Laennec – complex means returning youth

Modern technologies used in aesthetic medicine,
able to work wonders. They don’t just wipe the prints off their faces.
time, but affect the entire body, making it flowering and
healthier. At the moment, you can not only suspend the processes
causing aging of the body, but also stimulate their own
organism resources for renewal and regeneration. One of these
Innovative technology is Japanese development – “Laennec”


  • What is the drug “Laennek”?
  • What is part of the drug “Laennec”?
  • The mechanism of action of the drug
  • What can be improved with Laennec therapy?
  • Indications for use of the drug
  • Contraindications to the use of the drug
  • Method of administration
  • Are there any side effects and complications?
  • The result of facial rejuvenation drug “Laennec”

What is the drug “Laennek”?

The history of the drug Laennec began long ago and is associated with
tragic events. After the atomic bombing of hiroshima and
Nagasaki Japanese physicians needed an effective program
restoration of all organs and systems of the irradiated organism. So
One Japanese scientist was able to create and develop
an injectable drug that protects the functions of the liver and
improving her work. However, as often happens in science, the spectrum
The actions of this drug turned out to be much wider. Continuing
further research, Japanese scientists created
innovative universal drug “Laennec”, which is currently
the moment is released by one of the Japanese corporations.

Laennec - able to stimulate cell activity

Why the drug “Laennec” is a universal anti-aging
drug? First, the range of its action and application is not
limited only by cosmetology. It is used to treat and
recovery of many organs and systems. For this reason, he is actively
used in the complex rehabilitation therapy.

“Laennec” is able to stimulate the activity of cells, their
proliferation, which at the molecular level improves metabolic
processes in the skin, triggers endogenous factors that cause native
biorevitalization of the skin.

Also “Laennec” accelerates the healing of damaged skin,
returns the lost volumes and improves the complexion. The drug is active
used in dermatology for the treatment of eczema, acne,
allergies, hair loss, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and
age lentigo. It is also used after deep
dermabrasion and chemical peels for rehabilitation after
plastic surgery, in preparation for face reinforcement and
contour plastics.

What is part of the drug “Laennec”?

The preparation includes unique substances capable of
rejuvenate the skin, make it smooth and blooming. In this way,
components of the drug “Laennec” that are part of this
complex, are:

  • growth factors that are peptide substances
    able to enhance the growth and division of living cells, which increases
    synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid;
  • antioxidants that protect skin cells from free
    radicals and thereby slow down the aging process;
  • water soluble cytokines whose combination removes
    inflammatory processes, and strengthen the defenses
  • low molecular weight proteins and acids
    in cell metabolism;
  • organic acids, which are the main components
    metabolic energy conversion and display the level
    the functioning of mitochondria, fatty acid oxidation and
    carbohydrate exchanges;
  • vitamins PP, C, B1, B2, B3 D and trace elements that contribute
    vital processes in cells.

Biological addiction or psychological dependence
the drug “Laennec” does not cause, because it is not medicinal
remedy, and biologically active medicinal – prophylactic
means. This placental preparation can be safely combined with
drugs in the complex treatment of one or another

The mechanism of action of the drug

With the introduction of the drug into the skin occurs complex
effects on the body of all the above substances. As a result
blood circulation, cell metabolism improves, skin gets
enhanced nutrition, it regenerates faster, acquires a young
and fresh look. Placental preparations contain natural
Vitamin shake from proteins, vitamins and trace elements that
positive effect on the skin.

Regenerative capabilities of the drug can directly affect
condition of the skin, provide a high-quality skin tightening,
what causes a noticeable anti-aging effect comparable only to
surgical rejuvenation.

This drug is based on human hydrolyzate.
placenta. Therefore, it contains growth factors, a large
the amount of amino acids and enzymes, minerals and vitamins that
have significant restorative properties. Insofar as
growth factors contained in abundance in the human placenta,
able to increase the growth and division of living cells, the drug
“Laennec” can be attributed to modern regenerative

Already after 18 years, the synthesis in our body decreases dramatically
growth factors. Their lack interferes with cellular processes.
renewal that provokes premature aging of cells and their
doom In addition, growth factors are the protectors of cells from
effects of free radicals and prevent their oxidation.

However, placental drugs are sometimes rejected by the body and
cause idiosyncrasy in the form of allergic
reactions. This is due to poor clean up of the source.
drug (placenta) from foreign proteins. In order to
minimize cases of rejection, placental preparations
subjected to hydrolysis – molecular fractionation (separation).
Such methods of processing substances allow you to modify
source product into readily available proteins, amino acids and fats for their
assimilation and penetration into the human body.

Japanese drug “Laennec” is high quality
product with a high degree of purification, absolutely
natural and environmentally friendly. In Japan, the production
this drug is controlled on
State level special medical department.
Since Japan is the most advanced country in terms of scientific
achievements and research, it is in this country that
the strictest control over the quality and effectiveness of medicinal
means. Moreover, in Japan there is a specially created
placental recovery program that extends to
all segments of the population, and the drug itself has been used for over 50 years.

