Laminaria for the face in the composition of the masks: wonderful rejuvenating action of algae


Saturated with nutrients and vitamins, kelp for
The face is universal and suitable for the care of any type of skin. She doesn’t
only improves the appearance of the skin, but also cares about its health
from the inside, and this is dictated by its high efficiency. The best
kelp masks recipes are available here.

Laminaria is a brown alga with valuable
nutritional properties that its benefits to humans do not
is limited. Masks that can be prepared on its basis
most magically affect the skin of the face.

Laminaria face masks

Sea ginseng – this is the name for kelp in medicine and
cosmetology for its wonderful anti-aging properties. In modern
The beauty industry pays great attention to wraps from it in
for weight loss, but do not forget that
Facial kelp is one of the best anti-aging remedies.
and it can be applied independently, at home, not
Seeking help in beauty salons.

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Transformation of the skin under the action of kelp

Using kelp for the face in the composition of various masks, you can
forget about such problems as age-related changes, pigment
blemishes, acne and wrinkles. Each vitamin and trace element in the composition
algae, penetrating the skin, is actively working on the cellular
level, participating in metabolic processes and thereby improving the state
even the most problematic skin.

This is not to say that the chemical composition of kelp is rich, but
a small amount of nutrients that it contains,
characterized by high concentration, which means more powerful and
quick effect. Regularly applying facial laminaria masks,
you will soon feel the beauty of this amazing

  • iodine normalizes the production of subcutaneous fat,
    makes skin smooth, silky smooth, drying acne
    rashes and acne;
  • Vitamin C is found in kelp enough
    large quantities: it is known for its anti-aging properties –
    it is thanks to him that this seaweed was called sea ginseng;
    this amazing antioxidant does an excellent job with
    premature aging of the skin, fights wrinkles;
  • niacin helps to keep complexion
    natural, radiant and healthy: it is able to whiten the skin from
    age spots of various origin;
  • choline soothes irritated after rashes
    skin, rejuvenates mature, removes oily and greasy shine;
  • potassium provides the necessary
  • Calcium improves the appearance of the skin, smoothing
    its relief;
  • iron builds up normal subcutaneous
    blood circulation, feeding the cells with the necessary amount of oxygen,
    thereby improving cellular respiration.

These are the beneficial properties of kelp algae.
faces: they can be safely used for any skin type. Dry
get moisturizing, oily get rid of greasy shine,
normal will improve your condition.

Especially recommended to make masks of kelp for the face.
Mature women who want to delay the approach
old age.

With this alga this is possible even at home.
Improving cellular metabolic processes, kelp eliminates
puffiness and bags under the eyes, double chin
and flea.

The effectiveness of funds based on it is guaranteed. And yet
less, deciding on this method of home facial rejuvenation, you need
pre-read the indications and contraindications for
self-use of kelp at home.

Indications and contraindications

Homemade kelp facial is often called
versatile, as they are willing to energize and wholesome
substances any skin type:

  • fatty will get rid of greasy shine;
  • dry moistened;
  • problem will get rid of inflammations;
  • annoyed and tired
    calm down;
  • faded will gain a second youth;
  • normal and combined
    is fed by useful elements.

However, not all
cloudlessly: face mask with
kelp can be harmful in some situations and you need to
know those who want to use them at home

Contraindications concern the following points.

  • You can not do laminar face masks too
    often. Their effect is enough for a whole week, so
    the maximum number of masks that is recommended for
    persons – only once a week. In the algae a lot of vitamin
    C and iodine, and the skin can get an overdose. Among the side
    effects – allergic reactions, increased pigmentation and even
    burn spots.
  • Vitamin C can worsen the condition of the skin of the face if
    the moment of application of the mask there are extensive foci of inflammation,
    open and purulent wounds, tumors, unhealed injuries, recently
    superimposed seams.
  • Occurs individual intolerance
    kelp, which is better to check in advance to avoid unpleasant
    side effects and complications.
  • Be careful also be those who suffer some
    diseases of the circulatory system. Same
    kuperoz – direct contraindication for
    use of kelp as a cosmetic.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland, in which iodine is contraindicated,
    also will not allow you to use kelp as
    cosmetic products.
  • It is not advisable to make seaweed masks during pregnancy and

If you are not sure whether or not you can make homemade masks
for the face of kelp, you can consult on this subject
any dermatologist or cosmetologist.

For greater certainty, you can first go to a beauty salon,
for the first time this mask was made by professionals. So you will
sure that this remedy is not contraindicated for you and you can
dignity appreciate all the pros and cons of this anti-aging
procedures. After that, you can already safely learn to use these masks.
at home and become a beautician for your own skin.

Algae for face masks

Laminaria Tips for Home Use

To kelp for the skin was really
effective, you need to be able to properly use it. One thing
prepare familiar masks from what is always at hand (egg,
butter, honey, milk), and a completely different way to treat gifts
sea, from which produce pharmaceutical products.

