Keratin hair straightening: the pros and cons, hair care after the procedure

Keratin hair straightening is an extremely popular procedure among
women of all ages. In this article we will understand all
the intricacies of this hair straightening operation, pay attention
that there is also a keratin recovery procedure
hair, they are somewhat different and have their own characteristics and

What is keratin hair straightening?

The content of the article:

  • What is keratin hair straightening?
  • What is the procedure for, the essence of keratin straightening
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Keratin straightening on different types of hair
  • Pros and cons, benefits and harm of the procedure
  • Types of keratin hair straightening
  • Hair after keratin straightening, Photo BEFORE and AFTER
  • How to prepare hair for keratin straightening
  • How is keratin hair straightening done
  • How to make keratin hair straightening step by step at home
  • TOP 5 best tools (sets) for keratin straightening
  • How to care for hair after keratin straightening?
  • Myths about keratin hair straightening
  • Reviews
  • Prices
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Conclusion

You can do the procedure for keratin straightening today in
absolutely any beauty salon. The technology has long been tested,
Therefore, the master should not have problems in carrying
hair surgery. In addition, manufacturers offer funds
in various price categories that allows you to do this
procedure available for each.

The essence of this procedure is that during its
carrying curls get both care and become
straight. Components of keratin composition saturate hair with liquid
protein, as well as a number of other nutrients (for example,
vitamins), resulting in even the most naughty mane
it becomes smooth and silky.

This procedure is not permanent and is temporary.
character. Liquid keratin penetrates the hair structure, thereby
filling in damaged areas and sealing them. Last effect
is achieved due to the use of high temperatures, under
exposure to which the substance is folded and modified in
elastic protective sheath.

Important Keratin straightening done on dry
damaged and brittle hair.

What is the procedure for, the essence of keratin straightening

The procedure is necessary to make the hair smooth and
silky Having done keratin straightening, you greatly
ease your daily hair care routine. They
will no longer be confused after washing, will acquire a noticeable shine.

Also, you no longer need to use curling, because
hair will be straight without rendering extra
mechanical impact.

Another plus: damaged hair will look more
healthy, the split ends will disappear for a while.

Indications and contraindications

Keratin straightening, like any other procedure,
has a chemical effect on the hair, has its own range
indications and contraindications.

Recommended procedure for girls with curly long and
thick hair that is difficult to style, and
for those who want to add smoothness and shine to their hair,
get rid of fluffiness.

Contraindications include:

  • The presence of diseases of the scalp (the decision on the procedure
    taken during consultation with a specialist).
  • Allergic reaction to one of the components of the solution.
  • Hair loss.
  • Asthmatic bronchial diseases.
  • Pre-cancerous conditions and chemotherapy.

Is it possible to do the procedure during pregnancy and

Do this procedure for women who are in position
and also during lactation, is not recommended. Blame
the formaldehyde contained in the straightening solution, which
can harm both the fetus and the milk intended for
feeding the newborn.

Keratin straightening on different types of hair

Depending on the type and structure of yours, keratinization can
behave differently on your curls. Below we detail
Consider how the procedure affects different types of hair.

