Kits and preparations for keratin straightening hair

Many girls dream of straight, absolutely smooth and brilliant
hair. This dream can become a reality with the help of keratin
hair straightening. In this article we will introduce you to the most
best tools that are used to perform this

What is keratin hair straightening?

The content of the article:

  • What is keratin hair straightening?
  • Straightening means: what are they?
  • Chemical straightening: the composition and use of funds
  • Tannoplasty – organic straightening that does not harm
  • How to choose the best means, the main selection criteria
  • Rating of professional products for keratin
  • For fine hair
  • The best keratin for weak hair
  • Keratin for curly strands
  • The best keratin for blond hair
  • Best budget keratin hair
  • On bleached hair
  • On the streaked hair
  • On dyed hair
  • Keratin Straightening Shampoos
  • Conclusion

Keratin straightening – a system that allows
Turning curly hair straight. Also this procedure
helps to improve your hair, make it stronger. Going on
This, thanks to the keratin contained in the preparation. Protein
penetrates the hair, filling its voids in its structure.

Then the master using the iron “seals” the keratin inside,
so you can not be afraid that the effect will disappear after the first wash
hair. On average, keratin straightening results are kept on
hair up to six months, and with proper care to seven or eight

Straightening means: what are they?

Manufacturers offer a huge amount of money, the task
which hair straightening. Among them are several

  • Saloon— at the heart of most salons
    hair straightener lies keratin. Depending on the
    additives and technologies of the procedure, you can select
    hair lamination, bio-smoothing, keratin straightening, and
    also all sorts of variations, which are based on the above
  • Mechanical— these include ironing,
    which can be as professional as allowing
    high temperatures and having a special coating as well
    homemade. The first smooth the hair, but with
    improper use they are more traumatic to the hair, and
    their use is not recommended on a permanent
  • Production – this type of funds
    includes various serums, shampoos, masks, balms,
    gels, styling products that promise to pacify the disobedient
    curls. They usually give a mild and short-term effect,
    which must be supported by mechanical action on the curls.
  • Folk – at home— online you can find
    many recipes promising to straighten hair with
    improvised means. In most of them the main ingredient
    is apple cider vinegar as well as honey. Of the benefits can be identified
    naturalness of these funds, as well as their general care
    properties. However, to get the effect, in its action similar to
    the result of keratin straightening in the cabin is impossible.
  • Chemical – about this method of straightening
    hair will be discussed below.

Chemical straightening: the composition and use of funds

The process of chemical straightening is inverse to the process of chemical
curling hair. A special composition is applied to the strands, then they
are fixed. This straightening belongs to the past generation
therefore not used as often. It hurts the hair so much
how it contains sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide and
ammonium thioglycolate – aggressive components that destroy

Due to sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) it occurs
maximum hair straightening. It destroys the outer shell
hair, and instead of keratin penetrates into its internal structure. AT
As a result, the hair becomes smooth and soft. because of
even the strongest
naughty curls.

A softer effect has another component – hydroxide
guanidine. It is a product of protein processing, so it’s not
destroys the upper keratin sheath of the hair. However have
this substance is minus: guanidine hydroxide is toxic and in contact with
on the skin can severely damage it.

Therefore, the masters who work with this composition should
Be extremely careful and do not forget about safety. After
procedures without fail must be applied moisturizing or
nourishing mask on curls.

The most gentle substance when carrying out chemical straightening
The hair is ammonium thioglycolate. He is
quite a powerful tool that can tame the most violent curls,
However, it does not destroy the hair cuticle. Its application requires
special skills from a specialist, as in the case of an incorrect
use, it can cause significant harm to health.

REFERENCE: due to the aggressiveness of the components that
are part of the means for chemical straightening, they are extremely not
advised to use on weak thin hair.

The chemical straightening procedure consists of several

  • To avoid burns and redness of the master in compulsory
    the order should lubricate the scalp with petroleum jelly or bold
  • The protective hair is applied on dry hair.
  • Then the master carefully combes his hair,
    separates them by strands and puts the reagent. Leave it on
    fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • After that, the composition is washed off with hair, hair is dried and
    smoothed using ironing with ceramic plates.
  • Next, the hairdresser applies a retainer to the strands, which should
    fix the result of straightening.
  • Ten minutes later, the retainer is washed off, the tool is applied
    restoring acid-base balance of curls. Thereafter
    hair is washed with shampoo and put on a regenerating mask.

