Keratin Home Straightening – Step by Step instruction, harm from the procedure

Keratinizing is an extremely popular procedure that
you can not only the master, but also do it yourself, also exist
keratin recovery procedure that nourishes and heals
hair. In this article we will look at how to make keratin
straightening at home, we give step-by-step instructions, and
also tell you about the care after the procedure.

What is keratin hair straightening, harm and benefit

The content of the article:

  • What is keratin hair straightening, harm and benefit
  • What are the differences in the procedure in the salon and at home?
  • How to make keratin hair straightening at home
  • Step-by-step procedure instructions / technique
  • The funds that you need
  • Professional tools at home, folk
  • Instruments
  • Hair care after home keratin straightening

Keratin straightening is necessary for those who want hair
were smooth and did not require constant styling with hot
ironing. However, this is not the only impact that the procedure
exerts on the hair.

So, if your hair is thin, easily confused and hard
combed, then keratinization will help to deal with this
a problem. Only an hour and a half and you can brag absolutely
straight and shiny hair all day long.

Keratin is a protein that has a special
strength. It is part of the hair cuticle, forming an external
horny layer. In other words, keratin can be called “liquid
hair “because the substance in the product
identical to what is in human hair.

It has a positive effect on the condition of the hair, nourishes moisturizes them,
protects against the negative effects of the external environment. According to scientists,
hair is ninety percent of keratin protein. but
keratinizing with all its virtues is not absolutely
harmless procedure.

Thanks to keratin weakened by constant styling and
staining hair in just one procedure will get healthy
shine. Even if the hair looks good visually, the portion
keratin they still can not hurt. However, it is important to keep an eye on
quality of the means used and to remember about safety
hair straightening surgery time.

IMPORTANT: purchase a rectifier
only proven suppliers, otherwise there is a chance instead of luxurious
heaps get bald spot on the nape.

According to the manufacturers, the effect of the procedure
keratinization can last up to six months. However, in many respects the term
The action of the composition depends on the initial condition of the hair. If they
porous and damaged, you may have to repeat the procedure
in a few months. However, it is worth noting that keratin
tends to accumulate in the hair, so handle strands with
each time will have less and less.

Strands after keratin straightening become
smooth and silky, they feel very soft to the touch. They are easy
comb even without the use of special tools
Self styling is greatly simplified.

The controversy surrounding keratin straightening procedures does not abate with
his very appearance.

What are the disadvantages of keratinizing? And are they all

  • This procedure is stressful for

This is partly a myth, because modern formulations do not have
negative impact on strands. On the contrary, their
recovery, which allows you to give even the most “dead”
Curls decent look. On the other hand, if the hair is thin and
rare, weighting associated with keratinization may result
to their loss.

  • Loss of volume

Much depends on the means. There are solutions on the market,
which provide smoothing hair without loss of volume. Still
One way to not lose root volume is not to apply the composition to
scalp, and retreat from the roots by two to three centimeters. However,
some don’t mind their haircut absolutely
smooth. This effect can be achieved by using
concentrate with strong rectifying properties and only in salon
conditions have a good specialist.

  • After keratin straightening hair quickly
    get dirty

It is a myth. If the procedure is carried out according to the specified
technology and using quality tools, hair,
on the contrary, they will keep a fresh look longer. According to reviews
most girls note that keratinization helped them
refuse daily washing of the head.

  • Formaldehyde

Most modern formulations do not have this
component or it is in low concentration which does not give
unpleasant smell. However, if you decide to perform the procedure in
time of pregnancy or lactation must be carefully
monitor the composition of the solution used.

IMPORTANT: whenever possible it is better to refuse at all
this period from keratin straightening, as there is
the likelihood of an unexpected allergic reaction to one of
substances that are included in the tool.

  • Heat burns hair.

If you put enough money on the strands, then a hot iron
they are not afraid. Keratin sealed inside the hair under the influence of
high temperatures, however this does not affect the quality at all

What are the differences in the procedure in the salon and at home?

The first keratin straightening began to offer beauty salons.
It was performed by experienced masters of rigorous technology. but
modern compositions are not difficult to use, so
The procedure can be done at home.

She will help those girls who want to smooth slightly
curly strands, as well as sate their hair and give it to her
beautiful shine. The procedure is shown to those who often do.
highlighting or staining, as well as after conducting a chemical
Curls, which severely injure hair.

IMPORTANT: if you have ethnic type hair that
strongly curl, then you can deal with them only in the salon

When processing the original composition of the hair filled with it,
filling up the tears in the cuticle and restoring the hair structure.
Each hair is enveloped in a protective compound, so it is smaller
affected by the environment and
mechanical impact, such as styling with a curling iron.

What are the differences between professional and home

  • Solutions used for the salon procedure
    stronger because they are designed to be used
    a professional familiar with technology and technology
    security. Kits for home keratinizing work on
    the principle of “do no harm.” Therefore, they only slightly smooth hairs and
    imbue them from within.
  • Salon straightening lasts up to five or six
    months, and with proper care even more. Homemade same
    straightening need to be updated every one and a half to two months.
  • The cost of the procedure varies greatly. In beauty salons you
    have to pay from ten thousand rubles for one session, and
    carrying keratin straightening at home you can cool
    to save. The cost of a set starts from one and a half thousand,
    and there will be enough solutions in it for five-seven applications.

