Keratin Straightening Care – Helpful recommendations

Keratin straightening is very popular among
the fair sex. After this procedure, the hair
become shiny, soft and smooth. But in order to hair
retain their magnificent view as long as possible, they need
provide reasonable and permanent care.

Recommendations after keratin straightening

The content of the article:

  • Recommendations after keratin straightening
  • Shampoo after keratin straightening
  • Keratin hair straightening
  • Readers Frequently Asked Questions
  • Hair care videos after the procedure

The duration of the effect of chemical straightening is usually
varies from two months to six months. Term
depends on the experience of the master, the initial condition of the hair and
compliance with the rules of care.

What not to do after keratin straightening

During the first three days it is imperative to follow

  1. Any contact with moisture is prohibited.
    Getting out of the house in rainy weather or going to the pool can cost.
    gorgeous hair look. You should also refrain from washing.
    hair, if you need to take a bath, try
    do it in 10 minutes and do not forget to wear a hat.
  2. Do not use heating devices (hair dryer, curling iron,
  3. It is contraindicated to apply styling agents:
    gels, foams or varnishes.
  4. Do not touch the hair unnecessarily and do any
    hairstyles It is advisable to leave them loose

Important! In case of moisture on the hair,
dry them with a hairdryer and straighten them out with a draw.

Shampoo after keratin straightening

Curls can be washed only after three
days from the date of the procedure of straightening. Lather
you only need the roots, the tool will drain the entire length of the hair
and so the whole head of hair will be cleansed.

When choosing a shampoo for washing hair, remember that with
high probability normal shampoo for everyday use
you will not fit. Most shampoos are composed
sulphates or sodium chloride, and these substances lead to leaching
keratin from the hair structure.

You should pay attention to the shampoos, which included
drugs – sulfate substitutes: sulfosuccinate, sarcosinate,
acyl glutamate, lauryl glucoside, coco glucoside.

To the most popular manufacturers of sulfate-free shampoos

  • Natura Siberica;
  • Estel;
  • Alfaparf;
  • Lakme;
  • Organic Shop;
  • Kerastase.

Many brands of products used in the process
keratin straightening, produce professional washing
hair products. Preferring shampoo of the same brand, you
You can extend the effect of the procedure for a longer period.

Keratin hair care should also
include balm. It is distributed along the length of the curl (from the middle to
tips) after each wash and keep on hair for 1 – 2
minutes Should choose balms containing keratin, they
contribute to the extension of the effect of the procedure.

Keratin-rich balsams are presented in the following.

  • Kerastase;
  • Cocochoco;
  • Kapous.

A few weeks after the procedure, the hair
extra care is required. It is recommended to start applying
sulfate free masks containing keratin.

They are used for the needs of 1 – 2 times
a week

If professional care lines scare with their high price,
should pay attention to cooked from natural
products home remedies.

Kefir mask recipe

In a glass of kefir, add a few drops of burdock oil and
mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture to wet hair, close
hair is polyethylene and leave for 2 hours. Wash off the mask without
use shampoo.

Beer mask recipe

Combine a glass of light beer with chicken yolk and whip the mixture.
with a mixer Apply the mask to wet hair, wrap your head
towel and an hour later wash off the mixture with shampoo.

Keratin hair straightening

Wash off the rectifying composition can be using special
cosmetics and folk methods.


  1. Through the use of cosmetic washes for curls composition
    may wash off after several cleansing procedures.
  2. It is recommended to wash the curls with sulhotto-containing shampoos or
    means for deep cleaning hair.
  3. Hair lightening, highlighting or dyeing in blond for
    the first two weeks after the procedure contribute to the destruction
    keratin, and so it is quickly washed off the hair.
  4. The composition also disappears when using shampoos with the effect
    peeling or scrub.

Folk remedies

  1. To cleanse the hair of the composition, apply a mixture of honey and soda.
    Mix three tablespoons of soda, the same amount of honey and water in
    small capacity. Apply the mixture to your hair and wash it off like a shampoo.
    warm water.
  2. Tar soap is also considered an effective remedy. Wash hair
    This tool is recommended immediately after straightening.
  3. Assistant in the fight against keratin is a laundry soap.
    This tool should just wash your head often.
  4. Promotes the removal of the composition and saline. Dilute 5
    tablespoons in water, rinse the hair
    wait 10 minutes and rinse.

Readers Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best haircut to do after keratin

If you want to drastically change your hairstyle, then do
It is better before the straightening procedure. Minor change in length
hair should be carried out after chemical alignment, since
the straightening procedure is directed not at gluing the tips, but at
hair enrichment with keratin. Thanks to the haircut from the split ends
there will be no trace, and the hairstyle will become more well-groomed.

Can I comb my hair after keratin

Comb straightened hair with keratin
neatly, regularly and without haste, while the hair is supposed to be
dry. After the procedure, the hair becomes elastic, easy
served combing and do not get confused during the day.

Can I tint hair?

Hair tinting is a short-term procedure, as it is coloring
the pigment does not penetrate deep into the hair, it remains only on its
surface. Toning involves the imposition of a single color on top
of another (already existing), which means that about the cardinal
changing hair shade is out of the question. It is important to remember
that frequent use of tonics can dry out hair, therefore
it is necessary to periodically apply nourishing masks.

