Lace Spit French Waterfall

Spit French waterfallHave
girls have a desire to see light on their hair but
at the same time exquisite hairstyle that can be easily done
the most. One of these hairstyles is a waterfall braid.

Weaving braids waterfall is quite simple, it allows you to give
refinement and unusual along. With this hairstyle can
appear both on a date and evening reception, but for mature
women it does not fit. They have more to face high hairstyles that
give them solidity and emphasize their virtues.

Spit French waterfall got its name because of
flowing strands that flow down like a waterfall cascade. Well
and the French she, because it uses the technique of weaving
French braids, which are adjacent to the head. But there is one
feature, one of the strands comes out creating effect
flowing water.

Braid weaving lesson is very simple. As in all French braids,
you need to start weaving from the forehead.

Initially, three strands are separated: right, middle and left. Right
put on the middle, and the left is passed between them. Right strand
It turns out to be the lowest, and that is what needs to be released. Below
another strand is separated, instead of “abandoned”, and everything must be repeated
again. After each weave all bottom strands must be
released And so trudge to the desired length, after which the spit
intercepted by a rubber band. The remaining hair can be twisted, and it
will only add hairstyle refinement and non-triviality. WITH
her girlfriend becomes like a muse.

Exquisite innocence

This hairstyle may look like a wreath, or slant down
by hair. If you have the desire and time, you can braid the second row to
such a spit. Pull out a little
loops hair. You can diversify your hairstyle with a Greek dressing,
which have become relevant lately.

Brides very often order such a hairstyle for a wedding,
thus emphasizing innocence and innocence, because
previously only unmarried girls wore loose hair, and
family had to comb them in heavy hairstyles.

In addition to the French waterfall there are many more hairstyles,
which do not take much time and look beautiful. One of them
is spit-tow. It is convenient because it can be removed
bored bangs and give your image unobtrusive
attractiveness First you need to take a little higher frontal line
hair two thin (1 cm) strands of hair and twist them, then to
bottom add a new strand that clings to the forehead and again
twisted. And so continue to the desired length.

If you need to make a braid completely, then the ear hair is divided into
two parts, twisted, intertwined and fixed
rubber band. It turns out a beautiful “rope” effect.

For experiments on hair, you can invite a girlfriend or
relative, who themselves will gladly perform the role
hairdresser. But we must not forget that whatever hairstyle may be,
she must be in harmony with makeup and

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