Kuperoz: causes of occurrence and methods of struggle

The special beauty of the woman’s face is an even and gentle tone.
skin. Even the presence of fine wrinkles does not spoil the appearance as
spoil his pigment and depigmented spots after excessive
insolation, dilated vessels and congestive spots after acne.
The main task of a cosmetologist is the alignment of skin tone and
elimination of unwanted facial blemishes. However, not only the pigment
blemishes are a great barrier to beautiful and healthy skin. Grid
of the dilated vessels on the face is also a significant defect
skin. This defect is called couperose. Couperose is enough
an unpleasant skin disease that does not in itself represent
health hazard, but badly spoils the appearance of a person.


  • What is kuperoz
  • Causes of rosacea
  • Symptoms and symptoms of rosacea
  • Types of rosacea
  • Methods of treatment of rosacea
  • Folk remedies in the treatment of rosacea
  • Prevention of rosacea
  • Summarizing

What is kuperoz

Kuperoz is an extended network of capillaries, which are located
mainly on the face. In cosmetology vascular streaks
red is called couperosis, and in dermatology –
telangiectasia. The face affected by couperosis is dotted with a shallow
mesh of vascular “stars”, which are usually located on
nose and wings, cheeks and chin. Kuperoz most often
appears in people with light and sensitive skin. Visually he
manifested in the form of an expanded grid of small vessels, and on sensations
the appearance of rosacea is accompanied by inflammation and redness of the skin,
burning sensation, tingling, and itching. But most often couperose is not
brings its owner unpleasant or painful sensations.

Causes of rosacea

What are the causes of rosacea? At a young age wall
vessels are healthy and they expand when there is a need for
enhanced blood circulation, and constrict when the need
not. In this case, connective tissue exerts pressure on the vessels without
allowing them to remain in the expanded state. Over the years
the elasticity of connective tissue fibers and blood vessels decreases,
capillary walls become weakened. As a result, under
blood pressure vessels expand, become larger in size, and
they cannot return to their former state by remaining constantly
enlarged and becoming visible on the face. This state and
is kuperozy.


At the onset of the disease, vascular dilation is
temporary occurrence. Connective tissue fibers still contribute
vasoconstriction, but cope with it worse and worse. And so
the moment comes when they completely weaken and lose their
function, leaving forever on the face a capillary network of extended
asterisks. If couperosis affects a large area of ​​the face, then we have
deal with the so-called “spilled couperose”

Symptoms and symptoms of rosacea

When starting treatment for rosacea, we need to make sure that we are talking about
just about him. Its external signs are as follows.

  • on the face appear extensive areas of dilated nodules, from where
    branched vessels go;
  • characteristic localization of “stars” (on the nose and cheeks);
  • vessels have a bright burgundy color, which allows them to
    stand out from the background of healthy skin;
  • in the early stages of the disease, vascular “stars”
    occupy a small area, but without appropriate treatment,
    vascular network takes up an increasing part of the face.

After the diagnosis of couperosis, it is necessary to identify the cause
the emergence of this disease. Be sure to treat rosacea, and
Do not disguise this defect. In order to forever
get rid of rosacea, you should analyze the state of health
in general and lifestyle in particular. After all, most often the causes
diseases lie in the bad habits that we acquire
for years. It is necessary to understand why the walls of blood vessels suddenly weakened and lost.
elasticity. After all, kuperoz can be as hereditary
a disease as well as acquired. And maybe this skin defect
is the first bell in the development of more severe vascular

Types of rosacea

So, kuperoz happens:

  • congenital (hereditary);
  • acquired.

Congenital couperosis may be due to more serious
diseases such as:

  • Sturge-Weber disease (encephalotrigeminal angiomatosis),
    the disease is manifested by the appearance of tumors in the form of angiomas;
  • ataxia telangiectasia or Louis-Bar syndrome – rare
    neurodegenerative hereditary disease that
    causes severe disability.
  • Osler syndrome (Randyu disease – Osler – Weber) – a disease
    hereditary in which hemorrhagic
    (bleeding) telangiectasia;

In case of the above diseases, eliminate the couperosis on the face
is possible because the diseases themselves are very serious and not
give in to full recovery. In this case, use a lifetime
complex therapy to maintain the quality of life of the patient.
As for the rosacea on the face, one thing remains – to mask
affected areas with decorative cosmetics.

Acquired couperosis is easier to eliminate, it is treatable,
if you identify the causes of it. Usually acquired
kuperoz appears in the following cases:

  • with hereditary weakness of the vessel walls, which instantly
    expand and deform under the influence of various factors
    the environment (cold, heat, wind);
  • with pink acne on the face (rosacea);
  • with scleroderma, which causes defects and pathologies
    connective tissue;
  • with lupus erythematosus (immune disease affects
  • dermatomyositis, which is expressed vascular edema;
  • with ultraviolet abuse;
  • with venous insufficiency;
  • liver pathology (hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatosis);
  • with diseases of the endocrine system;
  • in case of malfunction of the hormonal system (during menopause,
    pregnancy, puberty;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • when smoking;
  • with unbalanced diet;
  • with hypertension;
  • with psycho – emotional instability, stress,
    nervousness, irritability, depression.

