Lactic Acid Face Peeling With Hilak Forte

All chemical peels, regardless of the depth of exposure
on the skin are the most effective non-surgical
method of cleansing and updating the skin, as well as
qualitative means of enhancing the process of exchange and regeneration
cellular level. Chemical Peeling Hilak Forte with lactic acid
is superficial and applies to home procedures, but it
does not reduce its effectiveness in matters of rehabilitation and
renewal of the skin of the face.

Khilak Fore is a well-known drug that
used to treat dysbiosis and gastrointestinal disorders. However in
This drug contains lactic acid, lactobacterium and
fatty acids that have a neutralizing effect on pathogens
microorganisms, and stimulating the regeneration of the mucous. Thanks
these properties, Hilak forte attracted the attention of cosmetologists who
began to make peels with Hilak forte.

For cosmetology, interest is caused by lactic acid, which
known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
properties. In addition, biosynthetic lactic acid
promotes deep hydration of the skin of the face and has
noticeable whitening effect. Therefore, peels with lactic acid
Included in the range of treatments for aging, lethargic,
pigmented skin.

Peeling Hilak Forte

Effective and safe chemical peel based
lactic acid

Features peeling lactic acid

Peeling based on lactic acid contained in the preparation
Hilak Forte, is considered in cosmetology the most delicate and gentle
method of cleansing the skin. Lactic alpha acid is also included in
the composition of the skin, and is a natural substance, therefore
Peeling with its use, as a rule, does not cause allergies.
The simplest variant of breast exfoliation is face masks from
sour cream, yogurt or kefir, which can be made at home
conditions at least every day.

Since the concentration of lactic acid in drops Hilak forte
small, then you can not peel with this drug
worrying about the consequences. The procedure is absolutely safe, except
only individual intolerance of the components can give
negative reaction. Due to the low concentration of acid
after exfoliation, it is not necessary to apply a neutralizing agent, and
the composition is easily washed off with ordinary water.

Facial skin renewal with this medicine –
a painless and effective way of dealing with such problems
like darkening and dry skin, micro-inflammation, acne. Dairy
acid has a soft and delicate effect on the epidermis,
although such a peel belongs to the category of chemical methods that
known for the aggressiveness of their impact.

Lactic acid peeling

Photo before and after peeling with lactic acid

How to do peeling procedure with Hilak Forte at home?

Peeling Hilak forte can be easily done at home. For
This skin needs to be prepared for exfoliation, clearing it from makeup and
dust with a special lotion, then rub your face
solution of alcohol or vodka, and dried.

After that, on dry skin with a cotton pad, massage
Apply the cleaning composition in motions: 5 drops of Hilak forte + spoon
regular cream or milk makeup remover. Apply peeling
need in the following sequence: forehead, cheeks, temples, neck, décolleté,
chin, nose, eye area. Removed part of the reverse
sequences. The mixture is aged on the skin of the face about 15
minutes, then washed off with water in large quantities.

Skin gives time to dry, then it needs to be moistened.
mask with seaweed or habitual care agent.
Such exfoliation does not cause discomfort during and after
procedures. Peeling Hilak forte does not dry the skin like others
acid cleansers.

At the same time it nourishes, moisturizes, tightens, soothes,
restores and brightens the skin, fighting pigmentation, acne,
enlarged pores, dull complexion, fine wrinkles. Besides
In addition, peeling with lactic acid is absolutely harmless, and it can
do it quite often – every 5-7 days.

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