  • On thin hair | – keratin straightening is not
    advised to do girls with thin hair. Visually given
    the procedure will further thin the curls, due to the loss of significant
    parts of the volume.
  • On sparse (liquid) hair | – in this case
    The situation is similar to thin hair. Operation
    Keratinization removes fluffy hair. Due to this, their number
    seems less. Therefore, girls with liquid hair are better.
    abandon this type of effects on curls.
  • On curly | – if you have
    curly or curly hair | you want to make it straight and
    smooth, then this procedure is simply necessary for you. Thanks to her
    exposed for several months | your hair will be
    absolutely direct, without the participation of ironing and additional funds for
  • On the tapers | –
    keratinization of hair extensions is quite a laborious process,
    which is only by an experienced specialist. This is due to the fact
    that synthetic hair does not tolerate exposure to high
    temperatures, with the obligatory use of the iron for sealing
    composition. The best result can be achieved if for artificial
    and natural strands the hairdresser will use different formulations.
    It should also be noted that the enrichment of this substance is not
    it is recommended to carry out at tape hair extensions.
  • Streaked | – to carry out
    keratinized hair is recommended by many
    specialists, since this procedure will not only give them
    smoothness and shine, but also produce a healing effect, which
    It will not be superfluous after using bleaching
  • On bleached | – hair,
    discolored, often in disrepair
    condition. Therefore, the enrichment of keratin for them right
    shown. During the procedure, the hair will receive keratin treatment, which
    make them look healthier as well as prevent the appearance
    cut ends.
  • After perm | –
    if you have a failed perm that you want
    getting rid then keratin straightening will help you in
    by this. It is the exact opposite of the perm process.
    Keratin will not only make the hair smooth and straight, but also
    will have a healing effect on the damaged hair
    composition of chemistry.
  • On dyed hair | –
    keratin definitely won’t hurt colored hair. Paint components
    have a negative effect on curls, resulting in
    hair depletion and damage occurs. Keratinizing same
    fill the voids and return the hair the most healthy look.
  • On bleached hair || – in
    Unlike chemical straightening, keratin is great
    bleached hair, soldered damaged by a brightening compound
    structure and giving the curls a smooth and healthy glow.

Pros and cons, benefits and harm of the procedure

The procedure for keratin straightening has a number of pros and cons.
Let’s get acquainted with them in more detail.


  • Glossy effect that allows you to get hair like in
    advertising shampoo.
  • Hair easier to comb, this item is especially relevant for
    those for whom the comb is a real tool of medieval torture.
  • The strength of the curls, thanks to the makeup of the hair with keratin.
  • Reducing the likelihood of split ends, because
    the strand after the procedure is completely saturated with protein.
  • Hair pushes more and does not electrify.
  • Keratin provides protection from harmful external factors
    for example, ultraviolet light.
  • Facilitates styling, as the hair looks good without
    use of additional funds.
  • Weather quality will no longer affect your hair.

This procedure also has a number of negative points:

  • The composition of the solution for keratin straightening includes
    formaldehyde, which tends to accumulate in the body
    person As a result, oncological
    diseases. Also, it is worth noting that the components included in
    straightening solution can provoke the client
    allergic reaction.
  • For three whole days you will have to give up taking a bath.
    Keratin straightening in the first days is destroyed under the influence of
    moisture. During this period, it is even undesirable to fall under the rain.
  • If your hair is naturally thick, the period of exposure
    keratin on them becomes less.
  • It is necessary to abandon beams and tails for a while in order not to
    prevent the formation of creases.
  • Will have to buy new hair care products in which
    does not contain silicones and parabens.
  • Hair will visually appear less voluminous.
  • In the first days after the procedure, the hair may appear
    greasy and dirty.
  • Keratin needs to be updated every three to four months, which can
    swipe the family budget.
  • Frequent straightening damages the hair structure, since this
    The procedure involves the use of high temperatures.

Does the procedure have a cumulative effect?

This procedure has a cumulative effect. To receive
and maintain absolute smoothness it should be repeated not
less than three times.

Does hair ruin?

Hair from keratinizing does not spoil at all. On the contrary
This operation belongs to the category of recovery, since
saturates hair useful to them with protein.

Types of keratin hair straightening

Today there are two main types of procedure –
Brazilian and American.

  1. Brazilian straightening is somewhat more efficient.
    than american. It allows you to immediately get the expected result.
    In addition, the solution contains extracts of Brazilian plants,
    which also serve to restore hair.
  2. However, the American equivalent can be called more
    sparing, since it does not contain a carcinogen. True worth
    the procedure of American straightening is much more expensive than its
    South American counterpart.

Hair after keratin straightening, Photo BEFORE and AFTER

The effect | which you get | depends on:

  • initial hair condition
  • from their length.

On short hair

Short hair is very often naughty. Therefore for
putting them in order is used keratinization. Thanks
procedure, the hair is better, easy to comb, beautiful

However, the minus may be the lack of volume and the “effect
izlennosti “, which is completely unsuitable for a number of fashion

On medium hair

Keratin is well suited for hair of medium length, since
gives them a mirror shine, straightens, and also prevents
the appearance of split ends.