Not every placenta is used as a raw material. For
successful selection of the original product must be respected several

  • prosperous vaginal delivery on time;
  • complete absence of pathologies from both the mother and
    child’s side;
  • the child should be desired, and the birth scheduled;
  • placental donors must have exceptional health;
  • donors must be regularly examined for presence in the body
    pathogenic viruses and bacteria: syphilis, HIV virus, viruses
    hepatitis, prion proteins, papillomaviruses.
  • donors are under constant surveillance and
    examination by a doctor before pregnancy;
  • during the following years, placental donors should be under
    close medical supervision;
  • the woman can be a donor, Japanese by nationality, not
    traveling in the past 15 years outside of Japan;
  • donor material is subject to strict storage conditions
    which prevent infection and damage to the material.

Many patients identify this drug with
stem cells. However, this is not correct. Stem cells and
placental technology – very different methods. A drug
Laennec is based on the human placenta, which is
stem cells has nothing to do.

What can be improved with Laennec therapy?

In cosmetology, injections of this placental preparation
used to achieve the following effect:

  • improve skin turgor;
  • anti-age therapy;
  • the elimination of flabbiness, lethargy and atony of the skin;
  • wrinkle removal;
  • the fight against pigmentation;
  • increase skin firmness and elasticity;
  • skin tightening;
  • acne treatment.

In medicine, “Laennec” is used for the following purposes:

  • treatment of hepatitis of any origin;
  • treatment of viral diseases;
  • support the body’s defenses;
  • treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • pancreatic fibrosis;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • decompensated diabetes;
  • violation of the menstrual cycle;
  • treatment of migraine and neuralgia;
  • treatment of B12-deficient anemia that cannot be cured
    traditional methods.

In the treatment of this placental drug can reduce
or completely cancel the dosage of glucocorticosteroid hormones.
Also, the drug is used in complex programs for cleansing
treating chronic fatigue and improving performance
immune system. “Laennec” is well tolerated by patients
combined with any pharmacological drugs, neutralizing them
side effects and increasing therapeutic effect.

Indications for use of the drug

The drug is used in the following cases:

  • acne treatment;
  • with hair loss;
  • to eliminate age lentigo;
  • for face lifting;
  • with complex treatment of anti-cellulite;
  • after carrying out acid peels, laser polishing and
  • to prepare the skin for soft lifting, space lifting and contouring
  • as an additional measure in plastic surgery as before
    intervention, and after.

Contraindications to the use of the drug

Therapy is not prescribed in the following cases:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age up to 18 years;
  • idiosyncrasy to substances that are part of
  • polyvalent allergy.

Method of administration

For systemic exposure, the drug “Laennec” is used:

  • for intramuscular injection of 4 ml for 21 days through
  • for intravenous drip 8-10 ml 2 times a week
    (10 procedures);
  • innovative method of pharmacopuncture (exposure to micro doses
    drug on biologically active points, which has a general
    healing effect on the entire body);
  • combined method when several are used at once
    the above methods of drug administration.

In cosmetology, two methods of drug administration are used.
deep skin layers:

  • mesotherapeutic route;
  • by means of cosmetology apparatus.

Mesotherapeutic method is a local injection
drug administration method. For mesotherapy drug
“Laennec” it is injected under the muscles of the face of 0.1-0.5 ml in each current
youth (biologically active points, triggering processes
restoration and renewal of the skin, as well as regeneration
skin elasticity) .To get a pronounced anti-aging
effect experts advise to combine different methods of administration
drug. For example, the procedure of mesotherapy combined with intravenous
drip infusion of 5 droppers. However, the order of introduction
drug, a combination of methods of administration, the number of procedures and
the duration of treatment is determined only by the mesotherapist
individually for each patient.

Are there any side effects and complications?

It can be said that this placental preparation has practically
no side effects and complications are observed. It may be noted the most
A formidable side effect is individual intolerance to
components of the drug. In this case, even
anaphylactic shock. In order to prevent this formidable
complications before the introduction of the drug spend a number of allergic
tests. In addition to allergies, the following side effects may occur.

  • slight numbness and tenderness at the injection site;
  • gynecomastia (breast enlargement in men), however
    this relationship has not been proven;
  • redness and itching at the injection site.

The result of facial rejuvenation drug “Laennec”

The result is noticeable immediately after the first procedures:

  • skin becomes firm and elastic;
  • skin tightens, signs of gravitational ptosis disappear or
    become less pronounced;
  • increases skin tone;
  • improves complexion and uniformity;
  • pigment spots and fine wrinkles disappear;
  • the skin on the face is noticeably tightened, lifting is manifested –
  • acne and other skin defects disappear.

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