REFERENCE: keeps chemical straightening from three
up to five months, depending on the structure and used

Tannoplasty – organic straightening that does not harm

Taninoplasty More masters are abandoning
outdated and overtly harmful keratin preparations for
straightening and switching to alternative, organic compounds.
Tannoplasty is an innovative tool that does not contain
caustic formaldehyde and its derivatives.

Even when heated, the master and his client will not
experience discomfort from smell. This is achieved by replacing
keratin on natural rectifier – tannin. It is organic
the substance is contained in the grape skin and leaves of chestnut and oak.
Read more about this new product in our article “Organic
hair straightening with tannins (tannoplasty). ”

How to choose the best means, the main selection criteria

Among the huge amount of funds that are offered for
keratin straightening procedure is difficult to choose
something one. However, there are a number of criteria that will help
choose a system that allows you to achieve the best results.
So what do you need to pay attention to?

First, buy a product from a trusted manufacturer in
specialty store. Unfortunately, now on the market for goods
For the beauty of hair there are many brands offering
useless and sometimes harmful to the hair of the head. Do not purchase
product in questionable online stores, even if the price of the system
Seems very attractive to you: famous brands often
faked, and the use of a surrogate can turn into not only
lost money, but also hair loss.

Secondly, pay attention to the shelf life of the funds.
Make sure that he is not interrupted. Use products
only with proper shelf life.

IMPORTANT: do not buy casting products for
hair straightening in groups in social networks. You can not
check the shelf life of this product and also be absolutely
sure that they sold you really the tool and not the mask
for hair from the nearest hypermarket.

Thirdly, it would not be superfluous to read the composition of the means. In him
there should be as many useful components as possible which, besides
a rectifying effect will also have a restorative

It is also important to understand that a good salon tool cannot
be cheap Therefore, if you are offered to buy the entire system by
price less than one thousand rubles, then most likely it is

Rating of professional products for keratin

To help you with the choice, we have prepared the TOP of the best
means for keratin hair straightening depending on the type
hair. Which of the products can be called the most

For fine hair


Innovative procedure of kuraplastiki, which not only gives
hair smoothness, but also works to restore them. Moisturizes
dry, thin and damaged hair makes it shiny and
silky. Prevents aging of hair, protects it from
manifestations of all sorts of external consequences, so
Good for a trip to the sea. You can achieve results
in just one procedure.

Cost: from 6000 rubles for a minimum set to 16000 for
complete set.

  • Bc original (Brazil)

The advantage of this composition is that it does not require aging,
therefore, clients do not have to spend several long hours in
barber chair. Keratin works in two directions:
wellness effect and hair straightening. Among active
components, in addition to protein, panthenol is present, which moisturizes
and nourishes the hair, prevents their fragility, as well as cocoa butter,
providing protection from external factors.

Cost: from 9,000 to 16,000 rubles per set, depending on
amounts of funds.

  • Rich keratin (Russia)

Organic complex keratin composition Keratin Rich has
near sustainable effects: leveling, water-holding,
conditioning, high protective barrier against water salts
and classical not qualitative shampoos, and also protection against
ultraviolet. Guaranteed economical consumption.

Shining gloss and smooth hair silkiness, which
provide silicon dimethicone, let you enchant
Hairdo in any weather. Dry brittle hairs will receive a long-awaited
feeding pantheic acid and keratin, restarting normal
the work of protein synthesis and amino acid metabolism. Pleasant scent will make
the procedure of straightening is pleasant for both the client and the master.

Cost: 6000 rubles for a set of tools.

  • Estel (Russia)

This procedure is more a procedure for the care of
hair than a straightener. It is recommended for
weak curls that require urgent restoration. After
The first procedure has a positive effect: they become more
smooth, silky, beautiful shine, to the touch seem more
dense. It is recommended to repeat the procedure for each
month to extend the effect of the result.

Cost: 1000 rubles.

  • Greymy Professional (Switzerland)

The composition of the drugs of this company includes a special substance –
nanokeratin, which, unlike its ordinary counterpart,
densely fill with themselves hair structure. Thanks to this you can
restore even the most damaged curls. The line includes
several products, some of which are recommended for use in
home conditions after surgery keratinization.