Long hair

Probably every owner of long hair at least once
thought about this procedure. Long curls need
keratin, as the nutrients do not reach the tips.

Keratin, on the other hand, provides protein feed, which is at its best.
sense affects the health of hair. They get smooth,
shine, easy to comb and amenable to laying.

On hair with bangs

Many girls with wavy hair who decide to cut
bang, faced with the problem that it is very difficult
laid, because the iron periodically creates ugly bends.

Straightening with keratin,
which will tame even the most stubborn hair and make them lie
curls that girls envy from cosmetic advertising

How to prepare hair for keratin straightening

Before you begin the procedure keratin straightening is necessary
prepare your hair and scalp with the help of professional

To do this, wash your hair with deep cleaning shampoo. He will remove with
hair, all accumulated silicones, as well as the remains of styling
means. This will help keratin penetrate deeper into the structure.

Blitz questions and answers

  • Is it possible to paint before keratin straightening
    hair? – this is not recommended. As you know, when
    dyeing pigments dye penetrate the inside of the hair. Same principle
    action and keratin, i.e. ate you do the staining before
    keratinizing, there’s just no protein left in the strands
    places. | Therefore it is better to wait at least two weeks before
    start the recovery procedure. Otherwise, instead of
    luxurious manes risk getting uneven staining and full
    lack of gloss and smoothness.
  • Need to do on clean or dirty hair?
    – | This hair restoration operation is done exclusively on
    clean hair. First of all, you need to open the cuticle curl to
    Care components have penetrated into it. Otherwise, you are not
    feel absolutely no effect. Therefore, answering the question
    “Do I need to wash my hair before keratin straightening?” can give
    only positive answer. Wash should be shampooed.
    deep cleaning.
  • Is it possible to do keratin after botox?
    straightening? – | Keratin after Botox can only be done
    in four to five months. This is due to the fact that after the procedure
    Botox in no case can not use the irons with high
    temperature conditions. Because of this, they become thinner as well
    There is a possibility of a rash on the scalp and itching. TO
    In addition, there is a risk of over-testing the hair, which will result in you
    not a gorgeous mane, but slick, as if dirty hair.
  • After clarification? | – To carry out keratinization
    need fifteen to twenty days after clarification or
    highlighting. However, it is worth noting that in general this procedure
    will benefit bleached curls, as keratin will fill
    all areas damaged by the brightening emulsion.
  • After chemistry? – | if you have failed
    perm, then straightening with keratin is the best
    a way to get rid of hated curls. You can spend it already
    a few days after chemical exposure. Additional
    bonus: strengthening curls, giving them smoothness and shine.
    The only downside is that to give an absolute
    directness will require several procedures.

How is keratin hair straightening done

Technique of this procedure is quite simple. Master
puts on each strand a special solution, and then pulls them
heavily heated ironing. Under the influence of heat, the protein is completely
penetrates the hair structure, straightening it and providing healing

The operation is carried out in several stages:

  1. Preparatory – at this stage the master
    shampoo the hair several times for deep cleaning. Also
    it should be held for a few minutes so that the scales will open and
    took the protein inside the strands. Next, the hair is dried, however
    not until the end, but by about eighty percent, to curls
    remained slightly wet.
  2. Application of the composition – the composition should be applied to
    the entire length, starting from the nape. Retreat from the roots should be one
    centimeter. In difficult cases when the hair is very thick and strong
    curl, apply straightening solution can be on the root zone,
    but only a thin layer. After applying the drug, | hair should
    comb, spreading the composition over the entire length. Most funds
    should be applied to the tips. Withstand the composition is necessary in
    for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  3. Drying the hair dryer – after the master put
    the drug on the hair, they must be dried with cold air to
    complete drying. This will prevent the formation of harmful fumes and
    unpleasant smell.
  4. Straightening by the iron – at the last stage
    The specialist uses an iron to form keratin fibers.
    For sealing | hair, | temperature must be at least | 230

Tools and materials

To perform a straightening operation, you will need:

  • Professional iron for hair;
  • Deep cleaning shampoo;
  • Hairbrush;
  • Preparations with keratin;
  • Hair clips;
  • Cape on the shoulders;
  • Disposable gloves.

How long does the procedure take?

