Keratins: a family of proteins on guard your beauty

keratin straighteningA lot of specialists are working today.
for the benefit of female beauty. Scientists are developing new technologies,
conduct experiments, examine trace elements, and all in order
to make women feel attractive. It is in these
purpose was developed procedure called keratin
hair restoration.

This technique today is one of the most
effective. Thanks to her hair become well-groomed, healthy
shine, become straight and no longer need styling. Result
lasts for four months, during which the hair
you can safely wash as many times as necessary.

Of course, you have to spend on this procedure.
a certain amount of time that will depend on the degree
damage to your hair. For example, hair exposed
discoloration or perm, to be processed
about four hours. Less than two damaged hair and two
hours Hair thickness will also play a role in the duration

Keratin hair straightening itself is safe for health
person And to achieve maximum effect, it is worth observing
just a few simple rules:

  • Do not wash your hair for three days after the procedure;
  • do not collect hair in a bun, tail or braids for three
  • wash your hair only with sulphate-free shampoo;
  • not to be painted within two weeks after straightening hair
  • repeat the procedure no earlier than three months.


This procedure can not only straighten your hair, but also
restore their damaged structure. After all, even if you think
that your hair is completely healthy, you can’t guess what
stress they experience daily. First of all, definitely
hair is subject to mechanical stress the moment you
do styling or just blow-dry your head. But this is far from
everything. Hats, frost in winter, sun in summer, lack
vitamins in the spring and autumn – all this makes your hair

Keratin hair straightening products consist of
natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the cuticle
hair. As a result, keratin protects your hair from negative
effects, creating a powerful barrier to ultraviolet
rays, smog, cigarette smoke and much more.


Today, visitors of beauty salons are offered a choice of two types.
procedures: Brazilian keratin straightening and American
convalescent straightening. Difference between these two kinds
is the presence or absence of formaldehyde. It is a carcinogen,
which can trigger the development of cancer.
But experts say that this substance is dangerous only for
the master himself, as he regularly encounters cosmetic
means, which include formaldehyde.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that it is considered safer
american keratin hair restoration as it passes
without formaldehyde. But in this regard, the effect of such
procedures will be less resistant, and the price is higher.


keratin straighteningThe first stage is cleansing. WITH
using special shampoos, the master cleanses your hair from
excess sebum, styling products and against possible dust.
As a result, at the first stage, the hair becomes more
susceptible to further keratin exposure.

The second stage is care. At this point, the barber evenly applies
on your hair is a special protein-keratin composition, retreating not
more than a centimeter from the roots. Means is selected depending on
your hair type. In the future, it is not washed off, and dried.
hair dryer

The last stage – straightening. To complete the wizard procedure
divides hair into small strands of about 2.5
centimeter. Using special “ironing”, heated to 230
degrees, a specialist straightens your hair.

The method of straightening at home

In order to try this revolutionary technique on yourself,
optional go to a beauty salon, you can make keratin
hair straightening at home. It will save a lot of time for those who are used to
Every morning, start with hair straightening. Also you will get rid of
split ends.

We have to admit that the price of this procedure in the cabin is sufficient.
great, so not every woman can afford it.
That is why resourceful women figured out how to make
keratin restoration at home. In this case
The result, of course, will be slightly less effective, since the composition and
The technology will be different from the salon.

You will need:

  • hair dryer;
  • “ironing”;
  • spray gun;
  • brushing;
  • and, of course, a keratin remedy.

To begin with, wash your hair, dry it with a towel and comb it.
Apply a spray on each individual curl,
which should immediately be combed with a fine-toothed comb. Sustained
means within 10-15 minutes, it is necessary to dry hair the hair dryer with
using the brushing and then straightening properly with irons.
The procedure ends with the application of keratin serum.

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