Kelp in dried form can be bought at the pharmacy, where it is sold
over the counter. As soon as you become a happy owner
a wonderful cosmetic, learn to cook from it
effective anti-aging masks.

  • Get kelp only at the pharmacy: so you
    be sure of its quality. The best option is in dried and
    ground form (powder or grit). Laminaria thalli are
    too large and uncomfortable to use as
    cosmetic for the face. Although if there is no powder, thallus
    can be crushed and used as normal dry algae.
  • 1 tablespoon dry, chopped kelp need to pour 1
    a glass filtered (mineral without gas / pre
    settled water at room temperature. In no case
    Do not pour algae with boiling water or even just hot
    water You cook it, it will lose its
    precious properties, and it remains only to eat, but not
    use as a cosmetic.
  • Leave the laminaria flooded with water for 1–1.5 hours. During this time
    it should soak up the water and swell. If time
    catastrophically lacking, in principle, after 15–20 minutes
    sea ​​kale can be used.
  • After this time, wrap the swollen algae in
    multi-layered clean gauze and slightly squeeze.
  • Use wet gruel for cooking.
    cosmetic home masks for facial rejuvenation.
  • If the raw material was not used right away, soak it in
    cold water and refrigerate. As such she
    two or three more will not lose their healing properties
    of the day Do not forget to press before using
    her again.
  • Pre-skin is better to clean with a scrub.
  • Cooked kelp is very slippery, so apply
    masks from her face will be more comfortable in the prone position, otherwise you
    Soil all clothes.
  • The duration of seaweed masks is no more than 15–20
  • They are easily washed off with plain cool water without using
    Soaps and all kinds of gels for washing.
  • After laminar masks, use your regular cream for
  • Frequency of use – no more than 1 time per week.

This is how dried laminaria is used for the face.
as a homemade cosmetic mask. It can be applied as in
pure form, without adding any other components, but you can
to enrich the classic recipe with all sorts of products and oils,
thereby increasing the effectiveness of the mask. These recipes can be found
great amount.

Masks of algae for the face

Recipes for kelp masks

Enriching the composition of masks of kelp, pay close attention
attention to the ingredients that they include. They reinforce that
or another cosmetic effect. For example, honey feeds
the protein dries, the yolk moisturizes. All products should be good for you.
familiar to avoid allergic reactions.

  • Classic

Algae pressed from water (2 tablespoons) to put on face
half an hour. This seaweed mask is amazingly refreshing,
tones, rejuvenates faded and tired skin.

  • Honey nourishing

To pressed kelp (2 tablespoons) add steamed on
water bath liquid honey (1 table. spoon).

  • Lemon and protein for oily skin

Mix sea cabbage (2 tablespoons) with lemon juice
(1 tea. Spoon), whipped raw egg white.

  • Complex anti-aging

For kelp (2 tablespoons) add natural olive
cold pressed oil (1 tablespoon. spoon), whipped raw egg
yolk. Olive oil in this recipe can be replaced
cosmetic walnut, avocado or

  • Moisturizing with mayonnaise

Mix kelp (2 tablespoons) with regular mayonnaise (2
Chin spoons).

  • With aloe against acne

Add 2 tablespoons to seaweed (2 tablespoons). spoons of juice
from aloe, pre-aged 10 days in the refrigerator. Such
anti-inflammatory mask will please those who are tired of acne and
acne rash.

  • Yeast for oily skin

Dissolve the yeast (1 table. Spoon) with water (the same amount)
before the formation of a slurry of the desired consistency. Leave for 10 minutes.
Mix with pressed laminaria (2 tablespoons).

  • Kefir against greasy shine

Heat kefir (2 tablespoons) in a water bath, mix with
pressed laminaria in equal proportions.

  • Apple to care for | oily

Green apple without seeds and peel grate, mix in equal
proportions (1 tablespoon) with kelp.

  • Egg for normal skin

Laminaria (2 tablespoons) mixed with raw, previously
beaten egg, add 1 tablespoon of warm (warmed up on
water bath) burdock oil.

  • Glycerin for combination

Glycerin, diluted with water in equal proportions, mix (1
Chin spoon) with sea kale (1 table. spoon), add
warm olive oil (1 tea. spoon).

  • Oily for dry skin

Mix 2 tables. spoons of sea kale with warm vegetable
or cosmetic oil (sea buckthorn, castor,
grape seed oil, olive) in quantity 1 dining room

  • Rejuvenating honey oil

2 tablespoons of kelp mixed with 1 tsp. spoon bee
fresh honey (it must first be melted in a water bath before
warm and liquid state), 1 tea. peach spoon
cosmetic oil. It is allowed to add essential oils to such a mask.
oils by skin type.

Rejuvenating Facial Masks with Laminaria – Present
a lifesaver for owners of withering skin with the first
signs of aging.

Wrinkles, uneven relief, double chin – with all this
copes sea ginseng, if you know how to competently
apply as part of homemade cosmetic masks.

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