Cost: 20,000 for a full line of keratin preparations.

The best keratin for weak hair

  • Keratin evoque (USA)

American-made keratin is suitable for pushing,
weakened and damaged by external exposure to hair. Does not contain
in its composition formaldehyde dangerous to humans. Among
Components means a lot of useful oils and components that are not
not only produce moisturizing and nourishing effects, but also actively
struggling with aging hair.

Cost: 1500 rubles for a trial set and from 3000 for the full.

  • Trissola Solo (USA)

This keratin preserves hair volume and increases density.
hair, so even on weakened hair effect is obtained
chic mane. Small curls straighten already from the first procedure. BUT
recovery has a cumulative effect that can be saved
up to a year using the right care at home.

Cost: 20,000 rubles.

  • Brazillian blowout Original (USA)

Does not contain coarse chemicals and formaldehyde.
The result after the procedure keratin straightening and recovery
hair lasts from 3 to 6 months and has a cumulative effect.
The duration of the procedure keratin recovery Brasilian Bloaut
Lasts from 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the length and thickness of the hair).
The effect of smooth and shiny hair is guaranteed to remain at
subsequent visits to the pool, sauna, sea procedures, i.e.
does not limit the freedom of action even immediately after the procedure!
In addition, the cost of the procedure keratin straightening
Brazilian Blowout is economical due to low consumption
keratin due to its high concentration. Principle of application
Brazilian Blowout Keratin: “The Less, the Better!”

Cost: 30,000 rubles for the full system for straightening.


Keratins in the composition of the care carefully for the hair,
gives it shine. The effect is visible after the first procedure. Hair
instantly become smoother, shinier, easier to give

Cost: 40,000 rubles per liter of rectifying drug.

  • Bio Ionic (USA)

The basis of the drug components are only natural.
origin, the main ones are white henna and keratin.
They penetrate deep into the hair structure, fill it, make
smooth and elastic. The time of the procedure is only 45 minutes.
The effect of this operation lasts up to four months.

Cost: 11,000 rubles.

Keratin for curly strands

  • G-hair Keratin (Brazil)

Effectively straightens naughty curls of hair without leaving
even a hint of a wave. Smoothness lasts up to 5 months. Hair
stop scrolling in wet weather and get confused after washing
heads. Reduces unwanted haircut volume by 80-100%. Simplifies
daily styling. The complex flawlessly straightens and heals
damaged hair structure. G-Hair contains argan
oil, shea butter, glycerin and vegetable protein – keratin.
Components actively moisturize and vitaminize hair, returning
density and enhancing natural shine. After the procedure, the quality
hair is improving. Dull and brittle hair is transformed. Cuticle
the hair closes, which blocks the evaporation of beneficial components from
cortex. To prolong the effect of straight and smooth hair is not needed
sulfate-free shampoos.

Cost: 15,000 rubles.

  • Brasil Cacau (Brazil)

A distinctive feature of this complex is that
it can be used within two days after perm.
Nutritional components in keratin are not only straightened
curls, but also restore strands after aggressive action
on them a perm.

  • Trissola True (USA)

In this preparation, the percentage of formaldehyde is reduced,
therefore, it is less dangerous. It has a cumulative effect.
which lasts for three months. Lets get smooth and
shining hair just an hour and a half after the start of the

Cost: 20,000 rubles.


High-speed keratin, the main action of which is directed
on hair straightening. After the keratinization procedure, wash your hair
can be the next day. The effect lasts for
half a year.

Cost: from 1000 rubles for a trial set.

  • Inoar (Brazil)

It has a small expense. Great for straightening hair
Slavic type. It has a healing effect. Part
includes soy proteins (give elasticity), white clay (struggling with
brittleness and cross-section), Aragan oil (strengthens the strands, nourishes them
from the inside). As a result, the combination of these ingredients returns
curls density and eliminates damage due to
using styling products.