On average, the whole procedure will take you two or three
hours Of them:

  • about half an hour is spent on thorough washing and drying;
  • twenty to thirty minutes to hold the composition on the hair;
  • the rest of the time the master spends on work with the iron to
    solder the protein inside the hair follicles.

How much is holding up?

The duration of the effect of the procedure depends on the state
client’s hair.

If the hair is healthy, unclarified, curl is not too strong,
then straightening with keratin can work up to
half a year.

On damaged hair it remains for
three to four months.

! Important Also for the duration of the procedure strongly
affects daily care. With a properly performed routine, you can
enjoy straight hair up to seven or eight months.

How often can you do?

The procedure must be repeated every time you start.
notice that the effect disappears. It is worth noting that the protein
tends to accumulate in the hair, so the more often you
will do, the longer the result will hold.

How to make keratin hair straightening step by step at home

We offer you a step-by-step instruction on how to do keratinization.
do-it-yourself houses:

  • Wash your head twice with deep cleaned shampoo (buy it
    can be in any professional store for hairdressers). it
    action is necessary in order to rid the hair of residues
    the laying and looking after means.
  • Dry the hair with cold air using a hair dryer to lightly
    wet state.
  • Comb the curls, then divide them into strands and secure when
    help clamps.
  • Squeeze the medium into a non-metallic bowl. Alternately apply
    drug on each strand, evenly distributing it throughout
  • Leave a keratin mask for about half an hour to give her
    soak up
  • Dry the hair until it is completely dry.
  • Straighten strands with the help of an ironing, setting on it
    maximum temperature. Each strand must be processed
    seven to ten times.
  • Comb strands.
  • Remember that after straightening you can not use rubber bands and
    wash your hair for three days.

Folk recipes

If you do not want to use professional tools for
hair straightening, you can use natural.

Apple vinegar

It must be diluted in a ratio of one to five, and then when
using a cotton swab to apply on lightly dried hair. Then
dry your head without using a hair dryer.

Apple Cider Vinegar Mask

  • To prepare, mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar with 2
    tablespoons of any vegetable oil and
    add one hundred milliliters of warm water.
  • Apply the resulting mixture for thirty to forty minutes, and then
    rinse with shampoo.
  • If you use this tool regularly for
    one month, your hair will become smooth and shiny.

Starch and honey

  • Mix two tablespoons of sour cream with a spoon of honey and one
  • Then add a tablespoon of starch and fifty to this mixture.
    milliliters of milk.
  • Heat the mixture slightly with a water bath,
    so that it is slightly thickened.
  • Do not create too high a temperature, as honey and yolk
    when overheated, they lose all their beneficial properties.
  • Put a mask on your hair, put a shower cap on top,
    warm slightly with a hairdryer and roll your head with a towel.
  • Wait forty minutes, then rinse the mixture from the head with
    shampoo care.

Mask with aloe

  • Stir two tablespoons of juice in a non-metallic container.
    aloe, 2 halves of lemon and four drops of essential oil
  • Apply the mask to clean, dry hair, wash it off.
    after fifteen minutes without using shampoo.

Gelatin straightening

  • Mix a glass of warm water with one teaspoon of gelatin and tea.
    spoon apple cider vinegar.
  • Add a few drops of jasmine essential oil to the mix,
    rosemary and sage.
  • The mask should be applied to pre-washed wet hair.
  • Fifteen minutes later wash it off with plenty of warm
  • Dry naturally.

What is needed iron for keratin hair straightening?

A iron that can be used for keratinizing before
all, should be powerful enough. The minimum temperature at
which is the sealing process – 230 degrees. Plate must
fit tightly to each other. As for the material, it should
give preference to models made from tourmaline, titanium or
ceramics, as they least harm the hair.

Hairbrush for keratin hair straightening

To facilitate the procedure will help a special comb,
which consists of two fastened parts. She holds tight and
fixes the strand, with it evenly distributes and combing
hair, which makes it easy to align them with an iron or
dry with a hair dryer.

TOP 5 best tools (sets) for keratin straightening

Today, manufacturers offer many different sets,
which differ in both price and constituent

Choose the best tools that meet all standards was
not easy, however we offer you a list of the best kits for
carrying out the procedure.