It is not recommended to use toning dyes to
keratinization, as under high temperatures
unstable pigment dye can change its shade.

Is it possible to lighten hair after keratin

Full wash, highlighting or strong brightening is not
recommended to be done earlier than three weeks after keratin
straightening. If you plan to lighten the hair before the procedure, this
must be done 3 months before hair straightening.

Important! If the Japanese method was used
keratinization, it is impossible to clarify the strands.

Can I cut my hair?

The limitations associated with cutting hair after keratin
straightening, no. Haircut can be done at any time convenient for you.

Can hair bleach?

You can bleach hair three weeks after the procedure.
however, it is worth remembering that intense bleaching is
harmful procedure for the hair, so after it the curls need
extra power.

Is it possible to increase hair?

Combining hair extensions with keratin straightening is possible.
An important nuance is in the composition, which is used when
keratin hair straightening. Thanks to him, hair becomes
smooth and therefore very important when working at the junction
between real and extended strands. In case of wrong
master’s actions, gluing can be broken, and later
artificial curls will fall off.

Is it possible to use the iron after keratin

After 72 hours from the time of the procedure, you can
feel free to use heating devices. Hair after the procedure
become heat resistant, so the iron can be used without
fearing for the health of their hair.

Can I dye my hair?

It is recommended to carry out coloring after two weeks from the moment
the implementation of the rectification procedure. As a result of keratinization
hair scales stick together tightly. And for coloring, on the contrary,
You need maximum disclosure of the hair structure. This is
the main conditions for penetration of the coloring pigment deep into

Within two weeks there is a partial washing off of the protective
the protein layer that keratin forms around each hair.
If you decide to apply paint earlier, it will bring no
effect, since the scales will still be closed.

An important detail in the process of dyeing hair is the choice
suitable means. You must carefully read the
paint composition, as some products contain extremely harmful
for hair substance. These include:

  • Lead acetate. This remedy is added to dark colors.
    shades. It has a negative effect on the brain and nervous
    the system.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. In high concentrations renders harmful
    effect on the body, disrupting the digestive and nervous
    system. Peroxide also contributes to the destruction of the structure.
  • Persulfates (sodium or potassium). Such substances often cause
    head cover irritation, itching and burning. Inhalation can damage
    lungs or cause the development of asthma.
  • P – phenylenediamine. The paint that contains it
    substance, not long held on the hair. High concentration
    negative effect on the lungs and kidneys.

In order to preserve the structure of hair and body health,
Preference is given to professional tools: semi-permanent
coloring compositions.

Can I use oils?

Supporting effect after keratin straightening have
various oils. Often use argan, shea butter, burdock and
sea ​​buckthorn They can be applied in natural form to clean wet.
hair or in the composition of masks made at home.

How to give hair volume?

After keratinizing, the volume of hair partially goes away. It happens
due to the weighting of the hair shaft, which is enriched with keratin during
procedure time.

To add hair volume, you must follow the following

  • First of all, you need to pay attention to the shampoo. is he
    must contain panthenol and hydrolyzed keratin. If skin
    scalp prone to fat – you should choose shampoos containing
    safe frothers.
  • It is imperative not to forget about the proper use of balms and
    masks for hair: when applying funds, retreat 5 – 10 cm.
  • Hair can be styled to create volume.
    bleed combs.
  • Try as little as possible to touch your hair.
  • In the next procedure, straighten hair ask the master
    apply keratin about 5 centimeters below hair growth.
    Thus, you save the basal volume and protect the most
    vulnerable part of the hair.

How to style your hair?

To achieve a salon-looking hair requires a minimum
laying: drying with the hair dryer and a hairbrush. The secret of a long effect
styling are special fixers for styling.

How to dry hair after keratin

An important rule of hair care after keratin straightening
is drying the hair with a hair dryer after each wash. When drying
long hair should be shaken so that they do not appear
devoid of volume. Since during currying it is applied to the curls
special composition hardening at high temperatures from
drying hair the hair becomes even smoother and

Natural drying often leads to unevenness and
waves. If the hair after straightening regularly dry naturally
way, the effect of the procedure will not last long.

After blow-drying with brushing, you can use a special
clamps for styling.

Can I use a hairdryer?

The hair dryer can be used permanently after three days.
after straightening.

Is it possible to curl hair after keratin

To curl straightened hair, you need to keep in mind the following
styling features:

  • The easiest way to curl your hair with a curling iron. Choose a device
    on which you can independently choose the desired temperature. For
    curling hair after keratinization temperature should not be
    less than 180 degrees.
  • Before curling, use styling tools, each strand.
    need to handle a special styling.
  • Hair should be clean and dry. Wash before the procedure.
    head sulphate free shampoo.
  • Prefer classic curling, complex and unusual
    hairstyles may not work on straightened hair.

Curl hair after keratin straightening is also possible with
using curlers. It is allowed to use devices of different
size, diameter and from different materials. Twist curlers need
only on clean, dry strands. It is also necessary to use
styling products (skins, mousses, gels) and keep the curlers
several hours. Treat the result with a strong varnish.

Hair care videos after the procedure

Proper hair care after keratin straightening
will provide a lasting effect from the procedure. In addition, you can
improve your curls and your hair will have
healthy and well-groomed appearance.

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