The best keratin for blond hair

  • Kerarganic One Step (USA)

Innovative system of rectification and recovery of all types.
hair, which contains a unique set of components for
strengthen disulfide bonds. The formula is developed on carefully
selected mixture of natural ingredients (more than 50): extracts
plants, fruits, seeds, roots and precious oils known
its life-giving properties. As part of not only natural
keratin, but also amino acids – so important for hair regeneration.
Black caviar extract, a complex of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids
Omega-3 and antioxidants allow with maximum efficiency
to achieve the result of a powerful rejuvenation, deep nutrition,
strengthen hair and give them vitality. Included
Bond-A-Plex strengthens, protects and repairs
internal hair connections at the cellular level.

Cost: 6000 rubles.

  • Cadiveu Acai Therapy (Brazil)

Ideal for dry and thin hair that is often
are subject to discoloration. Collagen is also included,
therefore, the procedure with these drugs is indicated for women over
twenty-five years old who want to continue to enjoy luxurious

Cost: 14,000 rubles.

  • Melaleuca Blond (Japan)

The system is shown to those who spoiled their hair with numerous
clarifications. During keratinization, recovery occurs.
strands over the entire length. The composition of the drugs includes many useful
ingredients. Tea tree oil prevents the appearance of sliced
all, facilitates the process of combing. Burty oil makes hairs
elastic. Aloe extract moisturizes and returns shine. Besides
This means the product contains a purple pigment that does not
allows discolored strands to turn yellow.

Cost: 5000 rubles.

  • Miami Bombshell (US)

Keratin of this brand was created specifically for blondes. is he
facilitates combing and styling. Included in his
composition cold pigments struggle with ugly yellowness, allowing
keep an ashy tint for a long time.

Cost: 4000 rubles.

  • Coffee premium all liss (Japan)

Straightens even the toughest and naughty hair. Does not contain
such a component as formaldehyde. Good for hair
ethnic type. Together with the straightening and has a caregiver
exposure, due to the oils in the composition of the drug.

Cost: from 2,000 to 20,000 thousand rubles, depending on

Best budget keratin hair

  • Cocochoco Original (Israel)

It has a coconut flavor. Good for all hair
types, including Slavic. Restores hair, makes it
smooth, silky and saturated over the entire length. Struggling with
broken ends. After this procedure, you can forget about
trip to the hairdresser for the next six months.

Cost: 8000 rubles.

  • BB Gloss ULTRA (Brazil)

Suitable for medium to strong curls. Remarkable is that
allows you to vary the intensity of straightening. To make
strands absolutely straight make a few extra broaches
hot ironing. Gives the hair a dazzling shine.

Cost: 14,000 rubles for a full set.

  • Keratin research Gold Label (USA)

Designed for straightening strongly curly and curly hair,
hard in its structure. Copes with curls,
gives hair shine, silkiness and incredible smoothness.
Contains such active ingredients as hydrolyzed keratin,
panthenol, collagen, amino acids and a whole complex of oils: oil
jojoba, argan, avocado, and grape oil for intense
protect hair from drying out, deep moisturizing and nutrition.
Perfectly restores hair structure, gives live and
natural shine. The effect of the procedure lasts up to 5 months.

Cost: 9000 rubles.


Copes with even the most complex curls. Keratin nourishes
the hair from the inside makes it shiny and denser. As a result
you can forget what the split ends are to the nearest
a couple of months.

Cost: 13,000 for a full set of funds.

  • Hair Cosmetics (Italy)

These drugs have a therapeutic effect on the hair. Right away
after the procedure, they get a lively look, become soft.
You will no longer have the problem of combing.
or difficulty laying. Just a few minutes and you will be ready
dazzle the surrounding radiance of their curls.

Cost: 1500 rubles.

On bleached hair

  • Salerm (Spain)

Helps to restore hair after a failed perm.
Treats damaged curls, filling them with life-giving protein. is he
provides a healthy look of hair, as well as density and smoothness
hair. This system can be used at home.
as it does not contain harmful components and is absolutely safe.

Cost: 3000 rubles.

  • Indola (Netherlands)

Does not weigh down hair, therefore well approaches for all types
curls. Strands after using the drug become smooth,
beautiful shimmer in the sun. Through the use of
ingredients of a new generation (microkeratin) penetrate deeper into
hair structure ensuring its full recovery from the roots
up to the tips.

Cost: 1500 rubles for a set of funds.