  1. Cocochoco (Coco Choco)
  2. Honma Tokyo (Honma Tokyo)
  3. Estel (Estelle)
  4. Greymy professional
  5. Brazilian blowout (Brasilian bloout)

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full list of professional
means for keratin straightening.

How to care for hair after keratin straightening?

Here are some useful tips:

  • First of all, you need to change care products. ABOUT
    the best brands that offer suitable shampoos we will talk
  • Hair masks should be applied only after two to four
    weeks after the procedure. Choose those in which
    Keratin is included. Masks should be used once or twice a week.
    Preference should be given to professional brands. remember, that
    they are not recommended to be applied on the roots and scalp in order not to
    provoke dandruff and loss of volume.
  • Get a protective spray, which includes protein.
    Apply it before going out and diving in chlorinated
    water. He can extend the validity of the procedure.
  • In the first days do not in any way wet your head.
  • It is also not recommended to visit the bath or sauna during the first
    two months, as a humid hot environment contributes to the rapid
    washing out protein from the hair.
  • Avoid the use of hard rubber bands, use fashionable
    Now springs that do not hurt the hair so much. Sleep on
    silk or satin pillowcase.

Read more about how to care for hair after keratin

When and what to wash your hair after keratin straightening

You can wash your hair three days after the straightening operation.
Shampoo should be used without sulfate, which includes
also no sodium chloride. Lathering should be as careful as possible.
paying close attention exclusively to the roots. Water should be
warm but not too hot.

To narrow down your search for the necessary shampoo, we offer you
top four

TOP 4 best shampoos

  • Natura Siberica (Siberian nature)
  • Kapous
  • Estel (Estelle)
  • Cocochoco

Best haircut after keratin straightening

Prefer haircuts that look best on
smooth hair. This may be, for example, a variety of caret.

Asymmetric haircuts will also look good. But
“ragged” should be avoided, as on straightened hair, they
will look slick.

Blitz questions and answers for hair care after
keratin straightening

  • How best to dry? – | Drying strands can be as
    in a natural way, and with the help of a hair dryer. Do it better on
    cold mode, because it turns out to be less
    negative impact on curls.
  • What care products can still be
    use? | – As already known, keratin straightening
    nourishes hair with protein, as sulphates wash protein out of strands –
    Sulfate free masks are a great solution for your hair care.
    You can find masks among brands of organic cosmetics, and
    among professional tools. Their advantage is that in their
    The composition includes only natural ingredients. It should be used
    once or twice a week.
  • How to style your hair after the procedure? – | Not
    overuse styling products using a hair dryer and
    ironing. Especially carefully you need to refers to the latter. Curls
    It is better to do the old-fashioned way – with the help of soft curlers.
  • What are the alternatives to keratin
    straightening? – | The main alternative is
    lamination, which is also able to give hair smoothness. AT
    some beauty salons can offer you to do chemical
    straightening, which, however, is outdated and badly spoils
    hair structure.

Myths about keratin hair straightening

This operation is associated with a number of myths, below we
We give the most popular ones.

  • This procedure is necessary for owners of curly and curly hair only.
  • Keratinizing harms the hair.
  • It is not necessary to use the entire system, all you need is enough
    one remedy with keratin.
  • You can not style your hair after surgery.
  • All keratinizing systems are exactly the same.
  • You can completely lose your hair.


A few reviews from popular
resources |, |


Your attention to the price of the procedure in the Moscow beauty salons,
information taken from the portal

Frequently asked Questions

Below we look at the most common questions that
associated with the conduct of this procedure.

Why after keratin hair straightening

The reason for this may be your individual reaction or
severe damage to the hair follicle. In the latter case
the procedure should be repeated again. Also the cause may be
poor quality composition or violation of the process.

How does amino acid recovery differ from
keratin straightening?

These procedures are identical, the difference is only in the brand.
Amino Acid Recovery available under the Brazillian brand.

Is it possible to do staining and keratin straightening in
one day?

It is impossible. During keratinizing hairs appear
a shell that prevents the pigments from getting inside
hair. As a result, you get staining stains.