How to make keratin hair straightening at home

Keratinization at home is quite capable of becoming
analogue for the salon procedure.

First of all, you need to purchase a rectifying compound. Price
varies from one and a half to forty thousand rubles. For home
use can stay on the budget option. Watch out for
shelf life of products, as well as their composition. If into it
formaldehyde is involved, then for home use such a set is not

IMPORTANT: do not buy “casting” from strangers
masters in groups in social networks. There is no guarantee that you
will sell the right product with a normal shelf life. Often instead
composition for keratin straightening in the funds for bottling
there is the simplest and cheapest mask, which you can buy in
any supermarket. Therefore in this case the saying “mean
pays twice “works one hundred percent.

Next, you need to prepare the hair for the procedure. For this
wash your hair with shampoo for deep cleaning. He can like
enter the set and be sold separately in a specialized
store for hairdressers.

After that proceed to the direct application of the composition.
It’s more convenient to do this with the help of another person.
means evenly covered all hair.

After thermal treatment do not wash your hair for
a few days. It is necessary that the composition is fixed inside.
Next, use only non-sulfate headwash.
Try to lather only the skin and roots, and the length of the hair, rinse

Step-by-step procedure instructions / technique

Below we provide detailed instructions using which you
be able to do keratin straightening at home.

  1. Wash your hair twice with deep shampoo.
    cleaning up. After that, dry your hair at eighty percent,
    after working with a hairdryer, they should remain slightly wet.
  2. Comb your hair and disassemble them into strands.
    Secure with plastic clips.
  3. Apply keratin to each strand,
    working it out carefully. Repeat this action with the entire mop.
    Do not save the composition, distribute it through the hair in the right
  4. Wait for about half an hour so that the mask soaks into the hair.
    Then dry the curls with a blow dryer.
    cold air.
  5. Strands alternately pull the iron
    setting it to a temperature of 230 degrees. For each order
    need to walk a few times so that keratin is well imprinted
    in the hair structure.
  6. Gently comb your hair.
  7. After the procedure for two days can not
    use clips and hair ties so as not to
    creases formed. You can wash your hair on the third day.
    after keratinization. Until that time,
    It is recommended to visit the bath or sauna, as well as get under

The funds that you need

In order to make keratin straightening you will need
a number of special tools.

These include:

  • Shampoo for deep cleaning.

Removes residues of styling and care products and reveals
the hair cuticle, thereby allowing the squirrel to penetrate deeper into its
structure. You can buy this shampoo at the hairdressers.

  • Keratin composition

It can be either in pure form or with the addition of additional
components, such as oils or vitamins. They provide
additional nourishment and hydration of the hair, give it a noticeable

Professional tools at home, folk

Professional tools are mostly suitable for
home use, the main thing is to follow the instructions and technique
security. So do not be intimidated by the sets on which it stands
saloon mark only. Usually single
the difficulty that arises when working with these drugs –
the complexity of their purchase, as a number of rectifying products sold
exclusively in beauty salons.

In addition to the above means, you can adopt
special fixing serums and protective compounds. These
professional preparations will help make home care even more
effective and safe.

Keratin shampoo

Keratin shampoos contain a small percentage of this protein.
However, they quite successfully act as auxiliary and
supporting means. This type of shampoo is in the lines
many professional brands and, judging by the reviews, it helps
slightly pacify the naughty curls, make them smoother and

Folk cosmetology offers solutions that will allow
Enrich your hair with beneficial protein. We offer you a few
time-tested recipes.

Keratin mask recipes at home

  • Take two tablespoons of aloe juice and add five
    drops of rosemary essential oil and juice of half a lemon. Apply
    the resulting mixture on the hair and wash it in fifteen minutes
    cool water without shampoo.
  • Dissolve one tablespoon of gelatin in a glass of warm water.
    Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a few drops to the mixture.
    rosemary, jasmine and sage oils. Mix thoroughly and apply.
    on curls, retreating a few centimeters from the roots. Put on
    shower cap, warm your hair with a hair dryer and wrap a towel.
    After an hour, rinse with plenty of warm water.
    natural shampoo.


The tools that are needed for keratinization include:

  • Hair dryer – enough of your home appliance, the main thing that he
    had a mode of cold drying.
  • Spray – you can take the most ordinary spray,
    which is sold in any hardware store. He is needed for
    order to evenly distribute the keratin composition throughout
    hair length
  • Auxiliary products – hair clips, plastic
    keratin bowl, brush, sheeting on the shoulders,

What is needed iron for keratin straightening

An iron that is suitable for keratin straightening should
have a heat of 220-230 degrees, because at a lower temperature
keratin is not sealed. The coating must be either titanium or
tourmaline or ceramic.

What need a comb for keratin straightening

To perform the operation, you will need a heat-resistant
comb with clip. It will allow you to evenly apply the composition throughout
length. You can buy such a comb in hairdressing shops.

Hair care after home keratin straightening

For washing use shampoo, in which there is no sulfates. After
use a balm or mask (once or twice a week). Desirable
so that they include keratin. This will help support the term.
straightening action.

Buy a protective spray and spray it on the hair after each
washing hair. It will make them even softer and more radiant as well.
protects against high and low temperatures as well
ultraviolet rays, which strongly dried curls.

How long does keratin effect last

At home, the effect can last up to four
months. However, with each subsequent procedure, this period will be
increase as the hair will be sufficiently filled
protein they need.

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