  • Сoffee premium (Japan)

Designed for tough hair that doesn’t easily
mechanical straightening. Provides long-term
styling, combining it with a health impact. Effect holds
up to five months, depending on the initial state

  • Loreal (France)

Smoothes strands, protects them from external negative
exposure, especially from ultraviolet rays. Makes it easier
combing makes hair tighter, due to which the volume of the mane
It seems much more. Suitable for home use

Cost: 3000 for a full line of funds.

  • Goldwell (Germany)

The new formula supports the effect of the Kerasilk Keratin procedure.
Treatment makes hair smooth and soft as silk. Creates new
keratin connections in the procedure process and maintains a new form
hair up to 5 months. Makes curly hair more docile.
Softens curls and smoothes hair structure, significantly
reduces the time required for daily installation. Safe in
use without release of harmful substances.

On the streaked hair

  • Constant Delight (Italy)

Fills hair with missing protein and restores
hydrobalance of dry, thin and brittle hair. Seals bleached and
bleached hair for softness and suppleness. Hair
become stronger, silky and resistant to external
negative factors (weather conditions and technical procedures).

Cost: 1000 rubles.

  • Alfaparf (Italy)

Gives hair revitalizing moisture. Keratin, which is part of
funds actively restores strands to the tips, turning
them in a smooth flowing canvas. Great for all types
shag, works effectively even in the most severe cases.

Cost: 11,000 rubles.

  • Kapous (Russia)

It activates the regenerative processes within each hair.
Gives strength and strength, which is necessary for everyone who wants to grow
yourself a gorgeous mane.

Cost: from 500 to 1500 rubles for one drug.

  • Hair company (Italy)

Instantly restore damaged hair. Keratin
extract provides intensive and deep care in combination
restoring oil Olio Ricostruzione. Makes combing easier
hair returns strength and shine to lifeless hair.
Restores hair from the inside, creating a protective layer around
hair, which prevents further aggressive effects.

Cost: 3000 per set of funds.


High-tech composition provides absolutely straight hair.
from the first attempt at keratinization. Saves them from exposure
aggressive environmental factors. The composition is absolutely safe,
therefore it can be used both in professional conditions and
alone at home. Suitable for damaged highlights

On dyed hair

  • Cativa keratin (Peru)

Kit for Brazilian hair straightening “Kativa” includes
shampoo for preparing hair for keratin straightening,
remedy for keratin straightening and hair restoration with
Argan oil firming keratin shampoo and firming
balm-conditioner with keratin for all hair types. Exclusive
the formula helps to nourish, restore, moisturize hair,
gives them a radiant shine that will not go unnoticed. System
perfectly straightens hair, removing unwanted volume and
fluffy characteristic of curly hair. Does not contain

Cost: 600 rubles.

  • Lissage (Russia)

Straightens the most naughty hair, while absolutely not
harming them. Lasting effect up to three months.

Cost: 1500 rubles.

  • Alpha gold (USA)

Containing alpha keratin, active formula fills
destroyed hair areas and triggers a recovery reaction
cortex and scaly layer. Argan, Shea and Palm Elaeis oils
help in regeneration, moisturize and envelop the hair

Unlike similar products, the line smells good and does not
includes formaldehyde. Hair alignment method
Alpha Gold products differ from their peers.
Distinctive feature and advantage consist in two step method
perform the procedure. The first stage is washing and drying. Second
stage involves applying the active compound and sealing
strands hairdressing iron.

Cost: 16,000 rubles.

  • Ollin (Russia)

It gives hair a dazzling shine and strength. In one procedure
copes even with the most complex curls. Use
The tools in the kit are very easy, so you can even handle it.
at home.

Cost: 1500 rubles.

  • HONMA Tokyo (Japan)

It works even in the most difficult cases. Procedure with
using this tool does not take much time.
Provides beautiful shine and smoothness of hair.

Cost: 5000 rubles.

Keratin Straightening Shampoos

A separate category of rectifying agents are shampoos. They
do not give a strong effect, but relatively inexpensive and easy to
application, which makes it possible to use them as
everyday care routine. Usually percentage
Keratin in such shampoos does not exceed ten.

The best cleansers can be found in Natura Siberika, Kapous
, Loreal, Estel.

Their price varies from 200 to 1500 rubles.


Now you know which remedies are best for
keratin straightening. If you have always dreamed of direct and
shiny hair, it is enough to choose a drug from the list,
suitable for your type of curls. Just a few hours and you
experience the full transformation!

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