It is very difficult to identify the cause of couperosis.
For this you need to undergo a general medical examination and
visit narrow specialists. If a disease is detected
any organ or system, you first need to cure it, and
then take up couperose. If health is all right,
then it is worth revising the settled way of life.

Methods of treatment of rosacea

After diagnosing couperosis, a specialist can prescribe the following.

  1. Troxevasin. It is an ointment that contains rutin and
    vitamin C. This ointment is designed to strengthen the walls.
    vessels. External use of the ointment helps to increase
    the elasticity of blood vessels, reduces the permeability of the walls, prevents
    their fragility. Especially effective ointment in combination with tablets from
    couperose. But remember that pills are prescribed only when
    extensive skin lesions.
  2. Askorutin. The drug, which also includes
    ascorbic acid and vitamin P. These two drugs are
    effective means to strengthen the capillaries.
  3. Isoflavones. These natural substances that contain
    Some plants belong to the group of phytoestrogens: their structure
    similar to human estrogen. They remove toxic cells from cells.
    substances that accumulate in the vessels due to disturbance
    blood circulation.
  4. Adrenalin. This drug is often used to treat rosacea,
    as it is a part of various vasoconstrictor
    drugs that can be used to remove facial flushing.


Along with drug treatment, a cosmetologist may
assign the following procedures:

Chemical peel

Usually carry out chemical peels based on fruit acids.
This peel burns the top layer of the epidermis along with
damaged vessels. After some time, the cells successfully
renewed, the skin is regenerated, the vessels become elastic, and
their walls are strengthened. You can also spend glycolic, retinoic,
milk and other peelings. A peeling based on vegetable
papain and bromelain enzymes can give an unmatched

Laser therapy

Laser-based procedures are very popular and in demand.
the simple reason that they are absolutely painless, safe and
very effective for the treatment of rosacea on the face. In addition, laser
the procedure is able to solve the problem of spider veins any
difficulties. However, the laser only eliminates the effect, but does not eliminate
reason. In other words, the laser eliminates spider veins, but
does not treat capillaries. The procedure is very simple and takes time
A couple of minutes. The doctor directs the laser beam to the problem area,
vaporization of the fluid occurs in the cells and the vessels are soldered behind
several microseconds. After that, couperosis disappears.


To date, the method of photo rejuvenation is the most
effective and progressive. During the session, the light energy
stimulates the coagulation of blood vessels, because of what they go deep into the skin and
just disappear. If you combine procedures such as peeling and
photorejuvenation, the result will exceed all expectations. After
treatments need to use sunscreen with high
protection factor, make clay masks and tone up vessels
cold and hot compresses.

Face massage

In case of rosacea, a facial massage is advisable, but it should be done.
only by spanish technique. Conducting massage on this technique
only exposed to deep and strong effects
peripheral areas of the face, since that is where the zones are
devoid of tone. This massage strengthens the skin well and returns
tone sluggish muscles.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a very effective method in the fight against couperosis. The essence
the procedure is to administer under the skin
ozone-oxygen cocktail. This cocktail is able to improve
elasticity of vessels and their walls, as well as to eliminate their deformation
any complexity.

Sometimes a cosmetologist suggests ultrasonic cleaning.
individuals, but it is effective only in the initial stages of development
diseases. If the disease is started, ultrasonic cleaning is not
will bring positive results, and maybe harm.

Folk remedies in the treatment of rosacea

Folk remedies can be very effective in treating
rosacea, but in this case you should still consult with


You can use soft teas, tinctures and compresses for care
for sensitive skin that can relieve symptoms of rosacea. AT
the composition of the masks in any case should not be aggressive and
spicy ingredients that can cause skin irritation and
aggravation of symptoms of rosacea. The most effective are the following.
masks and herbs:

  1. Masks for the face based on potatoes and starch.
  2. Berry masks that whiten the skin of raspberry, sea buckthorn,
    strawberries, lingonberries.
  3. Herbal masks: yarrow, horsetail,
    calendula, chamomile, horse chestnut.
  4. Essential oils based on thyme, marjoram, rosemary, sage,
    lemon balm, oregano, walnut.
  5. Cosmetic ice based on medicinal herbs that is capable
    significantly reduce the manifestation of rosacea.

Prevention of rosacea

There are a number of factors that can only aggravate
development of rosacea. So, in order not to aggravate the development of the disease
A few simple rules should be remembered:

  • Do not take very hot baths, do not inhale and do not
    to visit baths and saunas;
  • aggressive scrubs and peels cannot be carried out at home
  • do not rub your face;
  • do not use masks and creams that promote enhanced
    blood circulation;
  • do not use creams and masks, which include
    menthol, mint, eucalyptus, aloe, clove and various fragrances;
  • do not carry out mechanical cleaning of the face;
  • not to do a massage brush;
  • do not eat spicy and spicy foods, and try not to
  • use special cosmetics for sensitive
  • use special lines of cosmetics
    intended for the treatment of rosacea.


Couperose is not a sentence. You can defeat it by system
approach to the problem, complex treatment, showing persistence and
perseverance. This problem is completely solved if you try
get rid of bad habits and redefine lifestyle as well
just set yourself a goal: get rid of rosacea forever.

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