing only, but only
if it warms up to 230ºС. If he has no such function,
then there will be no result. Before deciding to
Keratin hair straightening at home, weigh everything
“for” and “against” so that the money spent is not thrown on

Step by step instructions keratin straightening

For the home straightening procedure, you will need:

  • a special set of products: shampoos, cream and serum (good
    Cocochoco products are considered);
  • hair dryer;
  • iron;
  • comb with fine teeth;
  • hairpins and hair clippers.

The procedure can be divided into several stages.

  1. Wash your head well first. Shampoos must contain
    keratin. Then do not completely dry the hair naturally. Hair dryer
    not recommended at this stage.
  2. Divide hair into 3-4 equal parts. Separating small strands,
    process each keratin carefully. It is impossible
    miss strands or save money, because ultimately
    raw hair will stand out noticeably
    the rest.
  3. Secure the hair on the back of the head and cover it with polyethylene, and over
    wrap with a towel. Wait 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse off is not necessary! Having kept it on the hair for half an hour,
    proceed to straightening. Every order must be carefully
    process from root to tip at least 10 times. Don’t be scared
    when during use the hair ironing will release steam.
    If at the previous stages you did everything right, there is no worry

This is the end of the straightening procedure and care begins.
for hair. It depends on him how long the hair will be straight, not
getting the old look.

Recently, the increasing popularity of gaining procedure
lamination hair gelatin. But do not equate it to
Brazilian straightening. In essence, gelatin is the same protein
and it certainly won’t hurt your hair. From hair treatment
gelatin does not need to expect the same effect as keratin.
The first is a mask that promotes hair restoration, and
the second is an expensive procedure, the result of which is clearly visible
after the first application. Gelatin can be significantly improved not very
damaged strand structure.

Frequently asked questions

Keratin hair straightening procedure is shrouded in many myths,
who came up with the girls themselves. Let’s try to figure out what can
what professionals do recommend to avoid those who
I tried the Brazilian straightening on my own hair.

Read reviews and saw the opinion that keratin is capable
spoil the hair structure. Is it really?

Yes maybe. But the reason is not in the composition of the product, but in the human
factor. If the hairdresser decided to save on you and processed the strands
through one, and then carefully walked through them with an ironing, then you can
guess what the result will be. It is also possible that
You decided to save money and purchased a tool of dubious quality.
Remember that keratin a priori can not be cheap. And if after
such an application simply does not see the result, then consider that you
very lucky.

Is it true that keratin hair straightening should be done
constantly, otherwise the hair will be worse than it was before

reviews of keratin straighteningMost customers
decide on such a procedure precisely because the hair is lost
healthy look. After applying keratin, their condition improves in
dozens of times, so when it is gradually washed out and hair
acquire the same shape, for many such a difference becomes
catastrophic. And you just need to see the photos before and
once again make sure that such hair was originally.

Can I wash my hair with regular shampoo? There are reviews of
you need to use only special

Truth be told, hair doesn’t care much what shampoo you are
use – for 100 rubles or 5 thousand. The main thing is that he does not
contained sulfates. But leaving after the procedure involves
use of funds with keratin, but they are already not worth a penny.

If you do not want to re-do the Brazilian keratin
hair straightening, will the grown roots be visible?

Remember that straightening is not chemistry and not coloring. With
In time, he will simply wash off his hair. Repeat if care
hair will be thorough, then the changes will manifest very

Can I curl my hair after the procedure?

Once again, keratin is not chemistry. you calm
You can curl your hair with a curler, curling iron or something else. But there is
one “but”. If you go out with this hair in wet weather,
the effect will last very little. That is, if the procedure is wet
the weather acted like hair curlers on your hair, then after it everything
exactly the opposite.

Can I dye my hair after the procedure?

You can, just another question: why do you need it? Spending a bunch
money to restore them, you also pay for their
The state returned to the former. To dye your hair or not – only
Your choice.

Reading the reviews, I stumbled upon the opinion that after
keratin hair straightening they fall out. Such

Of course, only keratin has nothing to do with it. It is not applied on
the scalp, and the hair, so the blood can not get, but
it means that it is also impossible to influence the organism somehow.
This product is a cosmetic product, the use of which gives
very good result. But at the same time it is not a medicine, therefore
in the same way as he will not be able to harm, cure your hair from
it will not work. In this case, a special place is taken care

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