Why after keratin hair straightening

If this is observed for one or two days, then this
completely normal reaction. If, however, oily hair is not passed
after the first wash, the reason lies in the wrong technique
craftsmen who put too much makeup on your strands.

Why after keratin hair straightening

The reason may be in the individual hair reaction or
improper work of a specialist in a beauty salon. Also your curls
may be so badly damaged that they will need another
procedure for obtaining the desired effect.

What is the best bixiplast or keratin

Bixiplasty is the next generation in technology
hair straightening. It does not contain formaldehyde, and as
the main active ingredient of the fruit of the Orellana fruit. It moisturizes
curls, gives them softness and smoothness. However, it is worth such
surgery is more expensive than keratinization.

What is the difference between Botox and keratin

During the Botox procedure, the applied solution acts on
shag from the inside, penetrating into its structure. In this way,
strengthening and full restoration of damaged scales occurs.
However, it is worth noting that this does not happen immediately and repeat
the procedure may have to be two or three times.

For Botox solutions are used, where the main ingredient
is a more stable vegetable protein formula. Thanks
this element hair becomes elastic and resilient. Besides
In addition, there are no formaldehydes in Botox that can harm

What is preferred? If your main goal is treatment
hair then choose botox. In addition, it is much cheaper. Behind
treatment with botulinum toxin you pay from two to five thousand rubles. BUT
Here keratinization will cost much more – from seven to
fifteen thousand. But if you want to pacify a naughty mane,
it is still better to give preference to keratin straightening.

What is the difference keratin recovery from
keratin straightening?

Keratin recovery performs exclusively caring
function without affecting the hair structure. If your goal
just healthy and shiny hair, it is better to give preference
exactly this procedure. If for you the main task is
have straight and smooth hair, then without straightening will not succeed
get along.

Which is better nanoplasty or keratin

Nanoplasty is a type of keratin
straightening. Two procedures differ in their compositions. Among
nanoplastic components are present exclusively natural
Ingredients. However, it keeps less: up to four months with
proper care.

Is it possible to make keratin before the sea

It is possible, as the protein protects the hair from ultraviolet rays.
However, make sure that the chlorine does not fall on the curls
or sea salt water that promotes rapid leaching
an item.

Why after keratin straightening fall out

The causes of hair loss may be several. Consider the most
common ones are:

  • Unqualified master who made a mistake on one of
    straightening stages.
  • Saving salon on products. Probably used
    the cheapest and low-quality compound that may have been
  • The master saved the composition, so the hair, which is not enough
    keratin were burned and started falling out.
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
  • If you have thin and sparse hair, it is possible that the composition of their
    too heavy, and that was the cause of the fallout.

Is it possible to do keratin straightening with

This question is purely individual. Most women hold
hair care procedures are not related to menstrual
cycle. However, the hair of individual girls during menstruation
really not amenable to keratin straightening. This is due to
hormonal adjustment during this period. Therefore, if you have noticed
for your body like “tricks” earlier, then going to the salon
Beauty is worth shifting to another time.

Since how many years can you make keratin

Experts recommend this procedure, starting with
eighteen years old.

Is it possible to grow hair with keratin

Yes, keratinizing can help grow long hair.
This is due to the fact that protein fills the hair from the inside, which
prevents the appearance of split ends. So the hair
Look healthy over the entire length without scissors.

What is the difference between polished hair and keratin

These two treatments apply to completely different care.
head of hair. Hair polishing will be done with a special
a machine that makes hair smooth by removing
split ends.

How to sleep after keratin straightening

It is not recommended to go to bed with wet hair, pin up
their studs or braided in a braid for the night. Sleep best on
silk or satin pillowcase.

How to deal with the smell after keratin straightening

Whether the composition will smell, depends on the manufacturer. Some
companies offer products that are completely odorless.
Usually they belong to the premium segment. Others present
unpleasant odor, which, incidentally, quickly enough


Now you know how to make your hair even more beautiful.
Keratin straightening is a great procedure for those who want
look like in advertising shampoo.

A few hours and your hair will get a stunning shine and
smoothness, so do not be surprised by the increased amount
men’s compliments and women’s questions about
how to achieve such luxurious hair.

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